EXC: Bridget Fonda, 58, seen out for the first time in 12 years

EXCLUSIVE: Bridget Fonda looks unrecognisable as shy star is seen in public for the first time in 12 years

1/27/2022 12:40:00 PM

EXCLUSIVE: Bridget Fonda looks unrecognisable as shy star is seen in public for the first time in 12 years

Fonda was last photographed publicly in 2009 while attending the premiere of Tarantino's World War II epic Inglorious Basterds in Los Angeles.

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It is good to age b/c that’s better than being dead. Weight is a struggle for most & don’t really need it publicized. Ppl already feel bad about themselves b/c ppl like you push the belief that being physically perfect equates happiness. How about focusing on being a good person? You are trying to humiliate her for being a regular person. What do you think your audience looks like? We age & often gain weight.What is your real msg to your audience? That it’s not ok to age & gain weight? Are we somehow less? Should we feel awful about ourselves? Great msg.

Why not just leave her alone. She’s living her life and retired for a reason. Most likely to stay away from the scrutiny of publications like yours. LEAVE HER BE Disgusting of you to stalk her for those photos and publish this trash. Shame on you. Just when we thought it wasn’t possible. A new low. The Daily Heil strikes again

I always wondered where the ones on the right came from. Didn't know that's what blonde hotties turned into. You really go as low as possible don't you? Shame on you! Your article is not only bullies but fat shames. HBD Bridget! I feel like watching SINGLES. PS fcuk the Daily Mail

She is huge, i'm so sad for her Leave her alone! She’s retired. Leave her alone. If only we could go back in time we would delete all the kardashians family What’s the point of this? This is just mean and shitty “journalism” mailonline Why are you supporting stalkers w cameras? May be leave her alone DM, all subscribers are telling you.

Damm you went in hard there on her Birthday didn’t you? I won’t lie I am shocked, she was stunning, as long as she’s happy that’s all that matters She looks like a winner to me. Too many stars don’t let themselves grow past stardom to experience comfort. Leave her alone with this shameful “reporting” The wall takes no prisoners