Vladmir Putin ‘is bluffing’ over Ukraine invasion, says financier

We spoke to Bill Browder, a financier who invested in Russian business, later to be targeted by the government there.

1/21/2022 11:42:00 PM

“I think he is bluffing.” Bill Browder, a financier who invested in Russian business, later to be targeted by the Russian government tells mattfrei “the probability Vladmir Putin willingly enters into a bloody war… is not something he wants to do.”

We spoke to Bill Browder, a financier who invested in Russian business, later to be targeted by the government there.

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Billbrowder mattfrei mfa_russia is bluffing as afraid of sanctions, totally agree with Billbrowder pwsimerimiaw mattfrei He may have been bluffing, he may still be bluffing but stuff happens & he may be backing himself into a situation where he is forced by circumstances to ditch the bluffing and carry out the threat, even if that is counterproductive to his original aims. History repeats itself.

Billbrowder mattfrei With everything you have been through with Put-in, I am deeply shocked you assume he's bluffing. Put-in has lost his cool in the eyes of the world and now he is going ALL-IN !!! By mattfrei 'Invested in Russian business'. In the 1990s. But he's on the right side. Billbrowder mattfrei As my father used to say, ‘the Russians are the best chess players in the world’. So keep sacrificing your pawns, NATO. Russia already won.

ltwlauren mattfrei no. i don’t think so. the russian ruble is low. putin needs to pump oil for his customers. oil is also war. he’s itching for a conflict. What is 100,000 Russian troops surrounding Ukraine… alone. I just in the past few weeks another 10 K. mattfrei Break news don’t miss it, tomorrow the guest will be Anne Applebaum. CH4 News is looking RT TV one side news, talking about corruption isn’t Mr Bill Browder wanted by Interpol for taxes evasion Billbrowder

Billbrowder mattfrei I agree that Putin is bluffing, but I also believe that Putin thinks that Ukraine can give him what he wants w/o Russia firing a shot. Example - the absolutely insane decision by Pres. Zelenskyy to prosecute former Pres Poroshenko. Concessions fr. the West would be a dividend Billbrowder mattfrei How can he be bluffing when he says he's not going to invade the Ukraine?

Ukraine tension: Biden says he thinks Putin will 'move in'The US president says he thinks Russia's leader will 'move in' but does not want a 'full-blown war'. This is how ww2 started. Welcome to the start of ww3.. clearly no lessons from the millions upon millions dead hasn't been learnt. China will be next, followed by Iran, the taliban, seria and NK. China should 'move in' to taiwan at same time, who will america fight then lmao POTUS says a lot of ridiculous things.

Biden says Putin will pay ‘dear price’ if he invades UkrainePresident Joe Biden said he believes Vladimir Putin does not want full-blown war in Ukraine, and would pay a “dear price” if he moves forward with a military incursion.Mr Biden, speaking at a news conference to mark his one-year anniversary in office, also said he believes that Russia is preparing to take action on Ukraine, though he does not think Mr Putin has made a final decision.The White House later clarified that any Russian military action would be met with a “swift, severe” response.Sign up to our free newsletters by clicking here He didn't actually say that though did he? Gutter journalism at its worst from the MSM as per usual

Liz Truss calls on ‘free world’ to reduce economic dependence on RussiaThe Foreign Secretary warned Vladimir Putin he must ‘desist and step back’ from war in Ukraine or risk being dragged into a prolonged conflict. they should start with conservative party donors When falling in love, the most afraid of people is still accepting love, but in their hearts never appear their own shadow oh

Could Ukraine’s anti-tank missiles hamper a Russian invasion?They could make it harder for Russia’s army to enter cities, but they won’t halt it Just want to say a very big thank you to Mrs lisamiabtc3 and her company platform for their transparency, I had doubts at first but seeing I got paid I deemed it necessary to share with the general public and to let them know that you can be truly trusted..thank you so much. These Russian Gen 5 jets will take out Ukrainian tanks from miles away. NATO is having a wet dream and they’re a little old for that, ey? You shouldn’t have woken the sleeping BEAR 🇷🇺. EU liberal leftist tyrants circle jerked a bit too early, ey? Oye!

US accuses Russia of conspiring to take over Ukraine governmentTreasury imposes sanctions on four current and former Ukraine government officials it says involved in alleged conspiracy

Britain should stay well out of Russia’s border dispute with Ukraine | Simon JenkinsJohnson won’t save his skin by threats of war with another ailing populist, and Putin will not be stopped by the west, says Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins Border dispute? Orwell would be so proud. Ukraine is alone like Afghanistan and in future Taiwan. West is not a loyal partner, they only care about their economic interests, and anything that deprives their economic benefits and a good night's sleep is being neglected. Human rights and freedom for them are showy slogan. Johnson going to do a Maggie Thatcher here