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Today show host Karl Stefanovic destroys 'whining' Prince Harry

'You grew up in a palace... give it a rest, bro': Australian TV host BLASTS Prince Harry after he complained about his privileged life

5/14/2021 8:04:00 AM

'You grew up in a palace... give it a rest, bro': Australian TV host BLASTS Prince Harry after he complained about his privileged life

Straight-talking Today host Karl Stefanovic has unleashed on Prince Harry after the royal complained about his privileged life in another self-serving interview.

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Prince Harry actually sounds compassionate toward those who raised him. He basically says they gave the love they received. And while he gets that it’s what they knew/learned, it was painful for him & so he wants to change that for his kids. What’s controversial about that? An open prison, is still a prison. Unless you, yourself have experienced such a controlling environment, how can you comment on another person's distress? Sounds like you envy his position in life!

Fed up with the pair of them. Newspapers, TV etc should stop giving them airtime. Perhaps then they will shut up and stop being so pathetic! Long may they stay in America! How much more of this are the royals going to take They need to make a clear, stern statement telling him to move on with his life.

People who are blinded by money status and a class system will never be anything but angry that Harry walked away from it for his own soul they just don’t get it or care Karl has clearly NOT bothered to read the source document. Harry gave a calm, considered opinion on how the last 2 generations had parented, & his quite reasonable decision to parent his kids differently; much like many of us. The media’s unhinged lies are weird & vile.

I really like Autralian tv hosts, they don't hold anything back Robin Williams, that is all This guy left his wife and children for another woman, of course he ridicules Harry, he’s toxic Oh my god !!! They blame everyone in the family !!! karlstefanovic obviously is unaware that not everyone who grows up in a palace or in a privileged life wants to remain, for example, take King Edward VIII, Sheikha Shamsa and Sheikha Latifa.

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THANK YOU Daily fvcking mail! On behalf of the rest of the World outside of cesspool island. We LOVE HARRY & MEGHAN🧡 We knew you were going to lose your 💩😂😂😂😂😂 He’s complaining he has the worst life, look around you Harry, have some drop, you’re old to have no common sense at all! 🤔👇 Good on you.

Well said!! Leave Prince Harry alone. He tries to break the chain. You do not quell flames by pouring petrol on them. Rather a self centred, selfish, outburst from someone proven to be neither an Officer or a Gentleman. Lost my patience with the pair now Is he for real? Even ppl that haven’t grown up in palace’s have problems, some even worse than others! Put a sock in it Harry!

Harry has turned against his family,a royal family, should he stand trial for treason ? So, you didn't find anyone in the UK! You had to go to the pets of Rupert Murdoch. Without royal family he’s nothing!Black sister would never look at him!So many people dont have a place to sleep, so many people dont have enough food! He complained his luxury life?!Ithink he choose the wrong wife changes his brain!He never satisfied! No people is easy for life!

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Harry did not choose a privileged life. He was in a Petri dish under a microscope. He watched his mother be tortured, then die via paparazzi. Fergie said they were watched inside the castle. He deserves a normal life, not an indentured servant to the crown & lab rat to the media. Being rich or privileged like said below doesn't guarantee happiness. Also royalty comes with more restrictions than normal life

And how many *happy* people are/were there in the Palaces? Charles, Diana, Camilla, Anne, Andy, Eddy, Margaret, Will, Kate.... His father got engaged to his teenaged mother & didn’t give 2 💩’s about her while he whored around with a married woman. The media killed his mother. He’s a veteran...bro He could be you but could you be him?

whoever this host is, has no concept of mental and emotional upbringing or that it doesn't matter what kind of house you grow up in, he is a buffoon and needs to, if he can, read up on things before he 'reports' on them! Honestly, Harry just like a totally spoiled kid. Normally no good woman will like him unless he can be used for something! Black sister does!also Harry just totally like his mother, easy be used for make money, less education no brain! She’s not a good sample!

THE QUEEN LOST HER DAD WHEN SHE WAS YOUNG+HAD TO TAKE THE THRONE FOR THE SAKE OF THE NATION!Prince Charles was born right AFTER WWII when the Queen was focused on helping guide the U.K. AFTER BEING BOMBED INTO THE TWILIGHT ZONE...so sorry little Harry-YOU DIDNT GET BAKED COOKIES I am from World. I am Human. So I am voice of all children on the world. Now children is dying in Gaza. Please be their voice. They are our Future. GazaUnderAttack GenocideinGaza PalestinianLivesMatter

He wasn’t asked to be brought up in the palace either, listen to him stop trying to badger him! People like you are the problem! Rich people have problems too! Seriously, cycle of pain? Stop your self-centered whining, renounce your wealth, get a job in a factory for minimum wage and then maybe your words will resonate with some semblance of truth.

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Some of you people are so hideous and ugly. My god, the man wants a happier life for his children. Leave him alone. He has stated several times in his life (before Meghan) he hated the royal life and hated the UK. He likes being a regular person. He said he had the most fun when he served. You guys care about is titles and wealth. Harry cares about his happiness. That’s why he’s with us.

💯 correct. If you were so pissed off, Harry, Why not just jump into a private jet and go visit another country under royal privilege? Meghan has him by his balls If anybody is entitled to discuss privilege it's Karl ( Come down , come down from your ivory tower ) Stefanovic . things_royal Well said, Sir!

Harry is unraveling fast and for the media to cover his public self humiliation is going to cost them big. The public turned on UK press after Diana died, remember that? The mail, a comment, that’s all. Stop trying to imply they hate him, their poles suggest that after the queen, the majority want out. The rest of the world won’t fall for your spin stories, like the media hate Zombies in the UK. Spin your hate somewhere else. The world love them

Harry doesnt want the same life for his kids as he sits holding one of them on tv, welcome to the limelight son you've got it made, mummy can play the violin so well, and po me I am stuck with this title that opens any door and earns millions for us, mummys a good puppeteer too. karlstefanovic is nothing but a nasty adulterer. Shut your big, fat, stupid mouth up.

Prince Harry likens life in royal family to ‘being in The Truman Show’Duke of Sussex also appears to criticise the way he was raised in interview promoting new series Oprah Why is the media repeating this nonsense ? It might be a slow news day. How unhappy does he look here? He is not at all unhappy! Having fun, special friendships and many trips to South Africa. thelook

Harry needs someone to give him a serious “Klap”! He has never looked more unhappy since Meghan Markle has come into his life. Just look at his face next to his wife. 🆘🆘🆘🆘 Hear hear. Harry needs a new momager. Nutmeg is using him to express her own dislike of 'elders' from thomas to katherine..william and now Charles..

Growing up in a Palace with shit rags like you writing whatever the hell you want about him AFTER you helped kill his mother. The press in this country are the real enemy, not Harry. But isn't Karl whining too alan_lingwood Who gives a toss Nie prawnie zresztą. He destroyed nothing. Just showed his ignorance. Harry etc brought up by nannies. 'men in black' influence who cant change into the 20/21st century. I remember Princess Diana returning to ship arms out hugging kids. Charles stood like a stuffed shirt. Harry is no stuffed shirt!

Australia is about the only place in world with sane people Yeah Harry stop judging people first look at yourself

Prince Harry thought about quitting royal life in his 20s Prince Harry compares his royal experience to being on “The Truman Show” and “living in a zoo.” I don't blame him. He made the right decision though. imamazed how wellcared and wellfed he seemed comapred to william inthe recent joint appearance william waslike a rattled coughing brit and harry like a wellfed bappy wellcaredfor guy meghan isgoodforhim itseem wow Prince who...? 🤔

Logic and Wokeness are antonyms. Case in point, a cluless henpeck like Prince Harry. So, he didn't listen to the podcast then. About time he starts getting called out for his constant bleating.

Prince Harry recounts feeling 'helpless' in three crucial occasions during his lifePRINCE HARRY has recounted three major events in his life which left him feeling 'helpless'. Grow up Harry!! Everybody feels helpless during their life. Try living in Africa, rampant corruption by governments, house break-ins, violent crimes that people endure due to incompetent govt policing. So you were chased by paparazzi boohoo. RF protected & loved you, ungrateful!