Don King: Legendary boxing promoter on BLM, being friends with Trump and legacy

Boxing promoter Don King talks to @mattfrei about regrets, fighting against racism and endorses a Donald Trump presidential run in 2024, saying: “The people need Trump.”

1/21/2022 11:44:00 PM

Boxing promoter Don King talks to mattfrei about regrets, fighting against racism and endorses a Donald Trump presidential run in 2024, saying: “The people need Trump.”

He might be 90 years old, but the notorious American boxing promoter Don King is putting on a championship fight night in Ohio next week, declaring: 'I will slow down when I go to heaven.”

Europe Editor and PresenterHe might be 90 years old, but the notorious American boxing promoter Don King is putting on a championship fight night in Ohio next week, declaring: “I will slow down when I go to heaven.”King, who persuaded Muhammad Ali to take part in the 1974 Rumble in the Jungle clash, also promoted countless heavyweight champions like Mike Tyson, and served four years in jail for murder.

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mattfrei Regardless of your opinion of Don King the smart comment the end from a reporter who’s meant to be neutral was totally inappropriate & unprofessional !! mattfrei mattfrei He has regrets, yet is willing to endorse Trump presidential candidacy at next elections......He obviously hasn't learnt his life lessons .That will be another big regret for him in his book of regrets

mattfrei Would you be 'honoured' to interview a white convicted murderer, who expressed 'no regrets'? Why don't you interview Radovan Karadžić? He's flamboyant too. mattfrei Looks great for a 90 year old, but definitely showing all his faculties are not in place, when commenting on Trump. mattfrei Horrid man. Destroyed lives.

mattfrei JackieLongc4 horrendous interview with King mattfrei. Jackie's face said what many of us were thinking. You shouldn't become nostalgic with a man who blindly supports Trump for 'no good reasons' other than the money they have made through boxing. Wasted precious reporting time. mattfrei No presenters outside Number 10 or Windsor Castle this evening. You must have been really struggling to fill the program tonight.

mattfrei The whole world needs a Trump. We need a cloun and an American one at best. mattfrei The way the votes went last time, I can't see Trump being re-elected. I guess Don King is after the money mattfrei Don's been on the sauce again 😂😂

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mattfrei He regrets fighting against racism? mattfrei mattfrei Disappointing end to this evening's show. mattfrei Noooooooo🙄 mattfrei What a waste of a normally good news programme. mattfrei I genuinely thought he was dead mattfrei Rich crook backs rich crook. mattfrei Nobody needs trump, nobody. mattfrei Too many blows to the head

mattfrei Has he not noticed that Trump is a racist?

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