Met PC threatened to pepper spray father in Covid lockdown birthday party standoff

4/28/2022 1:38:00 AM

The officers saw around 20 people including children leaving from the back of the house during the stand-off

The officers saw around 20 people including children leaving from the back of the house during the stand-off

The officers saw around 20 people - including children carrying party balloons - leaving from the back of the house during the stand-off

, which lasted almost an hour and a half.The comically-large table Putin uses for engagements made its reappearance when he hosted Guterres today.A Yorkshire pudding obsessed bloke eats one every day and claims he can devour 20 in one go.Countryfile's Helen Skelton announces split from husband Richie Myler A spokesman for Sussex Police said last night: "Officers are appealing for witnesses and footage following a fatal collision in Crawley.

Stokes and his partner admitted hosting a birthday party for their daughter, the court heard, but insisted to police that it was allowed under the rules as the family were “in bubbles”.Details of the incident emerged this week after Stokes was prosecuted and convicted of breaking the rules, landing him with a £1,100 fine.Pundits have suggested that the table is convenient for the Russian dictator who is afraid of catching Covid.An extract of the police statement describing the pepper spray threat / MPS PC Peters said the incident began at around 5pm on January 31 last year, when they saw “males sat watching the TV” through the lounge window.He tends to eat them with gravy, but will also have the golden delicacy for dessert, accompanied with cream and jam.He said a “belligerent” Stokes claimed everyone in the house lived there and they “did not need to prove it”, while the officer “made it clear I was not going to leave until the matter was resolved”.“Stokes was pointing out that it was his house and that the immediate family were his support bubble.Her next of kin have been informed.

He then stated that there were 8 people who lived in his house”, the PC said in his written statement."I’ve loved them ever since I was a child, although I was rationed to three on my roast.“I then kept my foot over his threshold and kept repeating myself and encouraging everyone who lived elsewhere to leave.” PC Peters said Stokes was “trying to close the door on me”, and he then learned that a child’s birthday party was taking place inside.The officer, who conceded he was not wearing his face mask fully over his nose, continued: “For the next ten minutes I stayed at the door and was aware that people inside the house were slowly filtering out of the house.I'll have leftovers with jam and cream.“I looked to my right at one point and saw a number of the group who had been inside the house now coming out of the service ally beside the house.

“The stalemate remained for some time but people kept slowly leaving so under Common Law, Breach of the Peace, it was my intention to remain until everyone had left.Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London (Nick Ansell/PA) / PA Archive “Stokes then started to get angry and started to push the door closed.He was recently left shocked after posting a video of himself, his daughter and his mother-in-law on their family TikTok account @littlejaffas.At this point my foot was still across the threshold so I could feel pain in my foot.“I kept giving Stokes clear instructions to step back from the door but he pushed even harder.Using Common Law to protect myself I drew my PAVA spray and told him that I would use the spray against him if he carried on pushing the door against my foot.One user commented: "It's not easy watching someone else live your dream," while a second wrote: "That plate is a living fantasy.

“Lots of people inside the hallway seemed to be telling Stokes to stop hurting me and when he released the pressure things then calmed down.Once the threat had completely abated I then replaced my PAVA.” Police handed to the court a series of video clips of the incident, including footage of children playing and shots of an elderly couple leaving the property.PC Peters said one of the clips included “a young girl in a party dress tidying up after the party and a small child asking ‘When is my mummy picking me up’ which intimated that he did not live there.” READ MORE.

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