Here Are 25 Photos Of Celebrities Hugging To Herald In The Return Of Hugging In The UK

Grab your nearest and dearest (responsibly)

5/11/2021 7:49:00 PM

25 Celebrity Hugs To Herald In The Return Of Hugging

Grab your nearest and dearest (responsibly)

From next week people can hug at their own discretion, the UK government has confirmed.Can you believe you just read that sentence? No, we can't believe we wrote it either, but such is 2020 and 20201.After more than a year ofsocial distancing restrictions

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to combat the devastating Coronavirus pandemic, people have been urged to keep social contact at a minimum, or avoid it completely depending on the national guidance at certain times during the health crisis when the virus rates have been particularly threatening.

On Monday (May 11), Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed the relaxing of social distancing regulations which will come into effect from next week on Monday, May 17. This includes eating in pubs, the reopening of cinemas and - to quote - 'cautious' hugging with friends and families when the one-metre rule on social contact eventually peters out too. Johnson confirmed that the government would no longer provide guidance on distancing and leave it up to the public to decide, reminding people to consider common sense and the vulnerability of family and friends, vaccination records and more when returning to social norms.

In celebration of another step towards some kind of normality, here's a roundup of celebrity hugs from throughout the years, from known friends likeand Courteney Cox, to more surprising pairings like Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lawrence, which all warm our hearts in equal measures.

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The positive impact hugging can have on your health and wellbeingAs the prime minister looks set to permit loved ones to hug each other from next week, Prudence Wade explores the psychological and physiological benefits of hugging Gooood morning you guys !!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Hugs & kisses allowed from next week as UK 'on track' for return to normalityFRIENDS and family will finally be able to hug and kiss from next week — with Boris Johnson revealing today Britain is “on track” for a return to normality. Loved ones will be able to hold each oth… Great job BORIS !!!! Awesome

Coronavirus updates: PM sets out latest lockdown easing for England - BBC NewsPM Boris Johnson confirms further lockdown easing in England from 17 May, including: - 'Rule of Six' to apply indoors - Up to 30 can meet outdoors - Pubs and restaurants can open indoors - Cinemas, theatres, concert halls & sports stadiums can open Fantastic 😂 I have always said Mr. Johnson will save his citizens!! Kudos UK and well fought to defeat this ferocious enemy🙏 Well more confusion, lets relax all these rules, but be careful because we know the Indian variant is spreading like wildfire, but it'll be fine because we have shifted the blame now to the public, its your fault if you dont behavior responsibly

End of England’s hug ‘ban’ highlights confusion over law and guidanceAnalysis: people have had right to hug whoever they want throughout pandemic - they were simply advised not to

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Government to advise caution when hugging allowed in EnglandNadine Dorries calls on people to remain vigilant amid concerns over possible increase in Covid variants ‘State hugs now permitted’ am I allowed to drink beer inside yet lol The Government can just go and EFF right off.