News Daily: Labour demands Commons recall and UK cancer survival rates 'lag'

Your morning briefing for 12 September 2019.


News Daily: Labour demands recall of Commons

Your morning briefing for 12 September 2019.

after the government was forced to publish the document. The government says it will reveal plans to cushion any effects of the UK leaving the EU without a formal deal in due course.

are saying that the judges are biased". This has not gone down well with some longstanding MPs, such as Conservative former Justice Secretary Sir David Lidington, who tweets he has"seen no evidence of the courts getting involved in politics".

other high-income nations, performing worst for cancers of the lungs, colon, rectum, stomach and pancreas, according to research in Lancet Oncology. Cancer Research UK says there's a need for more investment in the NHS and the"systems and innovations that support it", although the government argues newer data shows 12-month survival rates at a"record high".

Life as a Top Gear presenter can be hazardous - particularly, it seems, when filming at Elvington Airfield, near York. But former England cricketer

Dr Vincent Lebot is hoping the unusual tasting, sour, clay-coloured liquid might have global appeal, and could provide Vanuatu with a much needed revenue stream... He points to the kava bars that have recently popped up in some of New York's hippest neighbourhoods.

The various ways in which the government is butting heads with MPs - or the courts - over Brexit dominate

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They have been demanding a general election for two years and when they get the chance they suddenly don't want it..... Do Labour actually realise how hated they are by the British people now? Yes !!! Labours demand for recall of common should be immediate..TO REVERSE THE DECISION taken last week to pass all those legislation and amendments with the help of that one sided speaker..that's what's recall is needed for and most of all to accept election given 2u on plate!

seems they want to act like a government but without submitting themselves to an election they probably know that this paralysis is the nearest they'll get to power with the current leadership I demand that you get rid of the terrorist loving treacherous leader of the opposition but that isn`t going to happen.

Remain Mps have taken 124 days of official holidays this year. BUT now they want to go back to deny democracy If they come back will they voice there constituents views or just try to save there jobs by not having an election The uk has been demanding brexit for the last three years ha ho what goes around

Demands that rich from them Three and a half years of abject pathetic labour failure about to be reversed in the missing 3 days? Yeah sure... Nice of them to take the opportunity to take a last look at parliament before they get chucked out. The good thing is it has given the public the opportunity to have a break from these whinging and whining MPs defying democracy.

Tuesday morning news briefing: 2am Commons chaos as Parliament proroguedHappy Tuesday! Here's the news to kick off your day, brought to you by DannyBoyle87 ✋ 2am Commons chaos as Parliament prorogued 📱 All you need to know about Apple's new phones 💊 Crisis over addictive drugs prescriptions for one in four DannyBoyle87 Did they have their sleeping bags , bed down in the office , back first thing in the morning - oh no ... it's prorogued ... !

They can recall of chicken 🐔 coop 😂😂😂😂😂 Labour the Jew hating and the terrorist Hamas organisation they call a friend, that Labour Party really! Didn’t they all just have holiday recess? No mention of recalling parliament then. All that’s stopping us from leaving is, The beast from the east, JC. Scottish terrorist party, IB. And the LibDems who’ll follow anyone to win a seat. (She’s Scottish)

Surprise, surprise! Labour....Remoaner central or in other words Traitors to the UK. we demand that labour respect the british voters we demand labour respect democracy ----we demand labour be made illegal and closed down News: BBC denies bias: 'The very fact that a lie could be found out does not affect a pathological liar. They have an inability to consider consequences or fear being found out. It’s as if the pathological liar believes they are smarter than everyone so will never be found out.'

They can go whistle Are they cancelling their conference then? Are they pressing for an early election? No, they're behaving like children who have had their toys taken away! So that they can delay Brexit further and continue to send contradictory messages to their voters?

Brexit: Labour and SNP demand recall of parliament after Scottish court rules prorogation unlawful - live newsRolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen The PMs response There you go BorisJohnson back over to you mate. Do you have the balls to try and ignore the courts, the rule of law and Parliament? cant they just go and sit themselves? after all its technically just another work day and if the alleged government don't show up just pass any law you like

voted for no GE so getting on with staging the annual shenanigans conference with Labour own spin doctor the infamous Momentum group 🤷‍♂️ Or the Queen can take control desolve parliament as it is a joke The people demand the result of the referendum is implemented and the BBC are dropped of the edge of the earth 🤷‍♂️

Of course they have Hopefully not Labour as they can’t govern a paper bag Reading your ‘Reality Check’ it is obvious that: any alternative will take time; having public daily debate on discussions can only harm success; stopping discussion for a period is best strategy! Labour have come up with ZERO last 9 months & nodeal risks = known already 1 month

Labour have surrendered🏳️😱 PeopleVsParliament LeaveOct31 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 How about So they can vote again on a GE? 🙄 No. They are seriously putting their individual political careers ahead of what can produce the best outcome for the UK.

Brexit: Bercow condemns five-week prorogation as 'act of executive fiat' amid uproar in Commons - live newsMPs from both sides expressed fury at prorogation proceedings in early hours of Tuesday morning I’m soooo confused? Tory Right dictatorship. PeoplesPrimeMinister

The Scottish court used a distinctive piece of Scottish legislation which does not apply in England.Both the English High Court + the Scottish Outer Court of Session previously ruled the PM’s advice to the Queen fell outside of the scope of judicial review Agree to an election no strings. labour “demand” 🤣 they can demand what they want but they haven’t got power

POLLS now surging towards BORIS!Can't wait for the next election or referendum to Vote or whatever they will puke up! I NOW support Boris 💯% . I now want NO DEAL BREXIT. Current polls are now surging towards BORIS and BREXIT... Not just Labour. Anyone who gives a crap about the integrity of British democracy. The Court of Sessions ruled that prorogation is unlawful. Therefore, Parliament no longer prorogued.

So long as it’s to call for an election so we can get a government in power that can govern Labour has been doing a lot of demanding of late. I demand labour fcks off! McDonalds talking a load of bullshit hes prove that there trying to stop brexit 17.4 million who voted leave... But not a GE, typical labour just a protest party

Sketch: Pity the Labour Party. As it doubled down on Brexit lunacy, actual news stole a vote-winning triumphJust as Starmer and Watson were simultaneously setting out two different policies on Brexit, three Scottish lawyers got in the way tompeck What does 'double down' mean? tompeck ProjectChurchill - coming to a constituency near you!

Why? No thanks. The British public deserves a respite from MPs ' shameful shenanigans. BritishIndependence now! Expenses claims are down........ Why? So that they can spend their time spouting hot air, singing The Red Flag, and going against the will of the people and generally making a disgusting exhibition of themselves? BritishIndependence now!

Which faction of Labour? So they can keep singing stupid communist songs in there? The Government may not be able to resist these calls after Tuesday.... So JC can just shout across the room like a school boy having a tantrum and do sod all when giving the opportunity. Labour are irrelevant in all of this - well behind the curve. LibDems are the opposition.

They where demanding a General Election the other week... They can go do one!

GTA 6 release date news: First photos of new Grand Theft Auto game leaked?GTA 6 fans could have been given their first glimpse of the next Grand Theft Auto game, if the latest leaks are to be believed. Real or fake? 🤔 GtaVI Fake!

If they recall I hope they talk about this. DisasterCapitalism To do what Ask jeremycorbyn why he's denied the people an election then? Labour aren't in charge, and they lost any legitimacy as a prospective govt the second they voted against an election Last year they were not demanding to return to work. Perhaps the real reason is because they knew that the result of the referendum was not going to be honored in their absence. So this is about blocking Brexit not democracy or parliamentary legal niceties. Just one mission.

Go away labour boris is the man to deliver Labour is taking back control for the people. Boris prefers to share meaningless video soundbites on twitter , he’s not into answering questions or justifying wrecking his own country and people’s future to benefit his multimillionaire backers Get it done FFS

Wednesday afternoon news briefing: Were Scottish judges 'biased'?If you want to receive twice-daily briefings like this by email, sign up to the Front Page newsletter here and try our Audio Briefings on WhatsApp. Is the Telegraph biased? The answer is a resounding yes. No, the Telegraph definitely is though, and doesn’t seem to care what damage is done to the country to get what it wants. Horrific.

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