Labour anti-Semitism report: Corbyn's suspension exposes old divides

Jeremy Corbyn's suspension in wake of anti-Semitism report exposes old Labour divides

10/29/2020 9:49:00 PM

Jeremy Corbyn's suspension in wake of anti-Semitism report exposes old Labour divides

Sir Keir Starmer's allies insist he was not seeking a showdown with his predecessor over anti-Semitism.

PA MediaDespite a damning report on the handling of anti-Semitism allegations, Jeremy Corbyn's reaction to 130 pages that describe how Labour let Jewish people down was achingly familiar.The former Labour leader stated his own anti-racist campaigning credentials, but then claimed that the prevalence of racism against Jewish people inside the party was overstated by those who wished him political harm.

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That defence was circulating online shortly after 10:30 GMT, not long before his successor Sir Keir Starmer took to his feet, to confront the findings of theEqualities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) reportthat details a shaming episode for the party.

Sir Keir's speech had already been written to include a vow that anyone who claimed the problem was exaggerated would have no place in the Labour Party.The leadership said it had not seen Mr Corbyn's statement in full at this stage.A guide to Labour anti-Semitism claims

It's understood Labour headquarters did then urge the former leader to retract his words, but when that didn't happen, the decision was taken by the party's general secretary, David Evans, that he would have to be suspended and an investigation launched.

media captionJeremy Corbyn: "I'll be appealing to the party, and those that have made this decision, to kindly think again"Sir Keir was, it's understood, part of the discussion but not, his allies maintain, set on ousting Mr Corbyn.This seems not to have been a deliberately designed collision between the current party boss and his predecessor.

But this was an explosive political parting of ways, provoked in part by Mr Corbyn's trademark determination not to bend.This is an attribute admired by many of Mr Corbyn's devotees, a frustration abhorred by his detractors and a sadness to those in Labour who believe it coloured the party's handling of anti-Semitism.

For Sir Keir, today's episode does, perhaps by accident rather than design, prove beyond doubt that his slogan - Labour is under new leadership - to be true.So much so that the former leader is not presently allowed in captionKeir Starmer "disappointed" with Corbyn's response

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But although Jeremy Corbyn's political project ultimately failed, for some on the left he remains a hero, much maligned.Mr Corbyn's forced exit once again exposes the divides in the party that Sir Keir promised to bring together.The scars from Labour's years of infighting are still fresh, and prone to tear.

And the day when the party built on fighting for equal rights was found to have broken the law designed to guard those rights, is no moment of pride.Top StoriesPresident Macron says France will not give up its values after the attack at the Notre-Dame basilica.

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Seemingly the politbureau at the head of the Labour Party are not happy with free speech unless it is in agreement with them. Pretty much like China and Russia then! Be careful what you wish for dear voter. Starmer sat on his hands for 4 years knowing what was going on in Corbyn's cabinet and tried to get him elected as PM. Now wants people to think he is mister nice guy!!. He cannot be trusted he is a snake in the grass. Wouldn't buy second hand motor off him.

BBCPolitics Kier Starmer is saving his skin by playing the tough guy now. He was the part of establishment and kept shut. !! Kier , should also go and title Sir , removed from his name. Hypocrisy at play ! Stop with the hyphen! Stop these nazi dogwhistles! There's basically two parties in one and that can't work. Usually have the decent Labour MPs being smothered by the bad corbyn lot they need to go

Its about time labour sorted out the bad lot and expelled them all and returned to being a decent party What a turnaround for Jezza. In 3 small years he's gone from Glastonbury to Glassed & Buried. Woe, Jeremy Corbyn. Amidst the fury the question still unanswered is how can you legitimately hold Israel & its supporters to account without being branded anti-semitic? Silence, please.

Boring... let’s hope it splits the party apart. delighted Corbyn suspended but is it just me who thinks this is just another plot for labour to look like they are doing something about and anti semitism.or is this kier and Corbyn's next protest , joint collaboration, Corbyn nothing 2 lose as everyone hates him, understandably

Thought nazis were gone BBCPolitics IStandWithJeremyCorbyn Yeah corbyn worked well far right Tory parry with 80 seats. Starmer night of the long knives. He is distancing himself and Labour well and truly from Corbyn's labour and clearing the decks of anyone whose face doesnt fit. Lots of divides at the BBC. The huge majority of their journalists support Antisemitic Corbyn because he is Momentum Left. Lewis Goodall at night is a self confessed Momentum activist. DefundTheBBC

This report comes out. No names. No detailing. Plenty of accusations but no names to punish. Is this yet another smear campaign. My view of this Jews situation is. A lot of shite and too much power and control going to the rich people. The Jewish community. It stinks But Boris saying: Asian women look like bank robbers or letter boxes Africans have watermelon smiles Gay people are tank top bum boys Black people piccaninies Asian women only go to university to find a husband Compared same sex marriage to absolutely fine 🤣

Get rid of Starmer Corbyn has a lot to answer for over his pathetic 'efforts' to tackle anti-semitism, but I can't support this action against him for using a particular word. Starmer complicit! Can anybody tell me how I can criticise Israel and it's people without being labelled antisemitic? Why is criticizing the nuclear & military foreign Jewish Zionist state of Israel isn’t kosher & labeled “ Anti-Semitic” but criticizing Arab states is Halal? FYI- Arabs & Jews are Semites. PalestinianLivesMatter JVP. Palestinians British

And why haven't the tories been investigated for Islamophobia Latest statement from Corbyn: 'I'm not anti-Semitic. Have a look at my CD collection. Sammy Davis Jr., Leonard Cohen, Art Garfunkel. They're all 4 be 2s'. He should rather be expelled from the party; this considering that he not only is totally irrelevant to the new line of the party but is a genuine nuisance to it.

Oh firm management where one person is suspended while an in vestigation is carried out. Guessing if Starmer hadn’t suspended Corbyn you'd be attacking him for inaction! SarahJa28484793 In a time where Boris Johnson is on course to be worse than May, Labour conspire to be even more unelectable. Hilarious.

Jeremy has raised c£400,000 through the go fund me campaign in a matter of hours what the hell is going on in the world? No matter what reports are published the public seem unimpressed and a lot more needs to be done. LabourParty Antisemitism CorbynSuspended Captain hidesight is at it again......genius...

BBCPolitics No.. corbyn never labour Poor old Corbyn ha ha!! Finally caught for being the utter idiot he is! British politics is now like watching Southend Utd v Southend Utd reserves. They should kiss and make up.. What does this article and the Labor Party actually mean by ‘anti-semetism’? They don’t really bother to clarify.

BBCPolitics Between racists and human beings. BBCPolitics Or Keir_Starmer trying to fight of a heavily rumoured leadership challenge - shame in you Keir We have a rubbish government and we are in a crisis and UKLabour think this is a good time for a civil war. What a breath of fresh air Kier Starmer is, to see a leader of a political party from Westminster act decisively. We could do with a PM like that.

Jeremy Corbyn suspended by Labour after shameless response to anti-Semitism reportJEREMY Corbyn has been suspended by Labour after his shameless response to a damning report by equality chiefs which found the party broke the law. This morning under-fire Mr Corbyn refused to apol… Good he has and always will be filth

Labour broke law over anti-Semitism, report findsThe party committed 'unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination'. How many laws have the Conservatives broken? Asking for a mate

Corbyn shamed: Miliband lays into ex-Labour leader 'dreadful, dark, shameful period'FORMER foreign secretary David Miliband has launched a scathing attack on ex-Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's 'appalling' handling of the anti-Semitism controversy, branding it a 'dreadful, dark, shameful period'. 'Cart before the horse'. 'Social Distancing Socialist Miliband'? Coward who done a runner in a hissy fit when his dope of a brother beat him in a leadership contest. How he has got the brass neck to criticise anybody is amazing.

Jeremy Corbyn suspended from Labour PartyThe latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent. wow starmer is a zionist rat . this is the end for the labour party Too late!

Labour suspends Jeremy Corbyn over EHRC report commentsFormer leader suspended for saying antisemitism in party was ‘overstated’ after damning report Absoolute disgrace from Labour! Never. NEVER. Criticize the Chosen People, and Especially ISRAEL Today, I just cancelled my DD to the Labour Party.

Labour antisemitism verdict dismantles 'pro-Corbyn narrative' as Left publicly disgracedLABOUR has been found 'responsible' for mishandling antisemitism in a damning report, as former leader Jeremy Corbyn is suspended and his allies left disgraced, with a political expert telling the former leader's narrative has been completely 'contradicted'. I cannot make comments on an issue I don't know anything about I have only dealth with the worst kind of racist women, six who are white 'referring to race', and another black 'referring to race'. Good