Coronavirus updates: PM sets out latest lockdown easing for England - BBC News

Hugging will be allowed but people should consider the vulnerabilities of their loved ones, he says.

5/10/2021 7:17:00 PM

PM Boris Johnson confirms further lockdown easing in England from 17 May, including: - 'Rule of Six' to apply indoors - Up to 30 can meet outdoors - Pubs and restaurants can open indoors - Cinemas, theatres, concert halls & sports stadiums can open

Hugging will be allowed but people should consider the vulnerabilities of their loved ones, he says.

The journey along the government’s road toward normality is going right according to plan.Overall prevalence of the virus has continued to fall because people have followed government restrictions – and because of the effectiveness of the vaccines and the speed of their roll out. As well as reducing infection and serious illness, the jabs have cut transmission.

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The latest easing of measure, however, is the riskiest to date because it allows people to mix indoors – where transmission is more likely.But provided people continue to behave sensibly, the expectation among scientists is that infection levels will remain low – allowing the government to progress to the final of its road map and lift all restrictions on social contact on 17 June.

That won’t however mark a return to complete normality.The virus will still be circulating and capable of harming the unvaccinated and those whose immune systems don’t respond effectively to the jabs.So testing and self-isolation is likely to continue to be part of the new normal.

A big unknown is emergence of new variants of the virus that might be more contagious and more resistant to vaccines.The government’s experts do believe that cases may rise again which may in turn lead to a new wave of infections in the autumn. But they believe that we are now past the worst of the pandemic in the UK.

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Well more confusion, lets relax all these rules, but be careful because we know the Indian variant is spreading like wildfire, but it'll be fine because we have shifted the blame now to the public, its your fault if you dont behavior responsibly I have always said Mr. Johnson will save his citizens!! Kudos UK and well fought to defeat this ferocious enemy🙏

Fantastic 😂