The internet is obsessed with Lady Gaga's latest LBD (and it's still in stock!)

1/27/2022 6:46:00 AM


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No one pulls off an LBD like Gaga...


Native ShareA glitzy pink all in one with matching hat, a waist-skimming white ponytail and impossible-to-walk-in patent heels - just another day in the life of Gaga's wardrobe.Native ShareAbout to head out into London town and need to find something suitable for the chilly weather? Well why not follow Lady G's lead and opt for a massive Mona Lisa-printed dress with sky-high platform heels? Added bonus points awarded for doing your make-up in a similar style to the famous painting, too.

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PA Native Share Boyfriend jeans and - what looks to be - a band tee is actually a pretty tame look for Gaga but those super-sized sunglasses and extra long Rapunzel hair is a nod to her signature wacky styling.Julia Lee Choi, has been stalking the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook since October 2020, according to court documents.The transport secretary said he shared people's"unease" at the latest revelations to rock Downing Street.Helia Ebrahimi Economics Correspondent It’s not just the man living at No 10 who is having problems, it’s also at No 11, where the chancellor faces a higher debt bill because of soaring inflation.

Rex Features Native Share Salmon pink trousers meets floor-length skirt, a metallic bra-meets-breastplate and a bold furry shrug. It's Gaga all over. She sent emails to Cook approximately 200 times, with some of her emails including photos of what appear to be loaded handguns. Rex Features Native Share A glitzy pink all in one with matching hat, a waist-skimming white ponytail and impossible-to-walk-in patent heels - just another day in the life of Gaga's wardrobe. Rex Features Just how does she walk in those shoes?! Rex Features Native Share Never one to make a low-key exit, Lady Gaga opts for a look-at-me embellished checkerboard jumpsuit, complete with a mane of silver plaited locks for a day out in the city. A court hearing has been scheduled for March 29. PA Photos Native Share About to head out into London town and need to find something suitable for the chilly weather? Well why not follow Lady G's lead and opt for a massive Mona Lisa-printed dress with sky-high platform heels? Added bonus points awarded for doing your make-up in a similar style to the famous painting, too.

Rex Features Native Share Forget boyfriend jeans and a loose-fitting T, when you're Gaga a reptilian-inspired leather number completes an airport look. PA Photos Native Share Lady Gaga made sure her nipples were suitably duct taped away when she was this power shouldered sheer blue dress and huge back platforms to a photocall for her new album, Born This Way. PA Photos Native Share Lady Gaga tried her hand at a spot of modelling, taking to Thierry Mugler’s runway in this structured white gown, huge ponytails and bowl-shaped hat during Paris Fashion Week. Rex Features Native Share There’s not many people who’d make THIS kind of effort for a (very) early morning interview, but Lady Gaga’s not one to let the daylight interfere with her making a huge entrance. The pop queen wore a futuristic peach latex suit, a Mugler headpiece and a visor to the show.

Rex Features Native Share Of course, Lady Gaga’s unique fashion sense doesn’t just extend to her wardrobe - check out these prosthetic pyramid horns she wore grafted onto her skin when she appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. PA Photos Native Share Taking Christmas a little more seriously than the rest of us, Lady Gaga gifted herself to her audience at the 02 Arena in London all wrapped up like a present. PA Photos Native Share Is that chocolate smeared on the side of her face? Again, not the wackiest ensemble she’s ever dared to wear, but the nun in mourning look was a particularly odd choice for the launch of Polaroid Grey Label. Wenn Native Share While this golden dress, bee hive and round sunnies combo was one of the more sedate outfits we’d snapped Gaga in all year, it was the first time the term ‘Cat Lady Chic’ had been mentioned on the fashion desk. PA Photos Native Share Before she revealed her shocking 100% fresh meat dress, Gaga went for this positively regal dress choice – a stunning gown by Alexander McQueen and a magical golden feather hat as crafted by Philip Treacy.

PA Photos Native Share On a scale of one to completely bonkers, Lady Gaga’s now-legendary meat dress was off the charts. Made from cuts of raw meat – including bacon, steak and pork chops and coming complete with meat purse and shoes – the dress has been specially ‘jerked’ and preserved to stop it …well…going off, really! PA Photos Native Share A sheer lace jumpsuit is enough to send tremors down even the most fearless fashionista’s spine – not GaGa, who sported hers with a huge plastic flower hat by Charlie le Mindu and matching rose petal mask. PA Photos Native Share It’s all-white on the night for Lady GaGa in a Francesco Scognamiglio tiered overcoat at this year’s BRIT Awards, where she scooped three awards. The finishing touch? A Philip Treacy lace mask, naturally. PA Photos Native Share More skin baring bodysuits, this time white lace and matching booties, courtesy of artist and designer Alex Noble.

PA Photos Native Share Stand back! Lady GaGa accessorises her pearl-covered Terence Koh biker jacket and conductor’s hat with erm, talcum powder?! PA Photos Native Share Sporting a magical, Swarovski crystal-covered ‘solar system’ gown and platforms, custom made for her by Giorgio Armani – topped with a banana yellow wig. Rex Features Native Share How do you solve one of fashion’s biggest conundrums: what to wear to meet the Queen? With a red latex gown, of course, like Lady GaGa in her Royal Variety performance number, which was complete with Elizabethan collar and 12 metre train – and took seven people two weeks to make! PA Photos Native Share Adding that extra (possibly unnecessary!) edge to a transparent latex, custom made Rachael Barrett dress with a Mouton Collet antler hat. PA Photos Native Share The chalky stuff is back, this time dusted over a Marc Jacobs spring 2010 look, John Galliano heels and an Erickson Beamon headpiece for the ACE awards, where the Lady picked up her Stylemaker Award. PA Photos Native Share Putting her own stamp on a Jean Paul Gaultier gown, Lady GaGa adds a feathered neck brace, along with a mask and feather ring by House of Blue Eyes. PA Photos Native Share She might have one of the most bizarre wardrobes in pop, but boy, does this girl know the value of a killer heel – she matched her white basque (trimmed with locks of blonde hair, no less) with these droolworthy Raphael Young black and gold booties.

PA Photos Native Share As GaGa goes, this harlequin jumpsuit is pretty low-key – we’re talking minimal accessories and poker-straight hair – but that oversized ruff stays true to her out-there style. Rex Features Native Share GaGa goes back to the future in this disco ball mirrored corset and matching mask performing at Glastonbury. Rex Features Native Share A telephone? For a hat? You bet! GaGa rocks this quirky accessory by London-based designer Fred Butler for an appearance on Jonathan Ross’ chat show – paired with a rather restrained trouser suit. Rex Features Native Share Nice day for a white wedding: check out bridal couture done the GaGa way, as the style maverick wears a sheer slip and veil over a sequin mini dress and globe earrings for a disco twist. Rex Features Native Share Another sheer lace jumpsuit comes out of the GaGa closet, but this time it’s the halo hairpiece she’s wearing that really perplexed us.

Rex Features Native Share Props to Lady GaGa for being the only celebrity who could dream of pulling off this Gareth Pugh-designed winged costume for her performance on the X Factor last year. Rex Features Native Share An LBD and a pair of YSL patent pumps – surely we’re not talking about Lady GaGa?! Oh wait, how could miss that sunflower hairpiece? That’s more like it... WENN Native Share Robocop meets the lady in red as GaGa steps out in thisPam Hogg leotard, fishnet tights and the A-list essential, a pair of YSL Trib Twos.

WENN Native Share Dressing up her Rachael Barrett silicone number with Giorgio Armani platforms and the unforgettable Philip Treacy lobster hat. Rex Features Native Share Just what a studded leather corset needs – a pyrotechnic bra. Lady GaGa puts on a real show at the Much Music Video Awards in 2009. Rex Features Native Share We’re not sure which is stranger – the see-through futurism-meets-cavewoman dress, the gigantic floral hand she’s wearing. Complete with magical club, of course… Topics .