Experts predict what working from home does to your mind and body in the long-term... and it doesn't look good

*Gets off the sofa and changes out of pajamas*

1/25/2021 4:53:00 AM

*Gets off the sofa and changes out of pajamas immediately.*

*Gets off the sofa and changes out of pajamas*

AdvertisementLike all big changes, it has crossed our minds what impact remote working could be having in the long-term. And even though it's currently out of our control, it makes us wonder whether we'd choose flexible working in the future, especially when you hear the bleak outcomes experts predict for our posture, stress levels and sleep - not to mention skin, hair and weight.

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In a 20-year forecast (which is sure to keep us up at night) a team of clinical psychologists and fitness experts has come together atto predict exactly what the future of remote working looks like - and it looks a lot like 'Susan'...Read next

The expert-approved guide to waking up feeling refreshed and energised (even when you've had barely any sleep)SleepThe expert-approved guide to waking up feeling refreshed and energised (even when you've had barely any sleep)Insomnia? I don't know her.

1 day agoDirectly ApplyWith thinning hair and a muffin top, she's a visual representation of what 20 years' worth of WFH could do to our physical and mental wellbeing and, sadly for Susan, it's not a good look.AdvertisementBy now well-accustomed to her remote worker life, Susan lives in a pair of love heart pajama bottoms (we feel personally victimised) with a Zoom-friendly collared shirt but after years of being hunched over her laptop, she's living with terrible posture and what the experts are calling 'Tech Neck'. Screen time and a

lack of Vitamin Dhave ravaged her skin and left her with heavy eye bags. She's also considerably overweight. Poor Susan.So what does this tell us about the impact of home working on the nation’s mental and physical health in the last 12 months.1. We miss the social side of office work

The watercooler chat just isn't the same over Zoom and around a quarter of Brits working from home say they are struggling with the loneliness and isolation from colleagues, right now*. Read more: British GLAMOUR »

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