Michael Gove, Coronavirus Outbreak

Michael Gove, Coronavirus Outbreak

Face masks should not be mandatory in shops, says Michael Gove – video

Face masks should not be mandatory in shops, says Michael Gove – video

7/12/2020 1:24:00 PM

Face masks should not be mandatory in shops, says Michael Gove – video

On Andrew Marr show, chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster says he trusts people’s good sense

0:35The chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove, has said face masks should not be mandatory in shops in England, adding he ‘trusts people’s good sense’ during an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show on Sunday. Read more: The Guardian »

Vile toad. Finally sanity is emerging. Face masks on Michael Gove should be mandatory AND too tight for him to speak for a couple of weeks Gove is an incompetent idiot. Fire him now Mandatory for the ignorant.. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Confused messaging. Sounds like when Government was saying don’t go to pubs but not telling pubs to close.

But they will be by the end of the year ... that's for sure. Masks should definitely be mandatory in shops. I cannot understand the hesitation. If it saves only one life, it would be worth it. “Michael Gove has said face masks should not be mandatory in shops in England adding he 'trusts people's good sense” 😂😂😂 Seriously? Common sense doesn’t exist in England. What is he talking about?

Yes they should be - anyone see the breakdown source of cases in Melbourne today? 8 in a Hugo Boss store. Shops are not magically safe. Wear a mask & save a life. 😷😷😷 He's probably advocating this because he's never done his own shopping Fuck this ‘opinion’ Add this to my another punchable face list face coverings do fuck all, just keep away from people and wash your hands Covid_19

But he encourages people to wear them. The question isn’t whether people should or shouldn’t wear them, but whether there should be a law for it. So put your masks on! And maybe change the misleading headline I do not support this difference of opinion as it could divert the Prime Minister's best-intentioned advice from its intended course. Indeed, it is important to wear a mask, especially now that the restrictions have been relaxed as this will also prevent the spread of the virus!

If anyone ever qualified as an idiot it’s Michael Gove! Every scientist in the world will tell you wearing face masks can prevent the spread of this virus and he’s saying the opposite ! He should wear one as a courtesy to other sentient beings. I hate Gove but I have to agree with him their will be too many shoplifters getting away as they will have masks on

Let us all Michael Gove to go around shops without a facemask. Clearly this guy doesn't mind people dying! Why would you do this? Say something so obviously contra to your party line? Where are the unions ? This is madness putting shop workers at risk at the customer’s discretion is madness ! Give saying face masks should not be mandatory is the best proof and reason that we should all be wearing face masks inside public places , shops etc. The man is the worst kind of politician. Let's all protect others and wear masks .

I love the word repugnant, and it also fits him so well Back to Herd immunity. That would be to admit they were wrong and Scotland correct. This week we see PM wearing a mask and setting things up towards compulsory in shops THEN Gove his cabinet colleague contradicting him. At a time when we need clarity we have Dysfunctional Government

Finally someone speaking sense. If you're scared or vulnerable wear a mask and you'll be safe, right? 'Good sense' voted these f*ckers in! The worst shower of shites ever - and more - much more - to come. What a joke Britain has become and Michael Gove is one of the jesters. What do politicians contradict one and other to the determination of the country?

Why would we want to breathe in someone else's exhaled breath while the virus is widespread? Just like you trust them to drive without a license? Not be short on tax payments? Of course, this is only our health . . . Wear a mask. Black lives matter. Vote. Care for all. Smarmy b...,,,,🤮🤮 They should be free and freely available.

Trust the science, not a lying politician. He should wear a mask always. Why would we be wearing masks in shops when the virus is dying out? Of course not Michael! Even though the UK is one of the few European countries continuing to show growth in daily cases (despite re-adjustment of numbers). Of course we were always more aligned with the USA!! What a prospect!!!

I agree there is actually the need to tell people not to wear face masks as people want to be safe rather than sorry. Not thinking is not safe behaviour. And blocking your air waves, spraying away your good bacteria & walking around with bacteria factory masks is not safe. Gove is too coked up to be listened to Just shows how low the UK has slipped that he is in public office

Stick your face masks To be expected from someone who never listens to experts. Keep calm and wear a mask! Is he relate to Trump? You too have your own cognizant genius! I shall be continuing using a mask whilst out in public. Gove = idiot. Why does he think that? He doesn't work in the shops and have to have people breath on him all day. 😝

Go spend a day in your local Primark, observe the lack of social distancing, observe the screaming children (You can't have live music, but screaming children in shops, up close is fine) you'll soon see where the problem is going to be, and why masks, should be compulsory. I wore mine when I went to the shop, was a bit hot but I'll wear one whenever I go as will help stop the spread but I don't go to the shops often at the moment.

So mandatory masks within 2 weeks then? Trusting people's good sense? Another excuse for lazy policy making. We listened and nearly 45k deaths because of your incompetent goverment. As if we would listen to you. Yep this government has yet to make a mistake with Covid -19. 🤔 Leave it to the public’s common sense, the same public that overcrowds beaches, has illegal raves and can’t keep apart at pubs, oh and attacks the police when they try to stop them. 😬

By inhaling the steam of eucalyptus leaves or oil for 'COVID-19' can decrease the 'DEATH RATE' by improving the respiratory system. (we can save many lives) Eucalyptus is also very helpful to avoiding other symtoms of 'COVID-19'. Please test it. Well of course he does. Herd immunity 😡. What do they get out of trying to kill people, exactly. Tory BorisJohnson

Hahaha....Why not extend this good sense of people to pretty much every rule that is tere...Starting with traffic signals may be ? Rules help make a civil society and its not just the sense of people ! what’s the point of posting this? Hey, you got ratioed: 1.57 at the time of this response (254 replies, 162 likes).

Mixed message madness. WHATS FUCKING WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? Gove is an antithesis to science and conscience. Stop being late with your advice and make mask compulsory in public really are useless in protecting the public Bedwetters in meltdown! 😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Trusts peoples good sense? The same people who voted for Brexit and a Conservative majority?

How foolish! And can we make earplugs mandatory whenever this fool slithers on to our TV and starts droning ? But I think he just means fortnum & masons? We peasants can wear them in Waitrose if we are sensible.. Gove... The man who had to be moved from being education secretary as no teacher trusted him is their spokes person for today on this?

Depends on whether you want to save lives or kill your public. Three Govt’s hellbent on saving lives unlike Johnson Gove and their pals The virus doesn't care if u r in a 'shop'. Yes, masks should be mandatory as too many jerks out there won't wear them.People r dying and i don't understand why wearing a mask is too much to ask to save u fellow human being.

Whaaaaat? With a mug like that... He should! We here in America trusted Trump's 'good sense' and look where it got us! Gove is as slippery as a bar of soap in the bath. just ignore him. He's going to look stupid when they become mandatory tomorrow Herd immunity strategy is in progress. Wear masks, ppl! It’s an airborne infection.

Agreed WRONG Again we have to something different. He's an idiot The WHO, and HM Govt, have both published documents in which they say that face coverings do not protect against the virus. If you're going to protect yourself properly, you need to wear a surgical mask, like the N95. Grove is a complete weasel Boris’s wee puppet

If only common sense was in us all......unfortunately THIS IS NOT THE CASE! He’s a very dangerous person to say that. Almost criminal. 🤨 He trusts common sense. Shows how out of touch with reality he always been Yes they should Face masks should be mandatory on Gove. Yes they should. There's no way 2m can be observed in most supermarkets so masks should be mandatory. My experience in Tesco this morning certainly supports this 🤦🏻🤷‍♀️

When is it legal for someone to give out medical advice and practicing medicine without a license? 🤔🌻 Telling someone they need to wear a mask is up for the individual to decide to or not too wear one.... not some grocery clerk or a manager at BurgerKing Which Advice? 🌻 Is this man for real ? Get him off ,his strategies are disgusting

😁😁wow I understand restaurants because people can’t ear with masks on, but shops are a no brainer. WHO told Americans not to wear masks for the first ENTIRE MONTH of it's spread, stating they 'didn't do much'. After half a year there isn't a single, basic fact confirmed about covid and how it spreads. So to all people who say: wear a mask, it's just an opinion.

What an idiot Above all else fear ignorance. Common sense precautions require common sense. Then please let him go work in one for a month without any masks and we can talk again at the end. Seems only fair to me 🤷‍♀️ What an idiot. These stupid, unnecessary masks will soon disappear along with the fake pandemic.

Just call him Michael Covid. So what was the stunt by BorisJohnson on Friday visiting shops wearing a mask. Mixed messages yet again. People are not considerate in shops. Why should one person’s feeling over masks affect so many others? Insurance companies will soon demand that if everything including mask wearing isn’t implemented they will not cover any lawsuits...let’s see then if businesses will comply.

michaelgove THIS, you fool. Gove fails at everything, he's like Trump without the personality. Surely anything is worth doing to potentially avoid a second lockdown? And it would be better for the shops if it meant they would be able to stay open rather than forced to close again because infection rates have gone up!

Gove officially made it to the Hall of Idiots top 10. Please join me to congratulate on his promotion. Oh, and please wear masks, IT DOES SAVE LIVES! GoveIsAnIdiot COVID19 He trusts people’s “good sense”? I guess he’s not been in a shop recently otherwise he would know that hardly anyone is wearing a mask. WearAMask

Masks are 85% effective in stopping transmission! They should be mandatory! What is wrong with this tool I think it would be a good idea for Mr Gove to wear a mask at all times, preferably one thick enough to muffle all the rubbish he spouts... First we have Boris 'hinting' e.g. testing the political capital, that face masks should be mandatory then hot on his heels, this blowhard saying that they shouldn't. Worst pair of clowns in UK political history.

If only people had trust able good sense then the cases would not have risen to such an extent. Irresponsible behaviour and no concern for one's own safety where the matter dealt with is between life and death, is only to be seen. So where it matters-the shop-mask not worn risky. I want to lock out him in a shop on super sale Saturday. Plonker

Yes it should, Pob, and you know it. Shouldn’t be mandatory anywhere A pox on all your houses. As this has come from Gove himself, I will now start wearing a mask when out shopping. The slopy shoulders here is clear for all to see, we pass the responsibility to the general public so we can blame them for not following the instruction that wasn't there. Care homes, beaches, ad infinitum - the die is cast.

Necropolitics, crystal clear! That'll be wearing a face mask in the shops then. Cant trust this duplicitous worm A party for the working class But why. Idiot! They will reverse their stance on this in under two weeks. If masks work then open everything up. May not be mandatory (yet) in some parts of the UK but if you are looking for comfortable, washable masks there are plenty on Etsy from talented makers. I’ve diversified my business into masks after a drop in sales due to Covid 19, link is in my bio if you’re interested, thanks!

He should come to America, that would change his mind about people. There was a time when Conservatives around the world appeared, or at least tried, to be the adults in the room. For the most part, they had some highly intelligent people in their ranks. Now, in the era of Trump, they come across like complete idiots. It’s like a gag reel.

How predictably conservative. Look UK, surly you see the writing on the wall for the conservative Tori Party. They seem to have the same problem the Republican Party in the USA have, an over abundance of machismo and it’s leading to a rightful ass kicking in November That's right. One should only wear a mask when lying down in bed. The virus must spread evenly throughout society.

Why are you giving this non-scientist a platform to spread this view? What a moron. I think we’ve seen time and time again that people don’t have good sense Michael trusts people's good sense. The same good sense that chose Brexit and BorisJohnson. Believe in GoodSense 🤞 What planet is this man on. Trust people ?...like when they opened the pubs. I don't think so. Make masks compulsory in shops. Its the only way to ensure people will wear them.

Quite right. Like Michael Gove I send out one of my minions to shop for me so I don't have to wear a mask. Although I tell them to wear a mask. That’s right. It’s a stupid idea applied too late. This fucking government 🤦🏻‍♂️ So why did that Bumbling Bafoon Boris have a face mask on in a shop Mr Gove did you not check with Mr Cummings before you made this statement? Odious Man

They have not risked and killed enuff people..send him into a shop unmasked.. People don't have 'good sense'. If it is in the public interest to wear masks then it should be mandatory that everyone does so. A mask for Gove would be an enhancement to his face! He should do a shift in a big store then comment .

Mr Gove is at it again. I find his political contribution as dim as his personality. If they’re going to make it mandatory for all types of shopping, seems to me government should supply the masks for free because people can’t live without food. Seat belts are mandatory when driving, so why not? Thank you Mr Gove. I have no problem avoiding small shops. I have no problem wearing a mask briefly if it is necessary for me to enter a confined space. I am not prepared to do a full shop for food in a mask & shouldn’t have to.

I'm guessing this no mask stuff polls well with Tory voters who we already know only look out for themselves 🤷 I just don’t understand this obstinate reluctance. It can only help stop transmission, it’s not an expense nor a real inconvenience. I can’t think of one argument against wearing. Anyone advocating not doing so is incredibly selfish and/or ignorant.

Hello second wave! 👋🏼🌊 ..... Wear a fecking mask 😷 But you're relying on the so called great british public having common sense......haven't seen much evidence in the last few months...certainly not lately.....i will be wearing one in every shop i visit... Always do opposite of what tories say. why not?

Can this Govt get ONE coherent message out ever!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ IgnoranceAbounds I'd pay him To wear one. Proportionality, risk, common sense and freedom to choose. Most people should be more worried about diabetes and heart disease. What a fool 75% of the pop would approve it every other country in Europe does it

So who's in charge and who do we believe - Johnson or Gove? Even though evidence suggests a. Virus droplets can stay in the air for an hour and b. By wearing a mask the risk of transmission drops to around 5% (both wearing masks) Covidiot!!!!!! Can't believe this (des)government! So, face masks are useless is that what you are saying?

When will we have a normal healthy life back? They need to set a target. This is not a healthy way to live - it is a half life. Some of us want to be sociable, mix, go dancing, theatre - party!! Remember those! This is a nation of scared sheep who can't think. What a complete plonker The most useless leaders fighting Covid-19 are Trump, Johnson, Modi and Bolsonaro.

Gove is either stupid or has ulterior motive; neither is good. This is about protecting others not the wearer. Some patios are opened now but I’m not sure whether masks are mandatory. If yes, it means one has to remove the mask to take a bite and put it back on while chewing. Repeat this process until food is finished. Kind of sucks...

He clearly wants more people to die. I will use my common sense and wear a face mask, but I and others are still at risk if fools don’t. If it is common sense to wear them, why not make it compulsory? It is common sense to not drink and drive, and yet there is a law that makes it compulsory, so .... You failed Michael, it’s too late go home with Boris

Some people wouldn’t know good sense even if it hits them in the face This Government is obviously not remotely interested in the survival of High Street shops. Masks are a safety factor, but more importantly send a visual signal to anxious would-be shoppers that the shopping environment is safer. mandatoryfacemasksnow

Mixed messages from the jumped up hacks, just as well the country stopped listening to them. JohnsonMustGo 🤡 GoveMustGo 🐟 CummingsMustGo 🐒 Horrible little cretin That is because you lack the respect for the other one. Masks are used to protect the people around you, and then you realize you end up protecting yourself from others as well. Look how civilized it sounds right? But that is not the UK anymore

Well, I've always thought this guy is a joke... Not this fookin' 🤡 again.😡 Just wear a mask. Dithering politicians will lead to more deaths. Just wear a mask for goodness sake it will protect others and yourself. You will end up with mandatory masks everywhere, see growth of infections in Spain and actions taken

He's ridiculous. C**T There a lot of dumb sheep in this thread. Now for a bit of science.. Face mask don't work and can cause more harm than good. Even out CMOs and Fauci admitted this no less than 3 months ago. Gove's anti-experts posing goes from risking economies to risking lives. How do we continue to tolerate allowing this idiot in our public life?

Gove has also said it's fine to drive to test your eyesight so maybe consider the source.... You really do not have the firet foggiest michaelgove do you? U turn coming up and it is no surprise that Gove cannor foresee it! Definitely in shops. How do you think Germany has kept the numbers fairly down - masks mandatory in shops.

Michael Gove’s advice is not mandatory!!! So our Government is following the divisive polices of Trump!! Congratulations on killing 10,000s+ more people in the UK. Targeting the poor, old and vulnerable!! I know they have got to go as they cost the Gov too much money! They're no longer economically active, so of no use!

He’s encouraging the use of masks tbf. This article suggests the opposite. Disappointing, Guardian. .. we all watch the Marr show. We know what he said!!! Didn't realise good sense can protect from Covid 19. That's good to know. All this time I've been injecting bleach and hoping that would work. D'oh!

Says man who doesn’t shop Face masks cannot be mandatory anywhere. If common sense were that common .....this specimen would never have become an MP let alone a cabinet minster No seat belt necessary also on the 🚙🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Well at least SOMEONE in the UKGovernment understands how legally precarious such a flagrant unprecidented breach of people's CivilRights and HumanRights is, when masks fundamentally can't protect against viruses, ignoring COVID19 is a 99% survival rate virus.

Wonder which Tory ' supporter ' said this to Gove! , someone must have,, else he's thought of it himself !! how ridiculous is that. 🤖🤖🤖🤖 michaelgove thank you for standing up for our freedoms. Mandatory wearing of face masks will further erode our freedoms which is unacceptable. Jeez will Tory party ever agree!?

Does he know the coronavirus death rate for people saying that? michaelgove Have you been walking round with your eyes closed? A lot of people have no good sense or sense of personal space. Sadly ‘should wear’ falls on deaf ears, we have to change the language to ‘must’. And do it now. Stop faffing. SadiqKhan

But he’s a twat. So we shouldn’t listen to him right? He really is a horrid little weasel This statement looks a bit clear for this government. Usually, we get: “Not mandatory, but you must wear them. If you want to and you don’t mind.” 🤔 Yes they should “I trust people’s good sense” 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂 They should for people who look like Michael Gove.

PRICK! Competent politicians should be mandatory in government. Gove: best draw a veil over him Not just shops, everywhere outside one’s house! MichaelGove what makes you think that you and others won’t be safer with a mask ? Been quite a lot of studies that show it makes a difference. Eg. they had parts of germany with masks and without masks and the results were beyond a statistical anomaly

It's too late. HeikoMaas BorisJohnson Face mask Mandory Shops or not please told Clear vision government very important So it will be implemented in the next few days then What was the Johnson photo nonsense all about on Friday then, when he visited shops in Uxbridge wearing a mask? Just a test of opinion on Facebook?

Coward. He ought to be dressed in a black North Face jacket and a face cover because that's what his sort normally wear. But the owners should mandatory every customer's for your serious buyers who masked! Totally agree. Hahaha. Mid July and still this nonsense discussion. Use mask. All Asian countries are using it. Not sure about its efficiency? Use it just in case. This is it.

Pathetic spineless and cowardly. The same all the way through. No respect or care for workers in shops coming face to face with unprotected people all day hour after hour. But then not enough have died yet. Criminal Numpty make it compulsory. Britain really winning under the Tories. Well if he thinks it’s okay to have shop employees be subjected to COVID-19 then expect a lawsuit, for violation of health and safety.

I wish I hadn’t wasted my precious battery life by watching his video footage. 🤔 . michaelgove and WestminsterWAG should be occluded in the interest of public health, say watchdogs. And cats. And bunnies. Trusting people's common sense is not a policy. Good man He can't snuff coke if his nose is covered

Stand by for yet another U turn 😂😎 Never thought i’d hear anything of value ever come out of Gove’s mouth, but credit where credit is due.... Difficult for the government to legally make something like this ‘mandatory’ You should never trust a man with a green tie. Nutter. I don’t know who Michael Gove is, but his mindless stupidity is showing.

Twit Everyone in the cabinet gets a nice gold watch when they finally outdo the austerity death count. They usually say that they're not going to do something just before they U-turn and do it. michaelgove Perhaps he needs more time to set up co. so he can financially profit? Or waiting for Cummings approval?

Subtext: the Government does not care about the British people This push-me, pull-you approach to *everything* – wear a mask, but don't wear one, stand 2m apart unless it's 1m, don't go to work, do go to work, etc – is self-evidently a political fog that allows the government to sidestep responsibility for every negative outcome. OurFault

MD? Gove has had enough of experts !! Britain has just become independent, we should be free to infect others and become infected. EU can’t tell us how to stay safe and prosperous. Listening to Michael Gove isn’t mandatory nor is covering his every asinine utterance Does he have a medical or science degree?

Gove has just said he doesn't care about the health and safety of those people who work in shops and have to deal with dozens or hundreds of customers a day. Especially when bosses like Tim Martin at Wetherspoons can direct their staff not to wear masks. Not a man who at times would be seeking to cover his nose...

Which of course means that face masks should be mandatory in shops. Let us hope he is prepared to expend political capital on that. Or maybe the insurance industry has pointed out the implications regarding crime. IDIOT 'I don't believe in condoms either'. Are at shop spreading risk of virus will be deactivated ? Be avoid all these types of hypothetication.

Praise the Lord

Face coverings will not be made in compulsory in shops, Michael Gove saysFace coverings will not be made in compulsory in shops, Michael Gove says – insisting: “I trust people’s good sense.” Boris Johnson had hinted at copying Scotland by introducing the rule, but his key Blimey. He's finally said something to agree with. you've got 'in' twice in that sentence and it makes no sense the first occurrence

Sadiq Khan attacks Boris for not wearing a face mask... while not wearing a face maskSADIQ KHAN has heavily criticised Boris Johnson for not making face masks mandatory in confined spaces such as shops, even though the London Mayor was not wearing one himself when he was interviewed at a restaurant this afternoon. NTMarketscom And this is yet another example of hypocrisy and hypocrite, which are two words evidently absent from the liberal/progressive vocabulary. This guy is a joke.

Face masks now compulsory in shops in ScotlandGovernment comes under pressure to make similar rule in England

Boris Johnson considering enforcing 'stricter' rules on mandatory face masks in shopsBoris Johnson has given his strongest hint yet that face coverings may be made mandatory in English shops, saying said he is looking at ways to be “stricter” about their use. More follows… Good, people are a ting like idiots I’ve made my wife wear one for months now.. nothing to do with the virus she is just really ugly then i will just shop on line

Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing launches reusable face masks for adults and childrenSAINSBURY'S has launched reusable face coverings for both adults and children. The supermarket's Tu Clothing brand is the latest to sell face masks in store and online. sainsburys This must stop - face masks are the perfect place to grow bacteria. And by the way, surgeons wear them during operations to protect themselves from spurts of blood, NOT from bacteria.

Brit holidaymakers advised to wear face masks everywhere while abroadThe WorldTravelandTourism Council, which includes Hilton, Marriott and TUI has made the recommendation, as part of measures designed to curb the spread of infection