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'It is possible to love Prince Harry' GMB’s Alex Beresford defends royal over new podcast

ALEX BERESFORD has defended Prince Harry over his new podcast appearance.

5/14/2021 8:18:00 AM

'It is possible to love Prince Harry ' GMB’s Alex Beresford defends royal over new podcast

ALEX BERESFORD has defended Prince Harry over his new podcast appearance.

Many of his followers responded to him, agreeing with his point of view.One wrote: “It’s possible to love him even more for choosing his wife’s mental health over a title.”Another then added: “I listened and he said what he said.Alex Beresford said it was possible to"love Prince Harry"

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(Image: TWITTER/ALEXBERESFORD)Alex Beresford is known for presenting on Good Morning Britain(Image: GETTY)“I suspect the naysayers didn't listen nor read the summaries, otherwise, their comments would be much different.“But maybe not: they're so hung up on hating him & his wife.”

As well as this, a third fan commented: “I love Harry. He did what was right for his family and he took a stand.“He’s living his life the way he wants too. Why should he be hated for that!” (sic) Read more: Daily Express »

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Most of us would just ‘love’ to just see Harry and his wife stop attention-seeking. Not this woke twat again!! alexberesfordTV 6 was loved but not anymore!! This spoilt, privileged brat deserves nothing Anyone listening to Harry is short a few brain cells themselves.

Prince Harry and Prince William 'not talking at the moment', royal expert claimsPRINCES Harry and William aren’t talking despite reconnecting at Prince Philip’s funeral, a royal expert claims. The brothers were seen exchanging words alongside Kate Middleton as they… You don’t need a “royal expert” to tell us that. Both need to put on their big boy pants the posh gallaghers

Prince Harry likens life in royal family to ‘being in The Truman Show’Duke of Sussex also appears to criticise the way he was raised in interview promoting new series Oprah Why is the media repeating this nonsense ? It might be a slow news day. How unhappy does he look here? He is not at all unhappy! Having fun, special friendships and many trips to South Africa. thelook

Prince Harry thought about quitting royal life in his 20s Prince Harry compares his royal experience to being on “The Truman Show” and “living in a zoo.” I don't blame him. He made the right decision though. imamazed how wellcared and wellfed he seemed comapred to william inthe recent joint appearance william waslike a rattled coughing brit and harry like a wellfed bappy wellcaredfor guy meghan isgoodforhim itseem wow Prince who...? 🤔

Prince Harry says his life is 'like Truman Show' in podcast interviewThe Duke of Sussex told Dax Shepard's 'Armchair Expert' show that they tried to stay 'incognito' during his wife's first trip to stay with him in London in 2016, where he lived at Kensington Palace. So he has a toxic dad like almost everyone does. Maybe we should all cancel our dads in public for being products of their own environment as well. Charles might’ve been a cold fuck to have as a dad but was he abusive? Does Harry not remember that he grew up in front of us all? Under MM spell. M.O. obvious. Go already!

Prince Harry Recalls The Time He And Meghan Markle Met 'Incognito' In A Supermarket In LondonThe Duke of Sussex joined Dax Shepherd on Armchair Expert to discuss his family, mental health and home life

Today show host Karl Stefanovic destroys 'whining' Prince HarryStraight-talking Today host Karl Stefanovic has unleashed on Prince Harry after the royal complained about his privileged life in another self-serving interview. About time he starts getting called out for his constant bleating. So, he didn't listen to the podcast then. Logic and Wokeness are antonyms. Case in point, a cluless henpeck like Prince Harry.