Coronavirus doctor's diary: 'Our hospital could soon be overwhelmed'

Coronavirus doctor's diary: 'Our hospital could be overwhelmed'

10/29/2020 9:49:00 PM

Coronavirus doctor's diary: 'Our hospital could be overwhelmed'

Dr John Wright and two consultants describe the immense pressure Bradford Royal Infirmary is coming under.

Getty ImagesA rapid rise in patients acutely ill with Covid-19 is threatening to overwhelm Bradford Royal Infirmary, and other Yorkshire hospitals. Regular diary writer, Dr John Wright, and two consultants from the infirmary describe the pressure on beds and staff.

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Bonfire night and Halloween have come early in Bradford. The hospital is on fire and things are getting scary as more and more wards are engulfed. As with the first wave in March, the surge in cases came gradually and then suddenly. We have 130 in-patients acutely ill with Covid-19, overtaking our peak at Easter. Fifty patients were admitted in the space of 48 hours. The pressures of finding beds and staff are huge. Over 200 staff are off sick and the school half term has compounded the situation as our clinicians take much-needed breaks or just child-mind at home.

It is all so familiar, and yet at the same time all so different. In March we had emptied out the wards to become a dedicated Covid-19 isolation hospital. This time we have our normal flow of patients admitted with seasonal infections and acute exacerbations of chronic diseases, while also trying to maintain some of our urgent elective surgery.

Covid-19 admissions and deaths at Bradford Royal Infirmaryimage captionThe red line shows admissions dropping over the summer and rising sharply in October, the green line shows deaths peaking in AprilIn March there was a call to arms and all staff rallied around the flag. This time there is a weariness and fatigue. "Groundhog day without the adrenaline," as one of my colleagues described it.

I sympathise with the anti-lockdown advocates. The economic and social damage from the pandemic is going to be catastrophic, and probably outweigh the clinical impact of the virus. However, when you see patients fighting for their lives, drowning in air, it reinforces the primacy of our humanity and compassion. Above all we must care for our patients, protect the NHS from being overwhelmed and speak up to prevent transmission.

Dr Alex Brown, consultant geriatricianIt's getting increasingly busy. We have big problems trying to open wards, especially around staffing them, and staff are tired and fed up with it - people can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.The other difference this time is that the hospital is busy with other work.

The number of wards we have to go to on our rounds make it feel like a safari ward round - I think I went to about four wards yesterday and it's the same for other colleagues. Some of us are concentrating more on "Red" Covid wards (for infectious patients) and some on the Green (for patients without Covid).

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We're struggling to find wards to convert to red and when you come in in the morning it's the first thing you think: has a new ward been converted to be a red ward and how is that being staffed?Every patient coming in now is being swabbed and we are much better at assessing who has it, but occasionally some people you think don't have it turn up positive and they're sat in your Green bay. So then you have problems assessing whether to isolate other patients round them, isolate those contacts around them. Do we then stop admitting to that area, do we have to have that area deep cleaned, which takes some of your resource out for a while? It's a major problem.

In my ward at the moment, which is meant to be green, we are getting one or two people every week who have no symptoms and turn up positive.Front-line diaryimage copyrightTom LawtonProf John Wright, a doctor and epidemiologist, is head of the Bradford Institute for Health Research, and a veteran of cholera, HIV and Ebola epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa. He is writing this diary for BBC News and recording from the hospital wards for BBC Radio.

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Bullshit........ I could win the Lottery, but i won't...... some people are paid, others GIVE THE FACTS FOR FREE What are these patients actually in for, because it's obviously not Covid if they're having to test them to find out if they're positive. (And don't forget the false positives.) And if they have no symptoms, what happened to stay home and isolate?

'Every patient coming in now is being swabbed...In my ward at the moment, which is meant to be green, we are getting one or two people every week who have no symptoms and turn up positive.' So is Covid actually a problem if people are having to be swabbed? Anyone remember Italy at the beginning? Well its here now thanks to the non believers and weak government 👋🤡🤡

I'd hazard a guess that they are actually like this every year. Could being the word... could! If only there were some big purpose built hospitals for covid 🧐 Well they could always use all the empty wards you see so much of on tictok, or alternately the nightingale hospitals, THATS WHAT THEY ARE FOR Only because it’s been underfunded for year and sold off for private property.

How is this,why are the nightingale hospitals here if not to stop the regular nhs hospitals getting overwhelmed? Why are people with Covid 19 not going to the nightingale hospitals? Could might maybe they won't be LauraTrantTV Lets hope the government come up with a coherent strategy instead of this almost ad hoc approach to trying to stem the increase

This is a story from this time in 2014. Portsmouth hospitals on black alert due to lack of beds. It happens every year at this time, the NHS gets overwhelmed, ambulances back up and people are on trolleys for over a day. Hospitals are overwhelmed in the winter anyway, this year won’t be any different to any other. Never enough beds in the winter month’s

Same thing was said in March, never happened. People have got short memories, 2018 just 2 years ago Here's an idea. On each Thursday evening, we all stand outside our doors and slow handclap all those whose selfish and stupid behaviours have brought us to this. Arent they overwhelmed anyway? Even without Covid

Our hospitals will be over whelmed. The restrictions are not working. The government should not have furloughed people at a time they were least likely to catch Covid. Hand disinfection is the key to health, because most often bacteria enter our body from our hands! Therefore, with our disinfectant bracelets, you and your family will always be safe! Choose 3 pay only for 2!!! FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

Propaganda... Could.....yeah. Certainly not overwhelmed with cancer, heart and diabetes patients. 'could'...... More scaremongering SO WHERE ARE ALL THESE TENS OF THOUSANDS OF SICK PEOPLE THEN? OR IS THIS AN UNFAIR QUESTION Ha, empty hospitals the first time,will be empty a second time to the jig is up, worse than a Eastenders script.

ya just like last time...probably an actor EmptyHospitals What’s the point of the Nightingale hospitals if not to be used to ease the pressure on hospitals? Cut the fake news please , you are fueling the issue Bullshit and Bollocks Corporation 👇 If could maybe perhaps...How about did has will ...We have several purpose built empty nightingale hospitals to stop this happening. Use them!

Could .... it’s respiratory virus season and if they all knew it was coming why haven’t they spent the summer months preparing for it. Stop spreading shite we are wise to this scam now It could be. But it isn't. Hospitals are designed to be at or near capacity in ordinary conditions. 'Could' Aliens 'could' land on earth tomorrow

I could win the lottery but probably won’t Meanwhile.... Flu has been eradicated though, you should have plenty of room. Could ok Yes overwhelmed with clown staff. This is what happens when you have 900 beds for a population of 500k+ And they'll need a lot of stamina as this virus will p*** off for yet a very long time. Vaccine or not vaccine.

Death statistics are normal for this time of year. sounds like more bollocks to me “Could” again 🙄 Hospitals are always busy, plus we're going into hip season, respiratory problems and influenzas. The same every year. There goes that word again,'Could' Utter nonsense. Why are the hospitals overwhelmed... did we not set up the nightingale hospital to prevent this

KateCushing2 The virus is not the problem. The problem is the people who pass it on. Discuss. Because the Govt, media and people are not working hard enough on communications and solutions Could be? Don't worry. It will be. So much for the protectthenhs attitude of the spring, now our hospitals are overwhelmed and NHS staff are at breaking point. HandsFaceSpace

Coronavirus: 'We're facing a war' - Italy's frontline doctors fear losing control as hospital cases increaseA few days ago, ambulances waited nine hours to admit patients and medics fear they could soon be overwhelmed. The 'doctor' is so busy that she had time to stop for an interview.... honestly, you all are pathetic. Resist UNAgenda21 FREEDOM Italy is a propaganda arm of C C P. It’s the only Euro country to join China’s B e l t & R o a d initiative. It’s not a coincidence that the first outbreak came out of northern Italy where China owns all of the textile factories. realDonaldTrump VP BretBaier BillHemmer DonaldJTrumpJr JHoganGidley brithume pdoocy seanhannity TuckerCarlson benshapiro michaeljknowles marthamaccallum TeamCavuto kilmeade foxnewsalert charliekirk11 newtgingrich RealDeanCain davidspunt

Victoria building own QR code check-in system for venues to help with Covid contact tracingThe universal system to be launched ‘soon’ will plug into the state’s coronavirus contact tracing system Try me, I follow back immediately. Unfollow if I don't 🎈🎈 We should have it ready, we have been locked up, what was the Vic Government doing during lockdown, the IT experts should have developed an app. Welcome to 1984. Next up abolition of cash. Then policing private conversations in homes & works of art like being pushed in Scotland rn.

Hospital coronavirus hotspots in England mapped out in new reportAn investigation by the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch found the central nurses' stations and areas where computers were shared were among the hotspots in hospitals

Germany braces for 'lockdown light' amid surge in infectionsMerkel is due to hold talks with regional leaders on Wednesday amid rapidly rising coronavirus infections in Germany, with her economy minister warning that daily cases could soon reach 20,000. Can you have a picture of her without a mask on please, so people can see what she looks like!

Germany braces for 'lockdown light' amid surge in infectionsMerkel is due to hold talks with regional leaders on Wednesday amid rapidly rising coronavirus infections in Germany, with her economy minister warning that daily cases could soon reach 20,000. Well if Germany are screwed we all know we are now then 🙈 Lockdown is lockdown putting people out of work is the same in lockdown”light” Ra ☀️🔺👁️👌 😂Gökhan baba sker mi seni sonra K Emine:😂 Elif:😂 Fatoş:😂 Merve:😂Baba m mantıklı hakcı GD God:Gökhan için Hayri abiye kötü davranamassın millet bilsin tamam da Hayri abimin hakkı ödenmez hep adım a çalışır ben de evliydim napalım umarım azıma sçmaz😒 K:Gökhan Sus

All of England 'must be under Tier 3 lockdown' by Christmas, scientists warnThe latest modelling by the Government's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies shows 25,000 people will be in hospital with coronavirus by the end of November there is going to be tiers this Christmas Expect mass suicide Nice one, Boris.