The Far Right, Boris Johnson, Tommy Robinson

The Far Right, Boris Johnson

Johnson’s ugly rhetoric thrills the far right, but he’s playing with fire | Owen Jones

Johnson’s ugly rhetoric thrills the far right, but he’s playing with fire | Owen Jones


Johnson’s ugly rhetoric thrills the far right , but he’s playing with fire | Owen Jones

The prime minister has become a pin-up for thuggish extremists and he doesn’t care about the consequences, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones

Outside a Brexit party rally in Kensington, west London, on the eve of the European elections, an angry crowd shouted that Nigel Farage’s movement would remain “until you’ve gone away … the Guardian class, the whole political class”. When Saturday’s far-right mob plotted to charge a leftwing rally, this grand purge of “traitors” – through thuggery and intimidation – was what they had in mind. The murder of Jo Cox by a far-right terrorist, who later bellowed, “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain”, should have led to a national reckoning; instead it was followed by three years of media outlets screeching about “saboteurs” needing to be crushed and “enemies of the people”. Those responsible aren’t naive. They understood the political consequences – specifically, fuelling and providing legitimacy for far-right extremists – but they simply did not care.

This development should be an alarming warning for Johnson and Cummings. When you assail opponents for backing a “surrender bill” or denounce them as “collaborators”, as Johnson has done; when you paint a picture, in primary colours, of “parliament versus the people” – as though a den of traitors is at war with the populace – are you really oblivious to the consequences? Does the sight of tanked-up thugs chanting your name in central London not give you pause for thought? A far-right street movement is real, serious and determined, and our rulers cannot dismiss it as irrelevant. Already, individuals with public platforms who hold unapologetic progressive opinions know that to express them is to put themselves and their loved ones at risk.

To repeat for the benefit of our prime minister: a thuggish far right is real and dangerous, they treat you as their pin-up and they are emboldened by your rhetoric. You will be held accountable for whatever they do from here on in.

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It's Remoaners like Owen Jones who are playing with fire, by trying to prevent Brexit. If they succeed, the FarRight really will be in town. HolographicPri2 Track the funding of provocateurs, especially cryptocurrencies OwenJones84 Why do you keep repeating the same post on Twitter OwenJones84 Do you know what 'the far right' actually is... Seems not.

Far right thugs Left wing activists I see what you done there. OwenJones84 Brexit is only about appeasing fascists. Always has been, always will be. See below: OwenJones84 BorisJohnson will never be accountable as he will always blame others. There are overtones of what’s been portrayed in movies of Pre-war Germany where the Nazi party through rhetoric and violence against protesters came to power.

Ugly rhetoric? You mean cheery enthusiasm thrills centrists and center right. Same old misogyny vs misandry battle of the ages. The pagan hierarchical duel between the genders with Mars vs Venus. The blues fighting the reds. The haves and have nots. So who’s telling the truth? One answer: righteousness and truth. And it “excludes” the money.

i find that label 'far right' dehumanising .....and a fact.... i perceive it to be a hate crime......perceive believe achieve ...........slander

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Interesting how you can switch the name on the headline from Johnson to Trump and it is still just as accurate. Is this hudi Owen Johns ? Does he ever get tired of talking such crap all time The far right. Uh-huh. Bullshit 🐂 💩 Absolute Trash again from Owen. Seriously get some one who is actually on this planet.

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