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Money Heist season 4 theories: Tokyo's fate 'confirmed' - here’s the clue you missed

Tokyo's fate 'confirmed' - here’s the huge #MoneyHeist clue you missed #LaCasaDePapel

3/30/2020 7:24:00 AM

Tokyo's fate 'confirmed' - here’s the huge MoneyHeist clue you missed LaCasaDePapel

MONEY HEIST season four drops on Netflix this week after a long wait since the dramatic finale for the third run last year. As the robbery of the Bank of Spain intensifies, fans think they have worked out Tokyo's fate.

Money Heist season 4 theories: Tokyo has told the story of the heist(Image: NETFLIX)Money Heist part 4: Who is Gandia? Meet the new villainSo does this confirm she will make it out of the latest heist alive?Many fans certainly this her narration confirms she will be one of the survivors - however, it’s not certain if she’s retelling the heist from prison or on a remote island.

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Taking to Reddit to theorise, one viewer asked: “Do you think her narration is just her narrating what’s happening?“Or do you think its something else like she was caught and she’s speaking to police and her narration is something more than just her talking?”

Money Heist season 4 theories: Tokyo only really gave an insight into her romance with Rio(Image: NETFLIX)Money Heist season 4 theories: The gang are trying to rob the Bank of Spain(Image: NETFLIX)One fan was certain it is “just her narrating what's happening”.

However another guessed: “Maybe a hint she will be one of the survivors too and also it's to explain the events.”Someone else posted: “Since the start of La Casa De Papel, Tokyo tells the story of how it started right?“She is always there to narrate of what is happening. I think that Tokyo is narrating there in prison or in torture chambers after the Heist.”

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