Large events such as Premier League matches could be open only to the fully-vaccinated

Large events such as Premier League matches could be open only to the fully-vaccinated

7/25/2021 2:59:00 AM

Large events such as Premier League matches could be open only to the fully-vaccinated

The rule could also be used for lower divisions and other sports, and for seated events with a capacity of more than 20,000 people.

"Labour has been clear that the use ofvaccination status alone will exclude those who can't be vaccinated or haven't had the jab because of delays."Being double jabbed doesn't prove you aren't carrying the virus."Testing for access to venues would be more efficient."

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The English Football League declined to comment but it is understood that contingency plans are being discussed to deal with any change in government policy.The government's chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance has previously said nightclubs could be"super-spreading events" but it is not clear whether there are similar fears about football matches.

There were worries about fans travelling to London during Euro 2020, however, and Public Health Scotland figures showed nearly 1,300coronaviruscases linked to fans heading to the capital for matches in the group stages.On Saturday it was announced that people in frontline roles such as police, fire and the Border Force,

will be able to avoid quarantine - regardless of vaccine status- if they are a close contact of a positive COVID case.It is part of government efforts to deal with the current situation where certain sectors are being left severely under-staffed due to workers being told to self-isolate because they have come into contact with someone who has COVID.

More than 600,000 people in England and Wales were told to quarantine by the NHS COVID-19 app in the week to 14 July.Emergency service workers and other critical staff, including those in transport, freight and haulage, were already going to be exempt from isolation - but only if their employers specified their names and that they were double jabbed.

Now they will be able to take part in the scheme whether they are vaccinated or not, as new testing sites will be established.Also on Saturday, the number of new COVID-19 cases in the UKfell for the fourth consecutive day. Read more: Sky News »

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Vaccine apartheid Still be cases of “Covid” in a fully vaccinated football stadium 😂 the bullshit is heating up. Harsh but fair and necessary Nuremberg code blatantly being broken! Terrible state of affairs. Nazi regime being implemented ! Even anti vaccination demonstrations? Totally agree. As a compromise, the unvaccinated can participate but entry tickets for them is 5x higher. Someone has to pay for the medical costs incurred by society if they get sick and spread the virus to others

That’ll work… NOT!! Good! If this is the only way to get the non-vaccine idiots to get a jab and protect themselves and others around them, then it gets my vote! How did the song go…. ‘If you tolerate this, then your children will be next…’ Oh well, I’m still not getting a jab that still allows you to get COVID19. I’ve already had covid once and I’m not dead. I’ll be ok thanks, it’s my choice.

Covid-19: Sadiq Khan urges PM to change isolation rules earlierFully vaccinated people should avoid quarantine now by testing daily, the Mayor of London says. And when things go tits up he’ll blame the government MayorofLondon Get on with your own job - charlatan. Pay no attention to the fool.

Hi Lots of tin foil hat wearers in the comments Complete fuckery. Imagine banning people from an event because they choose not to have a vaccine which is their right… and we are going to allow it… imagine banning people from an event because of a disability or the sexual orientation… would we allow that to?

damn straight. jet your jabs or sit your ass at home 💉💉 Wait until clubs attendances drop, same as nightclubs they'll be crying for the government to change the rules to let everyone in. It's all about the £££££££

Seven fully-vaccinated Stanford students test positive for coronavirusStanford University officials confirmed the breakthrough infections in a letter to students on Thursday and warned that the virus continues to pose a major threat to the California campus. Stanford students always perform well on tough tests Scary shit! Might as well rename your shitty paper anti vax mail with how hard you push the negative vaccine stories

Discontent grows over ‘pingdemic’ amid food warnings and transport disruptionThere were increasing calls for Boris Johnson to bring forward his wider relaxation of quarantine rules for the fully vaccinated. Actions have consequences.. Would this be happening if we had anyone, absolutely anyone else as Prime Minister. !!

COVID-19: Boris Johnson under growing pressure to allow fully vaccinated close contacts to be exempt from isolationBoth the London Mayor Sadiq Khan and senior Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt call for changes to the system as concerns grow over the number of workers being forced to isolate after being alerted by the NHS COVID app. I’m fully unvaccinated n I’ll do as I wish thanks One prick to give the thumbs up to two pricks..

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White House mulls new mask guidance even for vaccinated as Covid cases surgeSpike in coronavirus cases is almost entirely among unvaccinated and is primarily due to the high contagious Delta variant GET THIS: Last night on CBS Overnight, they had a shocking story out of New Orleans . The latest discovery about the DELTA VARIANT is that it carries a VIRAL LOAD that is 1000X that of the previous COVID 19. Cases and hospitalizations are Way up.