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Most senate Republicans stay silent on Trump's protest rhetoric

Most senate Republicans stay silent on Trump's protest rhetoric

6/3/2020 9:20:00 AM

Most senate Republicans stay silent on Trump's protest rhetoric

'The overwhelming issue for us is after you stop the rioting — which we will — what are you going to do about the problem that led to protest?' Trump ally Graham says

“The last thing I think about when a cop’s behind me is that I'm [under] threat. I wonder, ‘Did I go too fast?’ And that's the way it is,” he said.“If you're a young African-American man in parts of this country, that's not the first thing you think about. And we just need to get to the bottom of how that happened and what can we do to fix it,” Mr Graham said.

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The chairman said he would pencil in a hearing for 16 June — the earliest viable date on the committee’s schedule — on the death ofGeorge Floydand policing in America.It has been a balancing act for Senate Republicans to condemn the vandalism and looting that has marked many protests while acknowledging the pain of black communities in America after Mr Floyd died as a

Minneapolispolice officer knelt on his neck and back for several minutes, despite pleas from Mr Floyd that he couldn’t breathe.While Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell spent much of his opening floor remarks on Tuesday decrying the “looting and violent rioting” that has damaged people and local businesses in cities across the country over the last several days, the Kentucky Republican also said Americans were “united in horror and opposition to the violent killing of Mr Floyd.”

“The legitimate and important voices of peaceful protesters will never be heard over the wailing of fire alarms, the smashing of plate-glass windows, and the sirens of ambulances coming for police officers who have been assaulted or shot in the head,” Mr McConnell said in a plea to end the chaos on American streets.

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Silence is complicity. The cowardice of the lower level Nazi. No BALLS..COWARDS😝💩🙉🙊🙈 I didn’t say any democrats trying to stop last night disaster either but lesser of two evils off course:) I forget that’s the only choice we have. Partners in crime...! Of course, because they're Nazis just like he is, but they're smarter than he is, so they know better than to voice their support; but they know they can't condemn him, because he's giving them exactly what they've wanted all along: total control of the government.

'He is a destroyer': how the George Floyd protests left Donald Trump exposedAs cities reel under protest and violence, Black Lives Matter leaders say the president has failed his country Inflames crisis. Brink of serious civil war He has failed it from day 1 and all those who voted this racist into power should feel a shamed. Trump emboldens those that seek to hate and inspires far right nazis with his dangerous daily rhetoric. GeorgeFloyd

White House plunged into darkness as Donald Trump flees to bunkerUS President Donald Trump was reportedly whisked into a secure White House bunker usually used by leaders in terror attacks as protests erupted across Washington DC on Friday night FakeNews Plunged as in they turned off the lights. lanct22 Pity it's come to this

Illinois governor says Trump has been a 'miserable failure' over handling of George Floyd protests‘This inflammatory rhetoric is bad for the country’ The governor has an interesting point of view, considering 22 people were murdered in Chicago last weekend! Tell me again who the miserable failure is...... Is he a democrat? Lol and Floyd was killed in a Democrat controlled city in a Democrat controlled state. Your Democrat mayor who has the power to appoint the chief of police was slow to respond and can’t even pull some strings. Most cities that were burning are under Demcrats. But hey blame Trump

Analysis: Donald Trump chose the fist on Monday night, leaving a nation holding its breathUS president made two moves which made clear the hard-line approach he is now willing to take on protesters sadly the UK is going the same way the MSM are churning out pro liberalism and diversity propaganda nonstop. Trump's abuse of the Bible is racist because he is used only for his personal interests

Russia hits out at 'hysteria' over SpaceX launch as Trump promises Mars missionRussia has mocked US President Donald Trump’s “hysteria” about the first spaceflight of Nasa astronauts from US soil in nine years. Moscow’s space agency said it was puzzled… Fake news

Facebook workers rebel over Mark Zuckerberg's refusal to act against TrumpEmployees in rare display of dissent after site left up post that was hidden by Twitter Zuckerberg doesn’t care because androids don’t have feelings. Leftists are in the battlefield!! DemsAreDestroyingAmerica A link with no headline? That's not cool.