'Living in Meghan's shoes' helped Prince Harry see racial bias

The Duke of Sussex says a privileged upbringing meant he did not understand unconscious racial bias.

10/26/2020 4:30:00 PM

'Living in Meghan's shoes' helped Prince Harry see racial bias He says a privileged upbringing meant he 'had no idea it existed'

The Duke of Sussex says a privileged upbringing meant he did not understand unconscious racial bias.

PA MediaThe Duke of Sussex has admitted his upbringing as a member of the Royal Family meant he had no understanding of unconscious racial bias.Prince Harry said it took him many years - and the experience of "living" in his wife Meghan's shoes - to recognise the issue.

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"I had no idea it existed," he said.The duke made the remarks in conversation with Black Lives Matter supporter Patrick Hutchinson at the launch of British GQ's Heroes Festival.Mr Hutchinson, a personal trainer, rose to fame after he was photographed

carrying an injured white man to safetyduring a clash between protest groups, an act which Harry praised him for.Speaking from his home in Santa Barbara, California, via video call, the duke said said: "No one's pointing the fingers. You can't really point fingers, especially when it comes to unconscious bias.

"But once you realise or you feel a little bit uncomfortable, then the onus is on you to go out and educate yourself because ignorance is no longer an excuse."And unconscious bias, from my understanding, having the upbringing and the education that I had, I had no idea what it was. I had no idea it existed.

"And then, sad as it is to say, it took me many, many years to realise it, especially then living a day or a week in my wife's shoes."'So much we can do'As the son of the Prince of Wales, the duke had all the privileges associated with his position and was educated at the exclusive Eton College, in Berkshire, before training as an Army officer at Sandhurst.

The duke and the duchess have spoken extensively about race in recent months,, in which they said there was a lost generation of "people of colour".Last year, the duke wrote in an edition of Vogue, which he guest edited,that unconscious bias was something "many people do not understand"

and that it could lead to racism.During his talk with Mr Hutchinson Prince Harry urged people of all backgrounds to get involved in racial issues.He said: "This is a global movement. The train has left the station."If you're not on it now then get on it because there's so much that we can do.

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"And being a dad myself, the whole point in life, I guess, for me, is to try to leave the world in a better place than when you found it."The duke and the personal trainer were brought together by the men's magazine as part of its content in support of Black History Month.

image copyrightimage captionPatrick Hutchinson carries an injured demonstratorSpeaking about the incident during the protest in June, Mr Hutchinson said: "We were pleased that we'd been able to avert a serious, serious situation. Yeah, I would do it for anybody and I would do it time and time again. It's just not something you think about."

He added that the issues behind the racial equality protests "make you wonder why people find it so hard to understand what we're all striving for: the equality side of things".Harry described him as a "shining example of how every single human being should operate and work and function".

"Even at a time when you have two groups that are at each other on such a visceral level, all that aside, no red mist in you, you just came in, you did what was necessary and you saved a life," he said.The pair also spoke about staying "mentally sharp" during lockdown and the importance of men looking after their mental health.

The duke said: "For men who are isolated by themselves this can be a really dark place, unless you know the different solutions or different distractions that you can put into your life, whether it's going for a great walk or a run or just doing something that keeps you mentally and physically fit."

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Gold Digger - Family Wrecker - Back Stabber. - Witch 💤💤😢😢 I hardly doubt she's seen any bias, probably just doesn't like being told she's not right for the acting roles she goes for, but she needs to be part of the im suffering club Harry needs a new title, 'Harry the Cuck'. HarrytheCuck Tell me please why 70, 000 of Badgers were murdered in 2020. In 2019 there were 19, 000.

Whatever next? Clothes? Did she (Meghan) tell him at one time since she looks white she would deny being black and say she was white? watch the thumb Harry once under it you'll never wear your Loakes again. Considering where I am, both of them are equally priviledged: Meghan more than Harry because she's had her freedom, became an actress and married into a royal family.

This is twaddle. Find something worthwhile to report on. When is he going to shut up These two didn’t want publicity and so far they have not been out of the spotlight. What do they want ffs. Ignorance is no excuse. You have to take responsibility for your own ignorance Harry & stop blaming everyone else, the UK people & your family.

Ginger Cuckold, what a disgrace Wow. He really is gone. She's a fake and a fraud Bullshit you were in the army you have seen it So much for wanting privacy .....talk about chase the spotlight...is there a week we dont see their faces in the media lecturing the world....go away... Is she D list or Z list Actress?

Let's allow these to go off and lead a new life. Every day a new story about them Somewhere there is a 'lightning rod' leaderboard.. Sheesh doesn't he know his Grandfather the old racist Prince Phillip !! She always play as a victim she is half of white if they care about black people why they no help the black people from uk

Next will be Harry going by They / Them.....or perhaps Harriet! Strap on the plastic Meghan!!! 🤣 Did he live in a cave before? All these royal duties/travels he'd done and just now he only realized? And I thought he was a prince LOL Watching/ hearing endless, spineless Virtue signalling makes me want to vomit.

I've walked in the shoes of a millionaire, she's so poor. I now see how privileged I am. what bollocks. He was in the army!! He cannot have been so stupid or blind not to know that some, some, of that exists. skrubbermarkle will do anything for money. Good luck to Mr Hutcheson. Well done. Don't forget they left the UK to keep a low profile😂

When's he gonna walk in the shoes of a white, working-class boy on a sink estate in a sink town in North-East England? Or shall he remain mired in the dogma of Identity Politics? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Meghan has a self absorbed zero compromise attitude. People who aren’t under her spell won’t appreciate that in her, especially if they make sacrifices to fit in themselves. It’s a mistake to read that as anything to do with colour when it’s to do with personality.

That’s a typo? Surely you mean ‘shadow’? Hopefully the BBC will consider the unconscious bias that Harry was referring to the next time they think about showing a skit where they darken a character's skin tone & portray them as violent like they did with Meghan. He was also unaware that not all toilets are gold plated, so this is really not a major revelation.

Love Big H🥰🤗! What a blinkered nob.... One of the most popular and beloved couple in the world. Leaders of young generation of the world. The best diplomats whom UK would have to send to many other countries. The UK ought to be shamed by its treatment of lovely Meghan. Racism, pure and simple. I wish the couple well.

Yawn. 😁😁😁😁 Just here for the little Englander comments 😂😂 Love reading people’s chirping away like they have the slightest personal insight into these two peoples lives when then clearly don’t and never will .. I mean they actually type this shit as if it’s fact .. dullards 😂😂 He’s fallen for it hook,line and sinker! Cant even think for himself now. She does the thinking for the both of them

So he will be sending his kids to a comprehensive school know.... ahhh no To had been a prince of charity and change in Africa, this level of ignorance is beyond understanding. The causes he champions are what’s popular at the moment. No real thoughts. And no one in the media is calling him out on it.

You should of seen it as you benefited more then most Fuk is she still alive We need to put these two individuals (Prince Harry & Prince Andrew) to one side as both have disgraced the Royal family in different ways! Spoilt individuals with no real empathy to the public and what this country is going through! RoyalsFamily royal DefundTheBBC

The_Crox The Queen: Living in Andrew's shoes....!! For a couple that left the UK because of media hassel, they don't half court it The privileged often fail to understand the people. The BBC is obsessed with its own race bias. But it shouldn't, as it constantly does, use the bigoted assumption that its audience shares its failings.

Please don't have your breakdown publicly Harry. Love bombed into believing whatever his Mistress wants him to believe. Eh, am I missing something. I wish I had her racial bias, it seems to benefit her immensely. with not an ounce of self awareness 🤣🤣🤣 😂😂😂😂 If I was married to Meghan I would agree with everything she says too

What a crock of 💩 I think these people commenting forget before she met Harry she was just a actress not some elite member of society Clearly the man still has no idea and as for her... His privileged upbringing meant he had no idea it existed? Thats good .. If there were an award for most disliked couple, these two would win hands down...

Royal BS Does this offer any real world examples where Harry has observed and learnt about unconscious bias. Or is this just more talk? Well he must have been thick then He didn’t see it when he was shooting at afghanis, he should have gone to specsavers woukdnt of thought her shoes would of fitted him 🤣

Dimwit I bet he looks lovely in high heels. Absolute rubbish. He’d have seen it during the early part of his military career. He most likely chose to ignore it, back then. foresighted kid forthcoming2 💓 But living a multi-millionaire lifestyle he has now lets him understand it? He still has a privileged lifestyle

It's good to look at things from a fresh perspective: He wants to try working for a change....I cannot tecall how many presentations and course have been run where I work. I am also surprised that the Forces gave not run these courses as usually they are in front of a lot of these subjects than most big organisations?

What a load of toff There's no scientific methodology that supports any theory of unconscious bias. Facts and conditions are not capable of being duplicated. Status does not elevate scientific observations. I am sure this is something his mother would have made him aware of? Whos he kidding , they killed his old lass because she got up duff by an arab .

Right! How about the bias that exists between his family and the rest of Britain? Pretentious **** Has he met his grandfather, Prince Phillip? No, Harry has got no views of his own. He does what he is told. They usually say like father like son, in this case it’s like mother like son because she played the media whenever she could

How did he live in her shoes he is white Wasn’t he caught on canera being part of it ? I see them wanting Privacy and wanting to Stay out of the Public Eye is working out for them !! They are in the papers and News more than ever 😂😂 And with an education that most could only dream of, and he was blind, or chose to live as he wished, not caring? The privilleged!

Look at all the racist in this thread yuck Well he did have a privileged life to be honest! 😱 Who here sees her as a black person? Serious question. Is there an onanism emoji? Why won’t they go away? Didn’t they want to? I swear each new story i see about these 2 gets more bizarre.... I didn’t know it existed in the UK. I was brought up there. I never experienced it anywhere in London. But we lived in a cul de sac and were pretty much isolated from the rest of the world. Even when I moved to Aylesbury to live with my granny I did not experience it.

Harry to star in new stage version of Kinky Boots having lived in his wife's shoes. We’re they Jimmy Choo? What utter rubbish 😂😂😂 Surely he means, pocket. Keep the insights coming. Prince Harry is the best❤❤❤ Watching all the racists getting rattled Imagine how tired we are - a dark skinned woman All the racists have come out to play in the comments 😂😂😂

Find that hard to believe. Harry has done sterling work in different parts of the world. ArchieStannumb1 Since 2019 (same year rumours of Will fucking his wife's bestie comes out 🤔) the media & gullible public have put down, ridiculed and bullied him and his wife, if he came back and was Will's crutch again and married a white brit he would be the public's fave royal again 🙄😐

‘Living in Meghan Shoes’ sounds like a channel 4 documentary on transgender issues. Are you sure you got the right Harry/Harriet? Very sheltered to not know if it's existence... He'll get to see even bigger inequalities and bias when she divorces him. There is still real racial bias in parts of America but that is where Harry decided to decamp to this country is far different

I should imagine he has very little idea about anything that is ‘real’ life. Rubbish My mother is Spanish from Spain and very dark. Here in USA white and black people have been very racist towards her with us children of hers around. Very ugly people here in USA! Living in Meghan's shoes shows he has lost the ability to think for himself and realise what she has done.

geezer u & yr misses had a massive, huge probably biggest opportunity to really begin to change things further for the next couple of youth generations but simply blew it by ‘wanting to live’ on Vancouver 🌴?which that was a excuse as one just visits via Hollywood now!? 👀😷🤷‍♂️🤔 Maybe he will soon realise that there is something called class inequality

I went to the same camps the Prince did. But my food was different for some reason and my bed was harder. GO figure. But how ignorant are the privileged? I for instance know what sanitary towels are and how to use them, but I never used one personally. So many Gamons in this thread, blowing their tops. Imagine being so incensed by a guy just sticking up for his wife, one can only feel sorry for your own wives.

Another none story from the race baiting BBC Is he a cross dresser ? What a stupid comment. Surely he means living in her shadow yep defo probably the old guard mentality & thought narrative of the folk around him may of step back for a mo but my experience aka all my black wife’s friends including non black comments etc were let’s just say very borderline bitchy when they found out she was black 👀🤔🤷‍♂️😷

Nah.. we just don’t like her Oh, pi$$ off. Nuff said. Think he does he’s ginger!!!! What kind of shoes? Louboutin? Balenciaga? Gucci? She has much less wealth and status then all us privileged guys on our council estate. She has had no opportunity in life and can never gain recognition or a title or fame. The poor poor girl. This is the first time I have ever heard of her, she isn’t everywhere constantly

I trust your opinion you are white and male therefore you must be right 😤 Bollocks So this guy is trying to tell us he has never been in the company of Prince Philip and Prince Andrew, wow I wish them well but their audience is now split into three. Intolerant woke crowd that love their own opinions broadcast.Depressed middle aged women that adore him & have his pic as their profile. Everyone else that just wants him to be quiet,including his brother gran and dad.

Is it possible to see a pic of MM nowadays without that poxy baby in view! 🙄 Absolute tosh. I think he had a little more than a 'privileged' upbringing, he belongs to a family of disgusting people I'll sum up the comments... 'They're rich, how would they know'. APadeau Beautiful baby Yes, I can totally see how living in the shoes of a beautiful rich woman can help one see racial bias. He could not see it from his lofty viewpoint so he moved to her lofty view point.

This is fantastic, Prince Harry is a brilliant humanitarian! Anyone who finds it ok to bully another human being or animal needs to get themselves checked pronto! Correction you living in her panties The man really is thick - wasn't he in the army. Did he never read the newspapers or watch the news on TV?

Maybe before Megan, he wasn’t a racist? Discuss. So all his work his entire life in Africa did not teach him before?what he was doing there actually with his charities? But Meghan also had a privileged upbringing....where did she experience racial bias? Real examples please and perhaps her father can confirm.


BULLSHIT!!!! His bloodline came up with the system of racial oppression Well, then, he’s a moron. And I mean that with a royal “he.” It’s non stop with these two isn’t it , always on zoom now or other 😂🙈 All the places he has been too, the war he has been a part of and it took walking in his wife's shoes to see racial bias? I'm sorry. I thought he was supposed to be educated.

Being privileged, he has no idea about most things! P Harry has no idea what being brought up in a council estate (irrespective of colour). Can we expect him to launch a campaign on poverty bias. They are utterly insufferable. I imagine it looked something like this Why can you not give them what they DEMANDED anonymity?

Idiot She's half White so he has lived in her shoes Stockholm Syndrome. Living in Meghan's shoes, knickers and bra is all part of Prince Harry's sissifacation. He never came across racial bias in the forces? Really? Find that hard to believe. It’s really stupid of him to say he didn’t know any of that before Meghan! He travelled all over the world.. I guess he was just more interested in the luxury. Now he is interested in the spotlight and paycheck the issue will bring 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

From wearing nazi regalia to parties to calling locals towel heads in Arabi don’t tell me he isn’t a racist what with his background. As for his mother, sorry missus, I don’t believe she’s black. More likely Mediterranean f even that. I'm happy to hear he is becoming aware, but this whole notion that he 'had no idea that it existed...' Come on, Harry, you really cannot be THAT thick!

Queue all the middle aged white English tabloid reading patriots that definitely aren't racist.. Yawn. Hahahahaha 😂😂😂 born with a Silverspon stuck! Hahaha 😂 😂😂 I am truly sick of him and her ffs - he is making it a Career choice - 🤬🤬🤬 Doesn’t she have a white father? He's well under the thumb A privileged upringing means he knows absolutely fuck all about the real world

You mean receiving the shoe!! Racially divisive insult to all of us. People were very supportive of Meghan, and then they saw her character. British People in general are open minded and, unlike woke BBC journalists, treat others on the content of their character not the colour of their skin. This is news WHY

Plonker Deluded the pair of them they actually can’t see why people dislike them they just blame people for being racist Funny how she decided to have the most expensive wedding in history first, paid for by the so called “racist” tax payers of a country that had just made her into a princess. She can go and swivel.

He’s been brainwashed by the same kind of cultural Marxism that the BBC tries to brainwash everyone with. DefundTheBBC Can’t we just mute these two. 🙄 Very important news when in Artsakh/‘s children have being lost their home due to Azerbaijani and turkish aggression and terrorisme I thought one had fucked orf to the colonies..

😭😭😭😭😭 His upbringing was entirely geared towards helping people who were disadvantaged, ill, faced bias of all kinds. If he couldn't see it it was because he wasn't looking, not because he wasn't shown it. Never knew that he's a transvestite, well well well Blimey. She must give a phenomenally good blow job.

If you want to understand what privelage really is, listen to the Queens Grand Daughter. Probably gave him corns too. Twaddle! Only way people we see the world for how it is Walking in their shoes to gain an understanding Bollocks There are people losing their jobs, missing out on cancer care, and not being able to pay their mortgages. And then there's this

Nice to see some honesty, with all that’s going on at least my man can tell the truth, doesn’t U Turn and realized that he was wrong. Up most respect! Well nearly, still need to out his peado grandad So many white people on here denying this racial bias. It’s pretty shocking. The only racial bias I've seen lately, is young Caucasian children being told they're racists because of their skin tone.

So that means if he comes back to UK, he will refuse the offer of Fragmore Cottage to live at, as to accept would be an example of his privileged upbringing. RoyalFamily KensingtonRoyal So, instead will they be putting their names down on the waiting list for council housing? Mandola shoes ain't cheap. Eh hooray harryah.

I'm surprised he was with the military for years and he did not see any biased attitudes. this fuckin guy Harry is incredibly unlikeable. Living or wearing?! Just asking.....😉 You mean brainwashed. Now we know who wears the pants and who wears the pumps I thought these people were going away to be private citizens? Why are you spending license holders money running stories about Harold and Meg from California?

Williams and Kates kids are gorgeous looking,its another thing for those two to be jealous of Must have been very painful in those 1000 USD high heels living in her mansion So similar to those suffering in African or the ghettos having to watch her get paid millions Bollocks ! She hasn't seen any racial biase. It's just what she does and says that annoys people.

Was he wearing her knickers and dress as well as her shoes? what an arsehole It’ll all end in tears. 🥱 So when is he going to walk in the white working class shoes?

Prince Harry admits he had ‘no idea’ unconscious bias existed before meeting Meghan‘Ignorance is no longer an excuse,’ says Duke of Sussex Bias is bad whether conscious or unconscious Seriously... who cares.....this is not news..... Well it’s never been replicated and is considered a total nonsense so he still has no idea.

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