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Global stock markets tumble as fears of China's economic slowdown grow - follow live updates

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Global stock markets tumble as fears of China's economic slowdown grow - follow live updates

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"Although growth will be sluggish, our base case is still that the US economy avoids recession," says Mark Haefele, chief investment officer, UBS Global Wealth Management.

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Except Trump. The Dow has never been better .

Phillip Limis One of the 500 People Shaping the Global Fashion Industry in 2018The Chinese-American designer hits a market sweet spot by offering beautifully made, well-designed clothing at a contemporary price point.

Old instincts of World Rugby are preventing a true global unionRugby union’s authorities – who always were slow to change – are making sure the game is in no fit shape to expand

Trump's trade fight with China was inevitable - but total warfare is notEven if some kind of unstable deal on trade is reached, the underlying conflict will inevitably breakout anew at some stage, writes Jeremy Warner No need to be so pessimistic about the future. When we reach tht point more negotiations will be required. Get bit of Trump optimism. It comes by a positive vision & faith in things unseen!

How Fenty Beauty Is Selling Cruelty-Free Products to ChinaRihanna’s Fenty Beauty, Drunk Elephant, Charlotte Tilbury and others are using a variety of tactics to bypass a Chinese law that mandates animal testing for foreign brands. fentybeauty mydrunkelephant JenLuvsReviews wish i could read this and get your thoughts on it but cant get past the paywall! Oh well..

App attempts a rare trick in China: online privacyLeakZero, helps people surf maintain anonymity online in China. The creator and users of his service are fighting uphill battle for privacy where the government is deeply involved in Big Data 👍 And now when you visit parts of China there trying to put there very own governmental app but I'm sure if you visit China leakzero they'd not be able to see... there allready giving smart watches to kids to track them lol Wow wonder if we can get that app here in the UK so we can finally get some privacy from our government

Tiger escapes from its cage during a circus show in ChinaFootage shows the beast leaping onto the top of the enclosure, which was uncovered, before jumping to freedom in China. The young tiger died after being hit by cars while running away, said reports. I love Tigers but the one word I don't want to hear after the word Tiger is 'escapes'. joewoods7 save yourself Obviously the tiger fancied a Chinese?

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