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Brexit, Prorogation

British voters think Boris Johnson's parliament shutdown 'unacceptable', poll shows

Parliamentary sittings to be suspended for five weeks as Brexit crisis heightens


British voters think Boris Johnson's parliament shutdown is 'unacceptable', poll shows

Parliamentary sittings to be suspended for five weeks as Brexit crisis heightens

Liaison Committee member Hilary Benn said it was “extraordinary” that the PM was shutting down parliament “at the very moment when we need our elected MPs to be in the House of Commons holding the government to account” and said he had clearly not been “relishing the prospect” of having to justify his actions to the committee.

“Parliament should be sitting, parliament should be holding the government to account and the prime minister appears to want to run away from questions,” said the Labour leader.

“If you refuse to do this, then I will go to Brussels on 17 October and negotiate our departure on 31 October – hopefully with a deal but without one if necessary.

Mr Johnson struck a defiant note during a visit to Dublin, saying: “I am absolutely undaunted by whatever may take place in parliament, because I think what the British people want us to do is to deliver a deal and to get on and take us out on 31 October.”

“We are open to alternatives, but they must be realistic ones, legally binding and workable, and we haven’t received such proposals to date,” said Mr Varadkar.

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Considering your normal output and position No way would any trust be attached to a ' poll ' that you'd publish Bull I wouldn’t be surprised if BorisJohnson allowed a boarder in the Irish Sea. He doesn’t need the DUP anymore Ah yes polls. Remind us how they work?

Benjamin Netanyahu: 'I met Boris Yeltsin...I mean Boris Johnson'The Israeli PM had been reporting back on his meeting with his British counterpart when he made the gaffe in front of journalists. Hahahahaha😂 Boris denominator Sleeper agent. lol You lot are scraping the barrel. Not in the slightest bit ‘news’.

Israeli PM wrongly refers to Boris Johnson as Boris YeltsinBenjamin Netanyahu’s office clumsily tries to edit out mix-up over former Russian leader’s name LOL, well.. both alcoholic clowns in favor of the west. not bad both I'll take that swap They’re nothing alike.... Yeltsin was the coherent one!

Israeli Prime Minister accidentally calls Boris Johnson Boris YELTSINThe blunder, which was made on Sunday during a Cabinet meeting, was clumsily covered up with another clip of Netanyahu saying Boris Johnson's name. To be fair, I do it all the time Heck, it’s better than what Biden would have said.

Israel's prime minister mistakenly calls Boris Johnson 'Boris Yeltsin' during cabinet meetingAn awkward video has emerged of the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu completely mistaking Boris Johnson for another Boris, that being the former Russian president Boris Yeltsin. In an Genius! lol

Boris Johnson’s brother Jo quit the Government after his wife told him 'It’s me or Boris'BORIS Johnson’s brother quit the government after his wife told him: “It’s me or Boris.” Sources close to the family say Jo Johnson’s wife Amelia Gentleman put pressur… FAKE news AGAIN That is woman power!!👍 well looking at her i would choose Boris

Boris Johnson 'sabotage' letter to EU 'would break law'PM’s reported plan to persuade EU to reject request for article 50 extension would be illegal, says ex-supreme court judge Serious question joswinson jeremycorbyn IanBlackfordMP Anna_Soubry CarolineLucas would it not be time and your duty to remove a rogue PM who is trampling our democracy down with a vote of no confidence NOW? Put your differences aside and safe our democracy and country the most effective political affair leads everyone to the 'political question'; can you still waste time pulling back? Bah. The absolute state of the double standards applied to Tories and Labour. If Jezza had even joked about it, they could crucify him.

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