Ibuprofen tested as a coronavirus treatment

Ibuprofen tested as a coronavirus treatment

6/3/2020 9:19:00 AM

Ibuprofen tested as a coronavirus treatment

Hospital patients sick with the virus will be given the drug to see if it can help with their breathing.

Getty ImagesScientists are running a trial to see if ibuprofen can help hospital patients who are sick with coronavirus.The team from London's Guy's and St Thomas' hospital and King's College believe the drug, which is an anti-inflammatory as well as a painkiller, could treat breathing difficulties.

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They hope the low-cost treatment can keep patients off ventilators.In the trial,called Liberate, half of the patients will receive ibuprofen in addition to usual care.The trial will use a special formulation of ibuprofen rather than the regular tablets that people might usually buy. Some people already take this lipid capsule form of the drug for conditions like arthritis.

Studies in animals suggest it might treat acute respiratory distress syndrome - one of the complications of severe coronavirus.Prof Mitul Mehta, one of the team at King's College London, said:"We need to do a trial to show that the evidence actually matches what we expect to happen."

Early in the pandemic there were some concerns that ibuprofen might be bad for people to take, should they have the virus with mild symptoms.These were heightened when France's health minister Oliver Veran said that taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, could aggravate the infection and advised patients to take paracetamol instead.

A review by the Commission on Human Medicines quickly concluded that, like paracetamol, it was safe to take for coronavirus symptoms. Both can bring a temperature down and help with flu-like symptoms.For mild coronavirus symptoms, the NHS advises people try paracetamol first, as it has fewer side-effects than ibuprofen and is the safer choice for most people. You should not take ibuprofen if you have a stomach ulcer, for example.

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NSAIDs are unsafe for people with kidney disorders or low glomerular filtration rate. The BBC are fucking idiots, please don't listen to this claptrap. Plz Google NCBI coconut oil antiviral and read that. I'm not saying it's a cure, but at least it's safe Very misleading and irresponsible headline, shame on you

Irresponsible headline. A specialised form of lipid Ibuprofen is not the same as the pills people have in their cupboards. Get a grip CORRECTION: THIS IS NOT OVER-THE-COUNTER IBUPROFEN This is such a dangerous headline Scam Irresponsible 'journalism' It's not bog standard Ibuprofen & all you're achieving here is invoking panic buying, meaning people who rely on ibuprofen for chronic pain will do without

Ibuprofen makes symptoms worse. The ibuprofen people have in their medicine cabinet is NOT what is being tested here. This headline is beyond irresponsible. Another misleading headline from the joke that is the the BBC. Zero credibility, zero morals. Your headline is irresponsible bullshit This headline is very misleading. They are using 'another formulation of ibuprofen' - not necessarily the ibuprofen you can find in the chemist. I'm a retired nurse and this is dangerous. Ibuprofen can cause bleeding in the stomach as well as issues for people with asthma!

Dangerous headline from so called essential broadcasting service I take it every day for my arthritic ankle, so that's me immune! It is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory it helps reduce inflammation and reduce the temperature, of course, it will help as it does with any other viral infection. To the multitude of idiots complaining about the misleading title leading to people stockpiling ibuprofen. In the title does not say cure. Doesn't say it works. It's pretty self explanatory that they're testing to see if it is beneficial. Not advertising a miracle cure

This is NOT TRUE. are trying to sell headlines - making it out as if this is over the counter ibuprofen so that the article appears relatable and gives you something to complain about. It's not. Go home BBC. Get in!!!! I've been on brufen for toothache. So I'm cured!!! Yippeeeeeeee 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 The very drug they told us not to take at any cost!

I've reported this tweet... It's dangerous as it's not over the counter ibuprofen... Other people need to report it too! Shame on you BBC for a terrible heading. We were told not to take it! What they said don’t take makes worse I was told by GP never to take Ibuprofen because I have kidney disease. If I ever took anything with an anti inflammatory in it I would need a blood test each day to check on the function of my one badly working kidney.

This article is right out of Trump handbook. Utter disgrace. If people now die using ibuprofen because of dosing themselves through your article, I hope families sue you. It’s not regular ibuprofen and that should have been headline. This is negligent. Here we go - panic buying ibuprofen and anyone who might actually need it can get stuffed imalrightjack

This sounds as confusing as Boris Johnson’s speech. thats me fucked then.😧.i cant take it..😧 Very confusing. no no it is not safe to have brufean rather it will destroy the berthing more fast, better to consume plane hot water plus steam How about publishing stories like this IF AND WHEN there is any benefit to taking it? Publishing speculative articles like this is DANGEROUS and WILL harm people. Are you a bloody moron, Michelle Roberts? Who's the fucking editor there these days?

What a reckless headline! 😐 what! 'The trial will use a special formulation of ibuprofen rather than the regular tablets that people might usually buy'. Should be made clearer in the headline. And a few months ago we were told it’s contraindicated for Covid! 🙄 Wanna make your mind up Was told not to take it

Scientists could say drinking 3 litres of Coca Cola per day could kill the virus and the UK public is dumb enough to believe it Ibuprofen acts as inflammatory take it from someone who's taken ibuprofen the daily dose for years and year's for my migraines sometimes they work other times they are a bag of shit it depends on how strong the migraine is thou

Another 'Dead Cat'😮😮😮 Erm weren't we told not to take this? Ibuprofen is dangerous for anyone with respiratory illnesses/ problems. This headline is really dangerous That would be a turn up for the books 🙄 *Misleading headline - it's a 'special formulation' NOT as used over the counter* How about Vitamin D ?

Initially we were told not to take ibuprofen in relation to Covid-19, still a debate about wearing face masks, 1m or 2.5m social distancing, stay local or drive as far as you want... Confused yet 😕 Thought Ibuprofen was the drug not to take and that Paracetamol was better. If these scientific advisors don't get a grip I will be losing all faith

Ibuprofen flying off the shelves now... line them pockets guys 👍🏼 On this article didn't they already debunk the nonsense that the drug actually made it worse? BBC going off half cocked again Fake news! Yet this whole time they've told us not to take it. Dog SkyNews give up will you BBCScotlandNews Instead of everyone complaining 'we were told not to take it!', how about you take a minute and read the article?

Even though couple months ago we weren’t allowed to swollow any anti-inflammatory tablets as it feeds the virus? Can just see all the silly folk rushing out to buy brufen now! Misleading headline... Hang on - a couple of months ago we were being told NOT to take it if showing symptoms. After everyone was told to stay away!!!

Not long ago this was supposed to make it worse Man first ibuprofen told it’s harmful for kindney and liver now its use for covid treatment...world getting mad Now you’ve done it. There’s a shortage in the supermarkets already? We was told paracetamol was effective and that ibuprofen wasn’t to be taken, what sort of a mickey mouse government do we have,

For those saying you were told not to take it that was correct as we didn't know how it affected the respiratory system. Please do not take it if you are asthmatic/ have a stomach ulcer,heart or liver failure or are over 65. Ask your GP or pharmacist first. please add Yet we were told to avoid in the early days? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

joerogan might not like it😂🤣 That’s it then panic buying by the sheep and lemmings on the way!! I was chatting to a retired nurse who was telling me about Hong Kong flu 1968 when over 30,000 people died she said it was a similar situation, she as I feel that the press have had a lot to do with stiring up hysteria as well as goverment miss management and conflicting advice!

In this World the TWO greatly hated things with their RANK are!!! 1st POPULATION 2nd The GARBAGE we throw away which is created by factories and other!! Professor Aman Tolla Hamda I think this just about sums up the so called medical experts who are holding the world to ransom. They can’t even figure out if Ibuprofen is good or bad for Covid yet we are holding our breath waiting for a vaccine!!

Ah great, I have diabetes and chronic kidney disease, involved in 26% and 14% of Covid 19 deaths respectively, and CKD means I couldn’t take it. Na thats not gonna work One minute they told us not to take Ibuprofen now it’s take it, in 3 months it will be don’t take it Does it help with eye conditions? I thought Ibruprofen use in people over 50s caused a risk of cardiac death? Many advised not to take it?

Wont be seeing any ibuprofen on the shelves during the weekly big shop this week panicbuyers You never know your luck I suppose. It would be like one of those 1950s sci fi movies where they discover sea water can kill The Blob and save the Earth Cool. BBCScotlandNews Wow thanks BBC. Twitter really is the best place to get my peer reviewed science content 👍🏻.

My little girl had all the symptoms of Covid19 - I was told by 111 to only give paracetamol - but it was having no affect & her temps was so high so I gave her ibuprofen & it help settle her massively along with the antibiotics, didn’t aggravate her symptoms. Weren't we being told not to take it because it worsens breathing problems associated with Covid-19?

Some years ago wasn't it said to increase the chance of heart problems? BBCScotlandNews It’s all just fucking bullshit!!! Don’t wear a mask, wear a mask. Ibuprofen makes Covid19 worse. Ibuprofen may help treatment. Stay indoors. Go out and protest. Quarantine air travellers 13 weeks after outbreak. How can we trust anything the government says!!

Really not good for asthmatic people makes my asthma worse Please change the headline on this article to reflect that this is not the same as the type people buy themselves. It’s very effective helped my constant headache and I think my chest although now I’m constantly on ventolin 30 days after. It also works well with paracetamol

Once again irresponsible reporting and misleading Not for asthmatics though. Dangerous reporting ☹️ Paracetamol and a glass of water like a normal bug Bleach proved to be a dead end. Someone better tell POTUS. Misleading headline ... should say ‘being tested’ .. should it not? Two months ago they said the exact opposite that paracetamol was ok to take for treatment and ibuprofen was not.

There are over 100 trials testing Chinese herbs as they work, see No good for those with asthma though 🤦🏻‍♀️ Tested on animals? Why? It makes you wonder if anyone knows what they are doing. As the article states at the outset we were told just take paracetamol and not ibuprofen... And now 3 months later

What's next ? Jellie Beans ? 😂😂😂😂 Who do you trust, a doctor and virologist or BBC propaganda? Any chance of testing a cold beer? It's a pain killer so i don't get how would it help with corornavirus 🤔 besides treating the pain of course No good for asthmatic !!! Stfu with the covid bs 🤣🤣🤣 about 8 weeks ago the internet had Ibuprofen marked as a covid enhancer 🤣🤣🤣

Hang on weren’t we told that this can make the symptoms worse FFS... Why not really push the boat out and just treat coronavirus with harsh words followed by herbs, tea and sympathy. It's a freaking virus that can attack organs... Omgggg😳 Y'all tripping The concern for me is they can cause problems for kidneys, which are already known to be an issue with this virus, it could cause more problems. Ibuprofen finished off my Kidneys when I was given them back in 1994 after an arthroscopy. But accept I am not a Doctor.

NHS warned some time ago that ibuprofen is associated with higher incidence of heart attack. I know that heart failure sufferers are told not to take it. IRRESPONSIBLE HEADLINE. You’re not click baiting, you are misleading people. Very poor misleading headline it’s even on the tv as an advert now! Is this somehow down to lack of sales with pharma companies they seem to have a lot of clout!!!

scumedia misleading the UK again 😡 I was always the Army’s cure-all : brufen and tubigrip! Well done BBC, shelves will now be empty of Ibuprofen because of this wait for those empy shelves Maybe report on this when trying is completed and successful, a story like this doesn't help and could cause confusion.

At the outset the 'experts' advised against using Ibuprofen. Hardly sends out positive messages that these people actually know what they are doing!!!! And now there will be Panic buying on them you Idiots stop giving out False News your as bad as Trump . This is an irresponsible headline. Please take into consideration the medical background and emotional status of an audience living under a pandemic.

It was BS media telling us not to take anti inflammatory mediation if you had covid19 now the BS media are reporting it could be a cure! ... more reason why the BS mainstream media can not be trusted to report the facts! This was specifically a No. We were told not to take Ibuprofen as it doesn’t help. Yet any inconsistency.

It’s all fake not for fever! Whether we should use it or not it is important to realise that the medication given in hospital is not quite the same as off the shelf bought by us, they could be using it in conjunction with other meds so I’d not helpful to report this We were told to absolutely NOT use this. If this turns out to be able to save lives it will be carnage.

Remember when we were told not to take it for COVID-19 symptoms🤔 You shouldn't take Ibuprofen if you have Asthma or any other breathing complications? Better not give it to me. Makes my eyes and lips swell and possibly would kill me On aura tout vu, tout entendu !! Après surtout pas l’ibuprofen, voici venu le temps de l’Ibuprofen traitement.

Sales are down make up a lie sales go up Fake news 🙄 I thought they said not to take it because it’s anti-inflammatory 🤨 Exactly the opposite of what they told us at the beginning of all this,you couldn't make it up!!!! That's why I didn't die in Jan? Advil rocks. After informing people with the virus it wasn’t safe to use 🤔🙄

Oh no not more fake cures Patient: Doctor, I can't breathe and I have a fever Doctor: Take two ibuprofen, wash your hands and get back to work OMS decía que no....la OMS de Bill Gates, China ,Soros, Antifas, etc Got my own medicine thanks Prescribed by donnie More panic buying !! President Trump suggested HCQ with Zinc. Reports & studie coming in with very positives results. Did BBC just take the last few months off work on a 'staycation'? Next thing you know promoting CCP Remdesivir or vax.

I don't think this is going to end positively. I've read MANY peer-reviewed articles on SARS treatments and the use of ibuprofen and anti-inflammatories in general delayed natural clearance of the virus & prolonged their hospital visits & longer time requiring ventlation. I'm sure if they tested tic tacs enough it would also beat the placebo

I thought docs already established that's a bad combination? Ibuprofen raises risk of heart attack.Told by a specialist it will be banned one day A bit risky planting those seeds into people’s heads and start a panic buy... Hopefully not. Dear lord! Don't wear a mask, wear a mask. Ventilators, don't use ventilators. No ibuprofen, ibuprofen. We are all going to die, actually kinda like the flu. We are being toyed with. Enough is enough.

This should better work?

Coronavirus: Doctors run trial on Ibuprofen as effective coronavirus treatmentA TRIAL is underway to see if Ibuprofen can help those hospitalised with coronavirus. CycloneNisarga would be the first cyclonic storm to impact India's financial capital during June since 1891

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Wuhan medic whose skin turned dark due to coronavirus treatment 'dies'Dr Hu Weifeng, who caught the virus through work in January, passed at a hospital in the former epicentre Wuhan, insiders told a website. The 42-year-old's skin had turned dark due to his treatment. Rest in power. Jesus !!! Wtf kind of antibiotic did they give him 😐.. May he rest in peace Death of a salesman...

Five new drugs to be trialled in UK hospitals as search for coronavirus treatment continuesScientists aiming to enlist at least 60 Covid-19 patients to trial each drug over next few months We aren't taking the fucking vaccine. PERIOD. 'The scientist behind the coronavirus lockdown in the UK has admitted that Sweden has achieved roughly the same suppression of the virus without draconian restrictions.' End all lockdown measures and mandatory social distancing immediately

Wuhan medic whose skin turned dark due to coronavirus treatment 'dies'Dr Hu Weifeng, who caught the virus through work in January, passed at a hospital in the former epicentre Wuhan, insiders told a website. The 42-year-old's skin had turned dark due to his treatment. 😳 So sad go well Doc . This disease is heinous.

Coronavirus: No figures yet but Matt Hancock claims test and trace system has been 'successful'Matt Hancock says the programme is 'up and running' - but can't give precise figures for the number of people contacted. No going go throught the whole day of you tweets so unsure IF you have reported it yet or even have/will do as it's good news, what are your thoughts? ..... How can you say it's been successful wen hasn't even started properly if at all. Think this government shud stop shouting about success wen that is definitely lacking Lie lies lies