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North Korea, Kim Jong-Un

North Korea's Kim Jong-un holds talks on increasing 'nuclear war deterrence'

North Korea's Kim Jong-un holds talks on increasing 'nuclear war deterrence'

5/24/2020 4:03:00 AM

North Korea 's Kim Jong-un holds talks on increasing 'nuclear war deterrence'

Leader makes first appearance in several weeks to talk about ‘considerably increasing the firepower’ of the military, state media reports

KCNA did not specify what the nuclear deterrence entailed, but said that “crucial measures” were taken at the meeting “for considerably increasing the firepower strike ability of the artillery pieces of the Korean People’s Army”.“Set forth at the meeting were new policies for further increasing the nuclear war deterrence of the country,” the agency reported.

Why are some US police forces equipped like military units? 166 MPs from all parties call for UK to stop tear gas and rubber bullet exports to US Boris Johnson has U-turned on letting chlorinated chicken into the UK and people are absolutely livid

Its said discussions at the Central Military Commission meeting centred on “putting the strategic armed forces on a high alert operation” in line with the “building and development of the armed forces of the country”.If the meeting, the date of which was not given, occurred in the past few days, it marks Kim’s first public appearance in almost three weeks, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap.

In April, rumours swirled about Kim’s health after he was conspicuously absent from a mid-month celebration for the birthday of his grandfather, only to turn up weeks later at the opening of a fertiliser factory.News of North Korea’s nuclear discussions came after it emerged that security officials in US president Donald Trump’s administration had discussed holding the first US nuclear test since 1992 as a potential warning to Russia and China.

Daryl Kimball, executive director of the US-based Arms Control Association, told the Washington Post that such a decision would likely disrupt negotiations with Kim, “who may no longer feel compelled to honour his moratorium on nuclear testing”. Read more: The Guardian »

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Remember when a few small publications reported that Kim was dead? It wasn’t reported by NPR, NBC or CNN because it wasn’t a solid enough story. Because it wasn’t true. They only report real news. Trumps old pal. Nuke brothers. I’m fat, been poorly, need to bolster my confidence. Oh I know I’ll develop more weapons. No need to worry, my friend Donald says it’s ok.

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I can’t stop staring at his hand. Where’s the rest of his finger? Remember kimjungundead ? 😂 Is nuclear war coming? Rocket boy is back!🚀 Did you know North Korea does not recognise Israel, denouncing it as an 'imperialist satellite'. Since 1988 it recognises the sovereignty of the State of Palestine over all of Israel, except for the disputed region of the Golan Heights, which it recognises as part of Syria.

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This is well timed. Well done Donny. Kim/China will now negotiate what ever they want with an America weakened and a moronic president facing elections. I see a landslide victory for the Democrats in November. There’s nothing Trump can do but lose but not before starting a war. world_news_eng Rozumiem. Dík za pripomenutie ! Nezabudol som na to moj priatel ! Nevadí ak by bol druhý pokus úspěšný prides mi na pohreb ! Som rad ze máš o mna starost Kim ! Dobru noc. Lubos ps aspoň niekdo sa o mna obava je to dobré vediet ! Najstarsi sposob eliminacie otrava. To je riziko !

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North Korea admits that Kim Jong Un can't bend space and timeThe Rodong Sinmun newspaper said that Kim Jong Un (pictured), North Korea 's dictator, was not capable of ''chukjibeop' - a hypothetical method of folding space and quickly travelling great distances. LOL!!! He can bend the truth though. Ennh...very few can...

North Korean regime finally admits Kim Jong-un cannot magically bend time and spaceIdolising mystical powers is unrealistic, regime newspaper says, in sign that Pyongyang is turning away from myth-making about its leaders 😁 Feeling just a little bit sadder after reading this....😕 😂😂😂hopefully the gov will admit the false fantasy about it's protective shield/ring around the elderly in care homes...

Kim Jong-un: Why North Korea's bizarre 'time travel' claim may prove change is comingKIM JONG-UN appears to be proving himself as the most radically different leader of North Korea for several generations - and the hermit state's claims that the dictator can't ‘time travel' may just be the beginning of this shift in public perception.

North Korean TV erases Kim Jong Un's emblem from various programmes North Korea n TV removed the emblem from several features about Kim and a daily propaganda video after his title change from Supreme Commander to head of state and Commander-in-Chief. 🤮 Wasn’t he spotted in County Durham ?

Could a green new deal turn South Korea from climate villain to model?Country’s youngest MP is on a mission, inspired by Greta Thunberg, as climate moves up political agenda They did alright with COVID. Certainly better than us It will turn South Korea into an even easier target for Kim Jun Un The Guardian : Climate is a bit of a joke at this time when many Governments are struggling to survive' this virus. Also, many people are sick, and dying all over the World ?

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