Maitlis explains absence from BBC's Newsnight

Emily Maitlis: I asked for night off from BBC's Newsnight

5/28/2020 9:35:00 AM

Emily Maitlis: I asked for night off from BBC's Newsnight

Presenter Emily Maitlis took leave after the BBC said her Dominic Cummings remarks 'breached guidelines'.

Tuesday's programme opened with Maitlis saying"the country can see" government adviser Cummings had"broken the rules".The BBC said the show should have made clear the remarks were"a summary of the questions we would examine" about the prime minister's aide.

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It added the news programme's staff had been reminded about its guidelines.Newsnight 'breached BBC impartiality guidelines'At the beginning of the BBC Two programme, Maitlis said the country was"shocked" that the government could not see that Boris Johnson's aide had broken the rules by travelling from London to County Durham during the coronavirus lockdown.

She said the"public mood" was"one of fury, contempt and anguish", and that Cummings had made people who struggled to keep to the government's rules"feel like fools".She continued:"The prime minister knows all this. But despite the resignation of one minister, growing unease from his backbenchers, a dramatic early warning from the polls and a deep national disquiet, Boris Johnson has chosen to ignore it.

"Tonight we consider what this blind loyalty tells us about the workings of Number 10."Image copyrightImage captionDominic Cummings is Boris Johnson's most senior aideIn a statement on Wednesday, the BBC said it had"reviewed the entirety of last night's Newsnight, including the opening section".

"While we believe the programme contained fair, reasonable and rigorous journalism, we feel that we should have done more to make clear the introduction was a summary of the questions we would examine, with all the accompanying evidence, in the rest of the programme," it continued.

"As it was, we believe the introduction we broadcast did not meet our standards of due impartiality."Cummings' 260-mile journey has been the focus of intense media scrutiny since coming to light last week.On Monday, the prime minister's most senior adviser explained that he decided to make the trip because he felt it would be better to self-isolate in a place where he had options for childcare if required.

On Wednesday, Boris Johnson ruled out an inquiry into his adviser's conduct, insisting it was time to"move on" from the row. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

When is Emily going to resign ? She broke the BBC guidelines and this isn't the first time & from all the news from the BBC last week we know she wholeheartedly believes guidelines must be followed so she has no choice but to resign or maybe she's just another BBC hypocrite? bbc how is it maitlis gets a ‘night off’ and RodLiddle gets sacked by the BBC for bias when Rod didn’t even do it on the BBC? ScumMedia

“You don’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows “ We do need all our TV journalists to shine a light under politicians beds. But they need to be impartial, fair minded, even handed, less aggressive and more honest about their own political affiliations. Boris Broadcasting Corporation got a fright and shit their pants. So many Cummings and goings on at the BBC.

Should have been sacked as she believes that is the punishment for breaking any rules I can’t quite decide if 247 complaints is a lot or not? Seems to me she judged accurately if that’s all. BOYCOTT.. all things BBC defundthebbc The BBC is run by rich boys who look after the Tories. The rich boys are also Tories.

Oh yeah rito 😂 👋 How much do we (the taxpayer) pay Maitlis? It would be good to know the savings. Of course you did Thought 20% off just eat was tuesdays,must be different at the beeb Absolute joke, the vile left wing agenda from the BBC and Sky has gone on for too long now, you can choose not to subscribe to sky. Time to licence fee.

They should make it permanent you Liebour loving remoaner. I am pleased action has at last been taken by the BBC. I have been shocked by some of the interviews and comments she has got away with in the past. What right does she have to be so blatantly rude to people. She is one of a group of Presenters/Reporters who upset me regularly.

She is a complete disgrace - and should be sacked immediately Ofcom night maitlis So Emily can Read Again the actual terms and deceitful conditions of The Real Owners of BBC👇 She’d gone to visit Barnard Castle So when she returns she will apologise for her untrue and biased comments and breach of so called BBC impartiality on the Cummings incident. 🐂💩

Emily Maitlis entirely reflected my thoughts & opinions on the Cummings fiasco, and have to say further, reflected those of my acquaintances and friends. Johnson is naive - stonewalling public opinion is not a smart tactic. Revulsion & disgust when he springs to defend Cummings. Again the BBC ( Believe Bojo Corp ) arm twists a presenter . Your job, or do what we tell you. Would love to see the email trail. They’re dumb enough to have left one.

I don't blame you luv. The hard-right complain about impartiality then demand it if it goes against their truths. The phrase 'liar, liar, pants on fire' comes to mind. If the BBC are so scared of this shower go where you will be appreciated Is she going to apologise? I am amazed Emily just needs one night off from the W1A wet blankets... maybe time for a move from the establishment apologists?

Deserved You asked for night off,how nice,you broke the rules,BBC should do to you what your demanding for Dominic Cummings,you will do us all a favour and take early retirement,help to reduce BBC expenses for biased newsreaders. Won't be missed Emily Maitlis has been unfairly singled out for political bias and activism all billed to the license fee payers. It really should be the Newsnight team as a whole that get suspended.

Don't let anyone intimidate you!!! Carry on the good work, you can't please everyone. You always have been an ambulance chaser, I bet you thought you could do an Andrew on Cummings. Jumped the gun. . Bollocks. What rubbish! Time you were sacked for your bias Yea right! SolidaritySister 😍 Of course the BBC wouldn’t have the guts to fire her

Did ye aye! She is just part of the corrupt biased dinosaur that is the BBC When is she next on? Hopefully it will be permanent and a non bias replacement found Maitlis explained how most of us were feeling. Well done. More worthless statements top up with more lies cumgate cumsack Should have asked for the year off

Yet another story with two or three sides depending on what you read and where you read it. Noticing a pattern here. Can we ask to get you 'nights off'? I still find it peculiar that Mr Angry from the shires, believes the BBC is impartial. Not forgetting the endless crap from the BBC about Corbyn before the election. And the free national messenger service for the mysterious 'source in No 10' night after night.

Not long enough! No you didnt. If you did that was bad timing Just here, wading through the comments. Must clean my boots, totally covered in sh*te. Is it the BBC, is it really? Really? I would have asked for a night off after being sanctioned too. 😂 Tell us a story Jackanory 🤥🤥🤥🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 Any comments want to offer regarding you backing of bbclaurak Laura Kuenssberg after complaints over tweet 'defending' Dominic Cummings? Remember impartiality moved both ways...

After you failed to support her when she stated facts At least two reprimands for political bias in 6 months or so! - surely SHE should resign or be sacked! Liars I quite like you as a presenter and do not agree with a lot of the things I've read on SM, however this is not a good look. You've been reprimanded, just come out say sorry and it's defused. You could end up as the media scapegoat, when there are far more devisive presenters.

Yet she found Cummings’ explanation implausible? More bollocks from the BBC ScumMedia Night off? You should be sacked for your clear bias. Could you make that perminant. The lives of gullible people depend on not listening to your anti government propaganda campaign rhetoric. Your drive for civil disobedience is DANGEROUS. THE BLOOD WILL BE DIRECTLY ON YOUR HANDS. of those that die in the second spike you encourage

Do you think Cummings deserves to lose his job? petuniasforever Course you did love Well if that's true I just need to calm down and get on with life. Great news and pleased to see you back. Still feel your employer is spineless There will be a complaint every time she’s on Now clean the rest of your media up or the licence fee is toast

Horrendous and disgraceful, unimpartial and opinionated statement used to set evening news tone. We can change this by a BOYCOT of BBC news as they live on ratings. Maybe as viewers fall they may be forced into some self examination. MahyarTousi MainstreamNews piersmorgan Right Let’s be real here. What you REALLY mean is you encouraged Maitlis to take time off of her own volition because you KNOW she did nothing wrong & you COULDN’T sack/punish her as a result, but HAVE to be seen to have done something to keep your political paymasters happy.

Was she actually missed? I suppose she might have been if a decent reporter had taken her place. But they are hard to come by nowadays. Do you mean you were told to ask for the night off? So much for Katie Razelle and her integrity, she said the day before that she wouldn't stand in for you if she were asked. The programme editor should also take some of the flack for this gross misjudgement of of impartiality!

The whole programme is biased Ms Maitlis is a one trick pony venting her dislike of the tories at our expense. I would say take it off but if it brings the end of the licence closer keep it According to the ScumMedia position she should have resigned by now or been dismissed for breaking the rules maitlis Hypocrisy

Emily Maitlis should have been sacked. But the BBC have no principles so that won't happen. Sure......wink wink😜😜 obv under duress .... and we are all supposed to believe that Yeah course you did ! Nah.. you’re complicit in forcing her off the air. The BBC is a Tory mouthpiece! More flim-flam from BBC News. The point is Emily Maitlis was accused of bias by the BBC. Since then neither she nor anyone at night or BBC News has apologised for this or even acknowledged that it happened.

Of course she did 🤣🤣🤣😂 Is it a coincidence she asked for a night off after you severely rapped her knuckles? Public apology for breaking impartiality rules Or sack her!! Media scum The fact that GlaxoSmithKline has a research center in Barnard Castle - and they got a contract 2 days after his visit - nothing to do with it I'm sure.

One miserable night ? In this time of heightened hyper sensitivity THE BBC DID NOT ACT WHY NOT ? SILENCE BETOKENS CONSENT ! So the BBC have endorsed her actions ? She was allowed to hide under your bed like a naughty little child ? IS THIS WHAT WE PAY FOR Another biased report from Emily, not presenting the facts ... ? Quelled surprise !

Like him or loath him Cummings faced a weekend of fake news headlines. She opined for a nation that had been misled by media pack hysteria. Its not her role to denounce but to seek balance. She was unreasonable. The middle class populism Maitlis courts does not excuse it. How about at least a year ? she won` t be missed gladly i dont pay you lot a single penny, wised up years ago ScumMedia

So its 'Sorry, not sorry'. The arrogance, the lack of professionalism from maitlis , katierazz saying she'd not present night if maitlis had been stood down - it all shows the institutionalised contempt BBC has for the public. Impartiality is a legal requirement. Bollocks Surely the BBC rules say leave needs to be booked in advance, so did she break the rules or ask for discretion from her boss which may not available to others? Either she broke the rules or it's one rule for her and another for everyone else. She must resign or be sacked.

Fran Unsworth and her boy blunder Richard Burgess must be so proud. maitlis spoke the truth and should not have been reprimanded! Wasn’t really so much her absence as the reason she had to take one. 🤦‍♂️ So you should Poor woman was just used to push the bbc twisted agenda 😂 What a load of tripe. Do they honestly think we're that stupid? Perhaps they need to wake up and take note that their subliminal brainwashing hasn't worked on the majority of us.

More like guilt putting her bias across as news ...again !! Still how is stating the facts Impartial. Cummings broke the rules and most of us are rightly pissed off... This is not what BBC News Press Room said in their release. Which one of you is lying? Of course she did....just like Piers needed a whole week off...A few more could do with a little leave, and take the time to do some online journalistic training...Some really good webinars out there, if they can manage to listen to them...

Emily spending some time in the naughty corner. did she come to praise Ceasar or bury the sod. Then why did the BBC apologise for her actions? In that case the needs to refund me all my TV Tax I have paid for the last 20 years as you have broken the rules in your charter. maitlis needs to be suspended or fired for BREAKING THE RULES. DominicStays MaitlisMustGo

Yes on course you did maitlis how much pressure have your bosses at the Boris Broadcasting Corporation put on you to say that. Still doesn't explain why the BBC rowed back on legitimate and solid journalism. We don't believe you BBCNEWS. We can moveon from this one, absolutely. I still remain unmoved on my feelings about Domonic Cummings and his support network.

....Funny reading all the tweets from people baying for Emily's blood. Apparently she should be sacked for not following the rules. I wonder what these same people think should happen to Cummings for not following the rules. Ok. So now can the BBC explain how they are being manipulated by the government. Fairs fair eh? Emily has it’s your turn

The sound of more licence fee payers leaving. Yeah - that's believable You’re as bad as the dirty government you support... johnsweeneyroar Sure she did... Asked for the night off to get over the backlash you mean. She must think we are stupid. As for the kind words and support- didn’t see much of that on here.

Government mouthpiece Course you did. Katie katierazz presented the newspapers last night night showing the thetimes Headline about maitlis , but she refused to read it out along with the other headlines. 😂 💩💩💩💩💩 I fear the the media, the vast majority of print and media journalists are left leaning and batting for one side over the other. Many journalists are effectively activists and thats why public trust has plummeted in them.

Any idea why as your article completely misses that? 😂😂 Emily should be praised for summing up the facts and public feeling on Newsnight. It was not a political statement it was in the public interest IIT would be good to understand why you requested the night off at short notice on the day a reprimand was given. Is this coincidence or related?

Kuenssberg can say what she likes to support Johnson and Cummings but Maitlis.... Shame she didn’t make that statement earlier 🤣🤣 oh the irony ! Glad i don't pay for my TV licence... Joke! BBC, the channel that gives disproportionate air time to right wing extremists on Question Time and spreaders of hate like Farage, has got all jittery about some facts being read out.

johnsweeneyroar The PM's exhortations to the Liaison Committee to move along sounded like 'blind loyalty' so what's the problem with Maitlis and Newsnight? Ho, ho, ho. Media is hypocritical - wants DC sacked but protects EM and other reporters & journalists who flout guidelines Rubbish Yeah that's not suspect at all...

How can this article on the BBC website be considered impartial Ofcom ? They've written the Newsnight intro word for word as though it's all true, and made the suggestion that it's a summary, which it clearly isn't! Iromg So why exactly did she feel unable to do the job she is paid so handsomely to do (she is a millionaire as a result) Why no explanation at all? MaitlisMustGo

When are you back Emily, we miss you! Government control of the media is where this shite we are in today started. More control such as this interference takes us further down the murky path. Having reflected on your performance the other night Emily it's hard not to come to the conclusion that you did a disservice both to the Corporation and impartial investigative journalism unfortunately emotions got the better of you. I to would need a day off after that!maitlis

Who can blame her for wanting a night off after the BBC so spinelessly threw her under a bus to appease the Tory Government. And for what? Telling the truth instead of spouting Government propaganda like certain others at BBC News so shamelessly do. BBC should use this “misunderstanding” to review the tweets how many viewers they’ve lost due directly to Megalomaniac Maitlis! who presents the program and herself like a child playing in her big sisters wardrobe and jewellery box with no concept of sophistication!

BBC bullshit machine in full swing as usual......End the tax. Come back on when you’ve seen the error of ur ways What a country this has become under BorisJohnson. BBC apologizing and reprimanding for nothing - for just summarizing the facts. ScumMedia Another lie from maitlis Of course you did love 🤔 take an extended break

sackDominicCummngs Ah, just a night off now? Not being sanctioned by the yet another reactionary lurch. So not meeting high standards of impartiality is acceptable now? What a sad day. Time for the BBC to be restructured to be truly reflective of the U.K. and not the London elite. I have to say all that was said was what we are all thinking and any credibility this Government had has now gone no one will back anything they say but we must do our duty like good children there are words but .................

Translation, 'I needed the night off to test my eyesight.' Totally Maitlis - you are in self preservation mode... Dear lord above - she summed up the public mood ! - the nub of this is- he hasn’t had the moral courage to say - ‘sorry’ - consequently BJ’s call to ‘move on’ !smacks of just riding roughshod over people who have died and been buried alone because their families stayed in !

Or, 'maitlis sulks and pulls a sickie'. My boss when I ask for the day off..... johnsweeneyroar Your statement says all I need to know. You bending cowards. You’re lucky to have Maitlis. Yes, we believe you 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Were they Maitlis words or was she parroting something put together by editor/production team?

The bbc must sack maitles for it to retain any credibility BBC should remain impartial, Maitlis was not. Sack her. End of discussion 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what nice bosses you have to let you have the night off at the drop of a hat 🙄😂 Let’s hope she doesn’t get doorstepped like Cummings has been, and she doesn’t have a media scrum constantly outside her property,

At least you put the text of what she said in here. Or most of it. 🤔 really mediascum Whatever Will she apologise upon her return? The media frenzied against Dominic Cummings straight into the new year after the GE. It should be of no surprise that being as he travelled 260 miles to Durham and his elevated position within no10 that media attention is firmly pointed towards him.

Ha ha ha haha so so funny Yawn I will drive to work, even if I have the symptoms, because my instinct tells me to earn money to protect my child from hunger, and while driving, I might even close my eyes for a few seconds to rest, because by law eye sight is not important while on the wheels! CummingsLaw

Of course you did!🤣🤣 Yes, at 3am. When the BBC cowardly folds to Dominic Cummings, you've lost all credibility. Why is Andrew Neil allowed to editorislise and run the far right Spectator? . BBC you should be thoroughly ashamed to suspend a newsreader for telling the truth. What is this country coming to. One viewer less

Tories: Why won’t they respect our democracy? We want Brexit! Also Tories: HOW DARE A BBC JOURNALIST HAVE AN OPINION!! IT’S AN OUTRAGE!! I agree with every word she said. So does the country. She just shouldn’t have said it. The same people calling this out as bullshit are the same people who beleive a man drove 30 miles to test his eyesight!

Maybe you should have explained this earlier! Why did you ask for the night off? Truth to power : never a comfortable place for the Cons Because that's so plausible and not suss at all. 🤨 Take the rest of the decade if want ScumMedia It us a shame. more of the media should choose ‘to take a night off...for a couple of years’. Shame such a well respected program had also fallen into the headline making, sensationalist show. Where is Piers Morgan?

Emily Maitlis sparks BBC impartiality row with Newsnight attack on Dominic CummingsMaitlis opened the programme with a scorching monologue saying Dominic Cummings broke the rules and has made the public 'feel like fools' for conservatives being impartial means licking their boots 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 which bit she said was not a fact? She was stating a fact, I see nothing wrong

Coronavirus: Emily Maitlis misses Newsnight after BBC rules Cummings coverage breached impartiality rulesThe presenter said Dominic Cummings had 'broken the rules' by going to Durham from London during lockdown. Hi from the United States, Speaking the truth isn't impartiality. The sad truth (AKA fact) is that the free press is being stifled by having to 'both sides' facts and fantasy (AKA bullshit). And yet Laura Kuenssberg is given an easy ride by her employers. This simply comes down to the BBCs fear of the government and Cummings. Kuenssberg has shown bias in their favour and therefore she is ok. Tat tah

Fury at BBC bias as Emily Maitlis rants at Dominic Cummings & slams Boris Johnson's 'blind loyalty'THE BBC sparked accusations of bias last night after Emily Maitlis told viewers “Dominic Cummings broke the lockdown rules”. Speaking on Newsnight, the host stated as fact that the Prime Minister’s… I only watch match of the day on this complete clusterfuck of a tv channel. He did.....and he did his wife and Boris what’s the issue?

Dan Walker: 'I don't hate anyone' BBC host hits back after trolls send him 'grim' threatsDAN WALKER, BBC Breakfast host alongside Louise Minchin, received 'bile, insults, hatred & threats' from trolls after his interview with MP Michael Gove regarding the Dominic Cummings revelation. For doing your job! What have we become! Oh no Who are you again? Now he knows how DC feels.

Paddy McGuinness: Fans call for BBC host to release Dominic Cummings jibe as NHS singlePADDY MCGUINNESS, Top Gear host alongside Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris, has made headlines with a catchy tune he wrote mocking the Prime Minister's senior advisor Dominic Cummings, following the revelation he broke lockdown rules last month. Now, fans have called for him to release it as a charity single to benefit the NHS. When will it be releaed

BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour, Troopers, Billionaires, Postnatal SupportA number of maternity and postnatal services have been withdrawn due to Covid. What support is there for new mothers in lockdown? The one that I don't understand is NHS Start4Life NHS_Parents stopping their weekly 'Information Service for Parents' emails, which detail your baby's progress in the womb. My baby's growth hasn't stopped, but resources have, and with the removal of (1/2) NHS antenatal classes as well, we have had to pay for private classes as we're first time parents and have no idea what we're doing! (2/2) There are a number of safety concerns around the withdrawal of certain maternity services and birth options. These decisions need to (at minimum) be evidenced, proprtionate and be able to be publicly justified.