Cycle race shut Harrogate town centre for a month - council report

6/27/2022 6:23:00 PM

Cycle race shut Harrogate town centre for a month - council report

Cycle race shut Harrogate town centre for a month - council report

The UCI Road World Championships in 2019 caused an 'unacceptable' impact, a council report says.

Image caption, Dozens of roads were closed during the nine-day event An international cycle race held in Harrogate "effectively closed down" the town centre for a month, a report says.The government has provided new powers to local authorities which allows them to fine motorists who infringe on cycle lanes and cycle tracks, in the same way that they currently do with bus lanes and yellow box junctions.Subscribe to our daily newsletter! Sign Up Simon Perks, owner of Christmas Perks in Wyle Cop and member of Shrewsbury BID board, takes a look at the rainbow on Pride Hill.More measures are being taken to reduce the amount of cars on Deansgate, the council has announced.

A review of the 2019 UCI Road World Championships said it caused an "unacceptable" impact on businesses and residents.More than £120,000 was spent repairing the Stray public park which was badly damaged when it was used as a fan zone.Siwan Hayward, TfL's director of compliance, policing, operations and security, said: "Protecting designated space for cyclists is essential in keeping them safe and improving confidence to cycle.However, a previous council study said the nine-day event resulted in a £17.Jonathan Soden, of The Soden Collection in Wyle Cop and member of the Shrewsbury BID board, said the rainbow would make a strong statement.8m boost to the local economy." Follow BBC London on.According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service , the latest review by Harrogate Council gathered the views of 689 respondents - 52% of whom said the event was not beneficial to Harrogate.Other measures are designed to keep access open to public transport.

Conservative councillor Nick Brown said in a draft report: "There was a common perception that the event effectively closed down the centre of Harrogate, not just for the nine days of the UCI but for nearly a month, including set-up and dismantling.“I absolutely commend such efforts to raise the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community in Shropshire and show support to the diversity of individuals who may describe themselves as being part of this community."Looking to the future, there is a place for exciting, perhaps shorter, events that portray Harrogate and North Yorkshire in a good light, nationally and throughout the world." The recommendations include better consultation with residents and businesses during the early stages of events planning, and also using road closure signs which are "positive" and do not "deter travel".Image caption, Heavy rainfall exacerbated the damage to the part of the Stray used as a fan zone The report said the damage to the park was not caused by bad weather, but the "actions of contractors and sub-contractors that did not comply with contractual requirements".” Catherine Armstrong, vice principal – curriculum support and business development, at Shrewsbury Colleges Group, said: “We applaud this initiative by Shrewsbury BID and the local councils to demonstrate support for the LGBTQ+ community and help celebrate Pride Month.The Stray Defence Association told the report's authors that the event was a "disaster" and led to parts of the park being closed for 338 days.The main features will include: Other changes have also been proposed including improvements to the barriers, cones and signs which have until now separated vehicles on the road.

As well as the £35,500 from the event organisers, a further £95,000 was spent on park upgrades by the council which spent £606,000 on hosting the event.The championships were held in September 2019 when hundreds of international cyclists competed in races across Yorkshire, with each finishing in Harrogate.It marked the first time in nearly 40 years that the event had come to the UK and it was watched by an estimated worldwide television audience of 329m people.Follow BBC Yorkshire on.

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If it had been full sunshine, the town would have made Millions, the weathers part of them risks, all money councils get and waste, winge over hosting a massive sporting event I live here. The town centre wasn’t shut. Maybe not fully accessible by car, but it certainly wasn’t shut. That was a great week!

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