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Former Miss Universe Malaysia says black Americans should ‘relax’ as they ‘chose to be born coloured’

Former Miss Universe Malaysia says black Americans should ‘relax’ as they ‘chose to be born coloured’

6/1/2020 3:39:00 PM

Former Miss Universe Malaysia says black Americans should ‘relax’ as they ‘chose to be born coloured’

‘I don’t live in America and it has nothing to do with me, but to me, it seems like the ‘whites’ won,’ says Samantha Katie James

The Malaysian-Chinese-Brazilian beauty queen continued: “To the black people: Relax, take it as a challenge, makes you stronger.“You chose to be born as a ‘coloured’ person in America for a reason. To learn a certain lesson.“Accept it as it is, till now hunger and poverty still exists. It is what it is. It’s inevitable. Best you can do is remain calm, protect heart, don’t allow it to crumble.

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“That’s your responsibility,” she added.In another post, she answered a follower who asked what she meant by “chose to be born ‘coloured’” and said: “Like our souls. Chose this life, this country, this race, this human form, specifically… I always wonder why I’m born in Malaysia, as a white girl, with Chinese mom and Indian grandparents and Brazilian dad.

“But I chose this all for a reason, as a soul.”(Samantha Katie James)Ms James’ remarks have been met with anger, as many Malaysians have stood in solidarity with black Americans and their fight against systemic racism.One person said in a comment: “While you may mean well, you’ve made some grave errors that are both disrespectful and hurtful in the extreme. African Americans have not been treated with anything near equality for close to 400 years.”

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Beauty WITHOUT grey matter. End state-sponsored racism in Malaysia now! This “nobody” wanted to show of with her ridiculous statements. Do me a favor, and dont ask celebs for their opinion. Esp someone as unimportant to current issues as Miss Universe oh my god wtf How tf did She win Miss Universe cuz she sounds dense.

Oh dear, what a foolish comment ! i think she was being sarcastic🤔 haven’t heard a baby that says “mama i wanna be (insert race here)”. miss universe should drop this bitch. She's Indonesian! Maaf ya om, Samantha itu rakyatnya Indonesia. My head hurts Is she purposely showing her bigotry, kissing *ss to run for Miss Universe for the 3rd time soon 🤔

Wtf thatsall Thick as 💩 Truly stupid. She is not dumb, not stupid, not immature, not naive, not ignorant.... just pure arrogance. The fact that she identifies colour with human, humility is dead. She does not represent Malaysia. Malaysia is a well diversed and harmonious interracial country. Such bigotry is not accepted.

What does that mean? Did it get mistranslated? as malaysians, we all definitely do not claim her omg she’s stupid and proud 😂 again, she doesnt represent us malaysians, dear world. pls note that. we dont know who she is, she on her own with that statement gurl Buat malu rakyat Malaysia je 😔😔😌😌😭😭 the nasi lemak national costume though lol

..what No wonder if they always do racist things towards indonesians 😂😂😂 Based ...chose this life, as a soul. Damn! I think she believes that crystals heal as well. What does she smoke? Don't worry, we Malaysians already cycle jerked her more than enough on behalf of all malaysians we do not claim her.

I wonder what she is thinking when she is giving such absurd statement..cantik and bodoh..its ok u should relax coz u r born cantik and bodoh..just accept that.. Piss funny! WTF is wrong with her 😑😡 She's a dull knife. Cutting through the tension with an infinite amount of stupidity. Miss Universe😒 Bianca must rise for MissSA2020. This lady went as far as MissUniverseMalaysia goes. BiancaSchoombee SA I forgive you. Looks like we haven't got the worst.

Trump's mentee. He sure knows how to grab the by the pussy! Wait! what? Queen if this is true, then, well maybe shes one of trump’s u know she was a beauty queen shes got some looks and trumps into that kind of girls sooo She has a point. I chose to be born handsome. airhead 😆 Should've shut her mouth damn

Check her IG Stories!! She just wouldn’t stop!! They what?! Fuck!!! Malaysia again with the stupid comments and giving the world a negative perception. shawnfromtwitt I like her. a disgrace statenisles_ Idiot speaks The lady is trolling. But in case she is actually as thick as 10 planks, in the wise words of Judge Judy:

Wow Real_Xi_Jinping wise words Pehpel, Malaysian is not stupid like her. Only her, yes we as a malaysian admits she's stupid 😂 Lmfao When Eggs lose the will to live.. She shouldn’t reproduce 😯 And she chose to be born with sh*t for brains. Staggering ignorance Is this... based? PoetVirtual Love your race.

EdAsante77 I’m convinced of simulation acceleration wtf? I love Malaysians now 😅 I bet she also thinks the earth is flat, that money grows on trees and that she is the centre of the universe. Move along. Go off queen she is not from malaysia. please, you guys can have her. VEDIC_CYBERGOD Who would these days

Oh dear. Wow beauty without brain matter Based Malaysia shawnfromtwitt VEDIC_CYBERGOD OMG....And she is miss Universe. All that plastic gone to his brain ... Pmacgiollabhain Good grief thespandrell _Y_ According to Biden, she's right Shawn King, Rachel Dolezol agree What a hot take Love this bitch Bodoh She probably has a lot of jealous haters who wont need much of an excuse....

Illuminating. REVOKE HER CROWN WOW that is a level of dumb you don't often see. based I have lost the ability to speak after reading this Woi sial buat malu je doh. Bodoh dia tak share kat orang. She's embarassment to Malaysian and nation. Her offensive statement cannot be unaccepatable. Her title as Miss universe of Malaysia should be stripped off.

She needs to come to the Midwest of the US. They'll teach her who's White 😂🍌 Welcome to the fold Her statement are so ignorant and she's ignorant Religion is disorienting. And? How dumb is she ... WTAF 🤬 Beauty fades, dumb is forever Yep blame ur pops who decided to produce u not claiming her True. Haa so this is miss universe malaysia.. heh i thought she’s a walking nasi lemak 🤔

pavitheunicorn urmomisasundal she’s made a joke on the international stage saschamarkefsk1 we got another psychopath out here these tales are getting crazier and crazier Based WHAT A JOKE, DISGUSTING. Idiot Beauty pageant chick? 🤷 samanrtmwrt what do you think? she's completely correct and is being unjustly attacked. The malay are among the most unfairly maligned modern races.

And she choosed to be from yellow race ( brainless creature) Staur69 malay excellence Omg 'After death, the souls proceeded to a place where they CHOSE new lives, human and animal. After their choice the souls drink of Lethe and then shoot away like stars to their birth. Birth is never the creation of a soul, but only a transmigration/metempsychosis' ~Plato

login2continue i think i speak for all malaysians when i say we don't claim her Pmacgiollabhain Donald Trump’s new speech writer? Based. I bet you she would have won 'Miss Idiot' in record time, there would have been no contest. if Miss Idiot was a Olympic competition, we would have got our 1st gold medal

Layak mati je Some people are born psychopaths, racists, geniuses, humanitarians. This woman was born stupid. Her brain is as confused as a porn star's. Are you dumb hah? I'm so trigger with this I'm malay I'm coloured to lah cb😑 I appreciate my color to the end of the world but to think this one is these dumb is something else. Wtf!

🤦🏽‍♀️ Memalukan nasi lemak malaysia. Fikir pakai otak before talk lah samantha 😩 To our so-called Miss Universe: Speak a good word or remain silent. Why is this woman’s ignorance worthy of comment? Based WTF is this for real? This has got to be a wind up, an insulting comment, is this really what she said or is she that dense?! NOT FUNNY 🙄

Hahaha apa ke bangang markintime Oops this an April Fool’s Joke? It’s June 1st. You got your dates wrong! Ekau buka nasi lemak tu eyy lmao HareshDeol Not a proud day for 🇲🇾 she aint wrong tbh Get this girl out. A million dollar body but a penny brain in there. What else is there to say 😂 We don’t choose to be black but given the opportunity I’ll come back the same shade!!! That’s the tea!!

ayoh kadavulle I had to read that and then read it again.....and then I went back to read it again - wtf 🤦🏽‍♀️ Oh dear - she may be beautiful but she certainly isn’t very bright What the fuck?! Bruh 😭💀 In the words of Judge Judy. Beauty fades, dumb is forever Who the f** is this ignorant and who gives a F*** to what she says? Why do you even give credit to these type of low lives by citing or reporting on them? They only belong to their shitty magazines and reality shows, not serious articles or news.

Dear world! 99% of Malaysian aren't familiar who she is coz we don't bother about Miss Universe pageant. Is that a fried egg on her gown? I believe her brain is fried too. Just goes to show, beauty and brains are a very rare combo... fucking embarrassing and no we don't claim her Petty brainless. 😱😱😱 joonmacchiato I just lost all of my brain cells reading this headline, what the fuck is this?

is she stupid Well obviously she’s not famous for her brain lol Malay yang aneh, wkk Do you mean that I had a choice? Someone should have told me! Wow how stupid can you get. As a Malaysian, I think she should aplogize to all involved. Why are most beauty queen contestants are just dumb stupid ! Hey honey Miss whatever. You ain’t white either

Ah babi laaaaa why we famous for stupid ppl 😤😩 What are you smocking? And can I have some? Haha TrueStory. This former Miss Universe Malaysia wants ALL blacks in the world to stop 'making' babies, so there will be no black people within 100 years. She said that will solve the world's problem and clean up Africa. But she encouraged the 'Yellows' to increase production😎

Beauty fades DUMB lasts FOREVER! Can someone also edit her wikipedia to say she’s the only person to live without a brain?! 😡 Stupidity..🤦🏼‍♂️ what a dam idiot shawnfromtwitt Fuckin based! booo What’s the point of covering this? Well that’s that sorted out. Now for World Peace DiamondStylz She literally has egg on her.

I'm trying to be angry at this but it's just so pitiful... Ignorance is an incurable disease. Get an education and stop tweeting nonsense I am wondering how did manage to win the pageant reasoning like a two years old? Being polite: Please tell this high class wanna be street stomped, no one chooses their skin color; it is a genetic predisposition that the conceived has no control over due to the genes of the mother and father. So she can express herself to Tartarus: The place below hell

Stupid to be called miss universe Twunt. She is the most wise human female in the universe. Heed her words humans! I’m a Malaysian and I can confirm that she’s not one of us you guys can have her. Thid kind of people don't have place in my country.. Waah wow “Now then Miss Malaysia, what are your life’s ambitions?” MM- “ I want to be just like Donald Trump, I admire his intelligence”

胸大无脑 Everyone has the right to be stupid but she takes the liberty ..😂😂 Big tits no brains Hahaha dah masuk international punya article. Habislah kena buli dia ni Used to date a girl like that. She believed everyone has power to choose. Cancer? It's cancer only if your mind think it is Once I had personal tragedy. Expectedly, she said its no tragedy. Drove me mad Over time, I realized she was just confused and afraid So be kind, fellas

Beauty with a brain is a rare combination, and her brain cells isn’t working right. On behalf of malaysian ppl, I’m so sorry. Charming. shawnfromtwitt My queen o7 Kanye West is that you? 🤣😂🤣🤣😂 Sigh... Ignore her. She's stupid. Oops. I thought these pageants analyse contestants IQ too? Maybe I was wrong. Not that I approve the whole miss universe thing as this is totally ridiculous. Can someone refer her to psychiatric help as no-one chooses to be born a specific colour.

myshamelanyi She not from malaysia, she's indonesia. Breaking news: an irradiated compost heap gained sentience but not intelligence. What? As a Malaysian, i hate her. The fact she wear our national food as her dress makes me even hate her more!!!!!!!!! She's not that pretty tbh, and when she said that, it makes her look more ugly!!!!!!!

She’s also anti vaccine 😍✌🏽Beauty with no brains whatsoever ❤️ People actually care what a bimbo in an evening gown says? As a malaysian, can we disown her? She has clearly chosen to be as thick as mince. She may even have decided to be born that way 🤦🏻‍♂️ Dumb like a door. As a Malaysian, I feel embarrassed with this kind of statements from half-bread Malaysian.

Some people chose to be born stupid. No matter what color is your skin, all lives matter. And I only have two words for you.. it begins with an F... and end with a U. radiatedtoast Samantha inside the womb: Mom I wanna be white! Sh**!!! Dh boleh tukar nama... Samantha jadi saman jela.. Masuk pertandingan jenis gini memang wajib kena bodoh eh?

AzareelZappa paulmurphy68 I choose to be left handed No one is that stupid. I am not buying this. Oh no she didn't!! 😃 as a malaysian we don't claim her. y'all can attack her all you want. delete her social too since she doesn't know how to use it properly They should seriously take her crown for that and tell her to go buy a new dress without egg on it.

Sorry hen, Cannae take you seriously with a fried egg on your dress FS 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 And u all really believe this ffs mmmmm Oh dear. What an embarrassment to Malaysians. OK, world, she absolutely absolutely is NOT representative of of Malaysians. Please consider her an aberration. She really is. Some time’s it’s better to be thought a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubts

She is just another ignorant beauty we have tons of them here in America too so not a surprise who did this 😂🤣🤣🤣 kjl_cats 🤯 The question is then: did SHE choose to be born so stupid? 🤣🤣🤣 Beauty with brains is definetly not with this one As she chose to be born stupid?... it’s time to end the world, god. We’re done.

And you choose to give attention to this why? Remember how blacks were mocking Asians calling Corona and even smacked one woman without any reason. 🤡🤡🤡 She obviously didn’t sprout world peace clap trap when she was crowned then. Think her crown needs removing. Dreadful statement Idiot! Idiot. What a joke. 'cHoSe tO bE bOrN cOlOuRed' said a stupid sperm.

Are you for real?!?!?!?! Such an embarrassment. Good God! notsobright Bxduser Yeah, I’m thinking this one gets by on looks alone. We don’t claim her randirahman Hahah people of the world, give her everything you got she deserves it and I'm Malaysian Duh thanks doll !! You have chosen your career wisely !😟✌🙏😎

If she knows nothing about the struggle people of color face every single day, then she should shut the f*** up.doesnt matter if she's pretty on the outside she's cleary ugly as f*** on the inside! Duh! everyone knows before you are born, you get to customize your character like you do in an RPG. The trumpvirus is spreading

Guys, you all need to stop embarrassing the word stupid. Being stupid is better than being Samantha Kayty. No self-respecting Malaysian would wear nasi lemak with fried anchovies, cucumber & sambal splattered all over her dress. Doesn't look Malaysian to me. When asked how do you spell orange she replied .The fruit or the colour

Huh? It must be her karma to be stupid and racist. Stop giving idiots media space I can't even read that for fear of brain cell loss. Wow I think she needs to go back to school and have some science lessons especially biology! What a vile person, I bet she is about to get a lot of fan mail 🤔🙄😡😡 Sentiment lost in translation?

Black is beautiful but God looks at the heart & content of character as Martin Luther King said, and the gospel says. Godliness is what it's all about if you want true beauty. As the proverb says, 'A beautiful woman who shows no discretion, is like a gold ring in a pig's snout.'0 Why even give her this spotlight? Stop it with this crap. We don’t need more proof!!

Hmmm an irresponsible statement from another narrow minded hopeless person Perhaps you get to choose what colour you are born in the Universe she comes from lol 😉 Nothing worse than ignorant and stupid What did you expect from her, an essay on particle physics or perhaps an insight into quantum mechanics? Her job is to smile,wear bikinis and walk in a straight line while wearing high heels. You’d get a deeper answer from a house brick but at least the brick has a measurable use

Did she really pass grade 1 exams? She should go visit Trump. Trump would love her. Dumb af. Why even run this story right now? For what...clicks? Be better Anyone who says “coloured” is simply just a racist anyway. Worse than a nut. She is mad Very ugly to be miss universe Malasia lmao 😂 Yr a mongrel going by your biological DNA

The quotes so egregiously stupid that I wonder if a bad translation is to blame. If this is what she really said and meant, wow. why Parrot this tripe? sinamikaaa Shes screwed She has an egg on her dress. Her comments now make sense to me. What?🙄😳🤦‍♀️ Crazy and unbelievable.. hoping it s a joke Oh gosh. Twitter is going to finish her 😂

Miss Malaysia seem to be only a pretty but not a smart person sad that she has chosen to be born like this.... but i bet its much easier for her to walk like a puppet then think like a human. Uh... does ahe understand how babies are made? Hahahaha Is that a hard boiled egg on her dress? I.....🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Why is this even news? Don’t give the idiot a platform

And she was chosen to be stupid It was all going well until she added the born comment which is such a pointless line and ruined the positivity of the rest of the message! But remember this is from a nationality who lighten their skin with chemicals to be more privileged. I lived in KL and it was very sad.

I just feel sorry for her, that's all... Who ? proving beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the brains have gone out for lunch. What an absolutely ridiculous thing to say? Did I choose to be born with blue eyes? 10 fingers, 10 toes? Did I chose the mole on my shoulder or shape of my nose? WestCoastSoles Is this an issue of a language barrier...I doubt it but wtf lady

Former Miss Universe and current twat They aren't selected for smarts alone Something lost on translation ? This cannot be real Oh dear ... Well, taking into account their identity cards include racial profile and often become a tool for discrimination. Why is this a surprise? Now is not the time to reveal to the world your stupidity.

That's not true, or I would be black. Is she for real ? What? How does that work A former miss universe is thick... this is news people... wow. A comment from a child who is made to think she is a women. oh my god 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Tbf ignorance is pretty universal Ah yes, Biology. Every comment to this post will probably be blocked because of what tha.... xxxxxx!

Idiot. And she is not even US citizen. Bitch!!!!!!!!!

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