17 pairs of the best designer shoes ever

We need them all.

1/25/2021 3:51:00 AM

We need them all.

17 of the best designer shoes to shop now and forever

knocked shoes off the number one fashion accessory slot. But that absence from our outfits has definitely made us yearn for the structure of smart pair of heels or a classic loafer. Especially when you consider that some podiatrists have noted that going barefoot for long periods of time, without the support of shoes, could give you joint issues. Wait, what? What more incentive do you need to get shopping?

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From a styling point of view,designer accessoriesare always the fash pack’s shortcut to elevating even the most basic of outfits. So many of our fave influencers and style icons rely on the formula of high street dress and high end shoes. The cost per wear of a pair of shoes is always going to work out better than that of a, say, evening dress, while the mix of practicality in shoes (they protect your feet!) and aesthetics means shoes could be one of your buys with the best chance at longevity.

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