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Kim Jong Un appears in public for first time in more than three weeks

#BREAKING Kim Jong Un appears in public for the first time in more than three weeks to host a military meeting

5/24/2020 3:27:00 AM

BREAKING Kim Jong Un appears in public for the first time in more than three weeks to host a military meeting

Kim Jong-Un made his first public appearances in three weeks by holding a meeting to discuss how North Korea can improve its nuclear capabilities.

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I'm sure this is incorrect. He's been seen in public loads of time over the past weeks. I'm sure this is incorrect. He's been seen in public loads of time over the past weeks He was dead a few weeks ago, just shows how the media jump on any story regardless of any truth! DailyMail A bit like boris Supreme Leader would have eaten Cummings balls by now.

Fatvlittle tud. Our own PM is seen less often. DailyMailUK We’ve all missed him enormously ! 🤢 DailyMail Shit he is alive DailyMailUK Miss that fella. Makes much more sense to me as a human than Piers Morgan Doesn’t look like him. So many fake news!! It was “breaking news” not long ago saying he is dead or in critical condition, now “breaking news” he is having a meeting?!?!🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ this world is full of fake news!!!

DailyMailUK I'm gonna slap my cock on his forehead Hiding from covid19? Thought he was immortal or was that a lie? Are you absolutely sure it’s him? He seems to be wearing one of Dennis Rodman's basketballs on his shoulders ! 🏀 DailyMailUK Has he had a new hair cut?......only joking. DailyMailUK Is this him or one of his six doubles? Is he even still alive?

Did he murdered the corona virus? ....Aaaand he's still fat as fuck! Would've thought he'd use the time out of the spotlights to workout! 🤔😁 DailyMailUK Is he up for a movie. Wait you said he was at the opening of a factory a week and a half ago. He’s dead guys. Stop making shit up. Do some investigating

Kim Jong-Um and Dominic Cummings reportedly living together and wanting to marry soon 💍 Who cares? May I have your attention please? Will the real Kim Jong stand up, please! But hey.....Daily Mail Just keep deleting this story why don’t cha..... Doesn’t mean that if you do, it makes it go away..... 🍻 Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un would have sacked Dominic Cummings regardless of what Laura Kuenssberg says 😷

Powerful Traditional Healer 0659724817 - Fix Broken Relationship Fix Broken Relationship. Re-unite Ex Lovers. Boost Business. Financial Problems. Herbalist. Physic. Palm reading. Unfinished Business. Court Cases. Fix Divorce & Marriage. Renowned Spell Caster. Return Lost Love DailyMailUK I actually kind of don’t hate the guy.

He's gained quite a few more pounds. DailyMailUK Very interesting DailyMailUK Has he been in hiding on a farm in Durham? HypocriteCummings NoIntegrity sackcummings Indian media was missing him and had declared him dead already. 'Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated... Just like my rockets were!'

ok? : ( Finally our Glorious Dear Leader has returned!

Kim Jong-un: Why North Korea's bizarre 'time travel' claim may prove change is comingKIM JONG-UN appears to be proving himself as the most radically different leader of North Korea for several generations - and the hermit state's claims that the dictator can't ‘time travel' may just be the beginning of this shift in public perception.

North Korean regime finally admits Kim Jong-un cannot magically bend time and spaceIdolising mystical powers is unrealistic, regime newspaper says, in sign that Pyongyang is turning away from myth-making about its leaders 😁 Feeling just a little bit sadder after reading this....😕 😂😂😂hopefully the gov will admit the false fantasy about it's protective shield/ring around the elderly in care homes...

North Korea admits that Kim Jong Un can't bend space and timeThe Rodong Sinmun newspaper said that Kim Jong Un (pictured), North Korea 's dictator, was not capable of ''chukjibeop' - a hypothetical method of folding space and quickly travelling great distances. LOL!!! He can bend the truth though. Ennh...very few can...

North Korea's Kim Jong-un holds talks on increasing 'nuclear war deterrence'Leader makes first appearance in several weeks to talk about ‘considerably increasing the firepower’ of the military, state media reports I thought he died. Democrats want COUNTRY OVER PARTY! We are in a PANDEMIC here PEOPLE

North Korean TV erases Kim Jong Un's emblem from various programmes North Korea n TV removed the emblem from several features about Kim and a daily propaganda video after his title change from Supreme Commander to head of state and Commander-in-Chief. 🤮 Wasn’t he spotted in County Durham ?

Dennis Rodman says something is wrong if Kim Jong-un's sister appears on TVThe NBA star and former Celebrity Big Brother UK contestant Dennis Rodman became unlikely friends with North Korea n dictator Kim Jong-un over their shared love of basketball. Dennis visited North Korea in 2013.