Face coverings will not be made in compulsory in shops, Michael Gove says

Face coverings will not be made in compulsory in shops, Michael Gove says

7/12/2020 12:07:00 PM

Face coverings will not be made in compulsory in shops, Michael Gove says

Face coverings will not be made in compulsory in shops, Michael Gove says – insisting: “I trust people’s good sense.” Boris Johnson had hinted at copying Scotland by introducing the rule, but his key

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He trusts people's good sense. We've seen what that did for the beaches Thank god I live in Scotland .. as much as I love England, I’m glad that monsters isn’t in charge of these decisions here.. The fact that he said this should make people do the opposite! He cares not a jot for any of us !! So who is trying to be different now? An accusation so often thrown at the Scottish Gov.

Makes me angry. I am supposed to wear a visor, mask and sterilise/disinfect like crazy when working at the hairdressing studio... Then I go to the shop across the street to get lunch and no masks? I would generally agree by letting people use their common sense. But we all know what has been happening in this country when rules are replaced by the Great British common sense.

...meanwhile, in Europe ... Michael Gove is distinguishing himself as the leading minister hell bent on destroying the nation based on now outdated ideologies,whilst lining his personal pocket with dubious commercial transactions. Of course not Michael! Even though the UK is one of the few European countries continuing to show growth in daily cases (despite the past re-adjustment of numbers). Of course we were always more aligned with the USA!! What a prospect!!!

Thanks for that Mr Cummings. We know the ars* licker Gove will be just telling us what Cummings has ordered. It’s that unelected prick running the country Er Gove ya fanny you forgot to saynin England 😡 fud Nazis who try to force people to wear muzzles will face severe consequences Good Why not? ....and the confusion continues. Johnson says cover up on Friday, Gove (& thus Cummings) says don't on Sunday. The real PM has spoken.

So close. They were so close to doing at least one thing that might have been useful and smart. Michael Gove heroically rescues their 100% incompetence record at the last second. Amazing. michaelgove Based on this we can expect an announcement for mandatory face coverings to be made within days, because we all know there’s isn’t a single thing this clown can get right, apart from being spectacularly wrong every time he opens his mouth

Fuck me Michael I told you to stop snorting coke. Not quite true, misleading headline, he was asked if they should be mandatory and he said no, he didn't say they wouldn't be. Because making them compulsory would force us to take a decision and we are too politicially slippery, even at the expense of the lives, to get nailed to the wall by that sort of thing. Shameful!

A glorious charge into the second wave.... They are compulsory in Belgium. 👍👍 Good Good They’re not even ‘compulsory’ on trains yet. Every time I get on one half the people aren’t wearing one. Nobody is enforcing it. Good Thanks michaelgove for this moments confirmation. I’m a governor u-turns this may well change but until it does I’m not putting my life or that of my wife at risk by going shopping. Highest number of new COVID cases reported yesterday since June, 147 of 148 deaths in England.

Big mistake, then there’s not going to be enough ventilators Sure they will, bud. This is so irresponsible! Maybe proof read the headline first Quite right, not in my country will we wear mask like slaves and sheeples. It’s a basic human right not to wear it, if you wanna wear it crack on. Your choice, just as it is for me not to wear it As you were

That’s seriously stupid. But did u expect anything different from the nastyparty. You English 😁 Those with invisible illnesses are never going to be able to leave their homes at this rate. People are generally not bothering to social distance around those who 'look' healthy. Not killed enough yet ? Wrong decision yet again by the muppets that form our Government (apologies for insulting muppets)

Ridiculous..like the whole situation in this stupid country 🇮🇹🇮🇹💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Want me to go shopping? michaelgove willquince Then make face covering mandatory in shops. Facecoverings Why not? Are the Tories playing games to distract from the big increasing Covid deaths yesterday !! Good. Help people to infected very well

Say it to Tramp And the shop owners loose their serious buyers who masked. Can you imagine how clammy his would be ? What is the point then? Michael Gove bottles it, for the sake of safety and making a few upset Tories wear a mask. People I know who work in shops will be delighted by this.... Good. Hope he’s correct.

Big mistake. So Conservatives make an announcement, listened to see if it’s popular or not, then deliver policy as per public opinion. ToryShambles They want to get the economy moving but won't do anything to gain confidence of many of us. It is irresponsible of Government not to take this seriously and look at other countries where face masks have helped

So, basically, only a minority will put a mask on in a shop. I noticed this last week in North Scotland... Until Friday, I would say only a handful of folk in the supermarket (including staff) wore a mask. Now everyone is and it is surely the sensible thing to do? Gove clearly doesn't go shopping. These Tory Self serving idiots are set out to wipe out half the population in this country Gove is as reliable as a ash tray on a motorbike

Until the middle of the week, then we’ll change our minds! michaelgove 10DowningStreet your messaging is totally confusing. This was a once great Conservative party,not anymore! facemasks should be compulsory in public! Good, it's bliss walking around town and the high street at the moment and plenty of free tables in the coffee shops. Please folks stay indoors permanently for your safety.

Pure and unadulterated idiocy. masks uk COVID19 pandemic Can’t they understand that masks only work if everybody is wearing them 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ HERD IMMUNITY England. Thankfully, our First Minister is in favour of face coverings as they save lives and keep people safe. BBCScotlandNews BBCRadioScot bbcscotnine STVNews ITVBorderRB HerdImmunity

This back and forth is a sign this crazy virus spreading government has NO plan, NO idea how to cope, NO answer for why it allowed vital info to be ignored or suppressed that could have saved lives! ToryBritain ToryLies BorisJohnsonMustGo MichaelGoveLiar Weak pathetic government that wants you to die.

Don’t ever rely on good sense , sadly not enough people have it. That likely means it will happen in 48 hours All part of their ongoing herd immunity.They know full well much of the public doesn't have good sense (they voted them in, fgs) so they're banking on people not bothering to wear masks to protect themselves & others, therefore the virus continues to spread through the population

Lucky you! If Gove has said it’s not happening then it definitely is happening at some point soon isn’t it. He has form.... UK mini trumps! Dumb as a bag of rocks Crazy I won’t be shopping social distancing has gone out the window Ha ha ha ha ha ha michaelgove Trusting that people will use their common sense......

What common sense have the general public demonstrated thus far? michaelgove Will definitely continue to limit my visits to shops on the back of this. Leicester in lockdown, went to Fosse Park M&S Foodhall Friday and I was only one wearing mask disappointed English not your first language then? Because that would ruin spike 2. The next phase of the plan.

Has any journalist asked the simple question of “why not?”... ? I’m dyyyying to know the answer. When the film industry starts shooting full time again (because it can get insurance for its productions, staff, studio and stars), I'll be first out of the door. Till then fuck you, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson et al.

What made Scotland decide they should and England to not? Utterly pathetic..what more will it take? BorisJohnsonMustGo BorisHasFailedUK Just 'will not be made compulsory', what's that extra 'in' for? They cannot admit they're wrong. That would be losing face..no pun meant. As for factories making masks, I have been saying that for months: a missed opportunity. They could have done that months ago, keeping responsible workplaces in business with good social distancing.

This must be a Brit abroad and his idea of wearing a mask! 'Face coverings will not be made in compulsory in shops' Ever heard of a copy editor‽. That is going to be a good reason to blame 'people's good sence' when the number of positive cases has risen 👍🏻Good luck. Leave it to good old British common sense... like we did in Bournemouth recently

Another wishy washy recommendation so this shower of shit can put the blame on the public not adhering to the advice, another government u turn coming our way soon. I hope he catches the virus again in a shop and this time it’s fatal. This is so dumb. It will cost lives and slow down any recovery. BorisJohnson - why not just make it compulsory in public and protect everyone? If people are stupid and need to be told, make them!

Typical of this government they care more about what they see as personal freedom tgan people lives .We are not all in it together as we are not looking after ine another .Thus gies to tge heart if Tory philosophy out for oneself .No sense ofcommunity responsibility Where is all this obsession with courting institutional stupidity in the name of democracy, whilst the core fabric of the society is undergoing avoidable cynical degradation coming from?

It's better to be sorry than safe. Probably invested in ventilators. Well I’ll not be going into shops then Why not just wear it if you feel safer regardless what politicians say? You don’t need to get sick to prove them wrong. So they will then. That would be to admit they were wrong and Scotland correct.

One day they will. Next day they won't. Kind of sums up the muddled handling of this corona crisis. It's been like this from the start. I wonder what is important, taking chances or being safe . Doesn't these people have any common sense. Surely it is up to the owner of the shop? Can we get Rashford to start a campaign to wear them now!

ahh.. the usual 'float a policy, check twitter reaction & make actual policy dependant on core vote twitter outrage' 🙄 Does he want more people to die? It’s not like wearing a mask is hard or a big deal, and with evidence continuing to show it helps stop the spread. I’d rather wear a bit of cloth than run the risk of locking everything down again.

So much for protecting the staff. Call the editor, fire the proof reader! Wow. That’s seriously stupid!! This is ridiculous. However, from a ridiculous government it's not surprising. Just like trump they'll wait it's too late to do the obvious. 😖 'I trust people’s good sense' he says. Because that's working out brilliantly so far.

Lol, all those chancers that put their prices up yesterday gonna be pissed Why the fuck all I read about UK is it’s about to do what the EU isn’t doing Mask are mandatory in public transportation for month now and still enforced. Now no mask inside stores Shit, this thing spread best in closed spaces but still no mandatory mask in stores Dumb

Good Gove is so tiring - it's like watching a spinning top that has grown a mouth marr Johnson and co. are currently struggling to arrange a piss-up in a brewery Well not until Tuesday or Wednesday at least, when the Govt back track! Only because he can’t find one to fit his weird face they should be banned outright as the germs from your breath will create a culture of harmful bacteria and pathogens and breathing them will cause.pneumonia. Plus they are being discarded in the streets with no regard for the hazard they represent.

Good. Let the business owners decide for themselves what they want to happen in their own shops. This is not the Governments place to decide. The only thing that might encourage me to enter a shop is mandatory face coverings. Oh ffs Oh!..U turn coming soon pinocchio 'In England'. In Germany its compulsory and its helping. We are wearing outside as well as inside. Is COVID doesn't exist inside? Only outside michaelgove ?

Dont believe anything this tedious lying group of politicians says, it was him who said no border checks. They should have been made compulsory at the start of the pandemic, it’s way too late now. Why NOT Sir?!?! “We cannot read good. And simply, we’re too old to try that dithery boredom now.” Useless, a waste of time!

you've got 'in' twice in that sentence and it makes no sense the first occurrence Blimey. He's finally said something to agree with.

Sadiq Khan attacks Boris for not wearing a face mask... while not wearing a face maskSADIQ KHAN has heavily criticised Boris Johnson for not making face masks mandatory in confined spaces such as shops, even though the London Mayor was not wearing one himself when he was interviewed at a restaurant this afternoon. NTMarketscom And this is yet another example of hypocrisy and hypocrite, which are two words evidently absent from the liberal/progressive vocabulary. This guy is a joke.

Face masks now compulsory in shops in ScotlandGovernment comes under pressure to make similar rule in England

Boris Johnson considering enforcing 'stricter' rules on mandatory face masks in shopsBoris Johnson has given his strongest hint yet that face coverings may be made mandatory in English shops, saying said he is looking at ways to be “stricter” about their use. More follows… Good, people are a ting like idiots I’ve made my wife wear one for months now.. nothing to do with the virus she is just really ugly then i will just shop on line

Sainsbury’s Tu Clothing launches reusable face masks for adults and childrenSAINSBURY'S has launched reusable face coverings for both adults and children. The supermarket's Tu Clothing brand is the latest to sell face masks in store and online. sainsburys This must stop - face masks are the perfect place to grow bacteria. And by the way, surgeons wear them during operations to protect themselves from spurts of blood, NOT from bacteria.

Brit holidaymakers advised to wear face masks everywhere while abroadThe WorldTravelandTourism Council, which includes Hilton, Marriott and TUI has made the recommendation, as part of measures designed to curb the spread of infection

The Government's ban on face treatments is 'misogynistic' and 'bad science', says leading doctorOnly beauty treatments 'below the neck' can resume from Monday July 13, with any face treatments still currently off the menu Oh fgs! Considering in pubs your not (required) to touch other peoples faces More nonsense as usual