Labour conference 2021: Sir Keir Starmer's watered-down rule changes to be put to delegates after bruising party row

Labour conference 2021: Sir Keir Starmer's watered-down rule changes to be put to delegates after bruising party row

9/26/2021 3:16:00 AM

Labour conference 2021: Sir Keir Starmer's watered-down rule changes to be put to delegates after bruising party row

Despite being forced to retreat on some reforms, Sir Keir Starmer has managed to put a revised shake-up of Labour's rules to a vote at the Brighton conference and a vote is expected on Sunday.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, Sir Keir reiterated Labour's pledge - which was also made in the party's 2019 election manifesto - to end the charitable tax status of private schools in England.It is calculated this could raise as much as £1.7bn in extra VAT and business rates revenues, which Labour would intend to use to boost funding for state school pupils.

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"Labour wants every parent to be able to send their child to a great state school," Sir Keir said."But improving them to benefit everyone costs money. That's why we can't justify continued charitable status for private schools."

Image:Sir Keir's deputy, Angela Rayner, has confirmed her willingness to stand in a future leadership electionMeanwhile, Labour's shadow business secretary Ed Miliband will use a conference speech on Sunday to announce that Labour would invest up to £3bn over the coming decade to make the steel industry greener.

Calling on Labour to become the"party of climate and economic justice", Mr Miliband is expected to say:"As we respond to the climate crisis with all the transformation that entails, we have a fateful choice to make: We can try and put a green coat of paint on an unfair, unequal, unjust Britain.

"Or we can make a different choice. For a green Britain where there is an irreversible shift of income, power and wealth to working people." Read more: Sky News »

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Labour isn't likely to beat the Tories while they spend all their time fighting each other. Why is the headline not Labour U Turn? It always is when the tories do it We have got a dreadful collection of MP's in both major parties at present. I don't remember this country ever being so poorly managed. Divided party, unelectable. Unless radical changes made to unite Labour. What chance have they got? Where MPs put their constituents before towing the party line? Its the whole Parliamentary system that needs reform not just individual parties.

Labour’s biggest enemy: Labour… Will he resign if the votes go against him? For the sake of the party and the nation he should gone before now At the end of the day, it is an unelectable party leadership being bombarded by criticism from its even more unelectable backbench student union. Our party can't win being this divided. We need someone new who can unite both sides.

This guy is working class…forgot his roots and values horrible

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Starmer forced into humiliating retreat ahead of Labour Party conferenceThe Labour leader was forced to abandon his plans to put his reforms to a vote on the ruling national executive after opposition from unions. Which u-turn is related to negative impact on our day to day lives right now? Which one is more humiliating? Maybe the one (of many) that relates to the current govt having caused destruction of our country, enabled by their proven lies? 🤣 RIP Labour 🤣 I think we do!

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