Covid has thrived on racial discrimination, says Baroness Doreen Lawrence

Covid has thrived on racial discrimination, says Baroness Doreen Lawrence

10/27/2020 4:02:00 AM

Covid has thrived on racial discrimination, says Baroness Doreen Lawrence

Labour's review says ethnic minorities are 'over-exposed' and have worse healthcare than white people.

from Covid-19 as white British people.People of Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, other Asian, black Caribbean and other black ethnicity had between a 10% and 50% higher risk of death when compared with white British people.In her report, Baroness Lawrence - whose 18-year-old son Stephen was

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murdered in a racially motivated attackin 1993 - wrote: "Black, Asian and minority ethnic people have been over-exposed, under-protected, stigmatised and overlooked during this pandemic - and this has been generations in the making."The impact of Covid is not random, but foreseeable and inevitable, the consequence of decades of structural injustice, inequality and discrimination that blights our society."

The report said BAME workers were more likely than white people to work in "frontline" jobs and come into contact with coronavirus.When accessing healthcare, there was a "lack of cultural and language-appropriate communication", with patients "not being taken seriously when presenting with symptoms", it added.

BAME people were also "under-represented across the senior leadership of the NHS".Baroness Lawrence, whose report was commissioned by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer in April, said BAME groups had "also been subject to disgraceful racism as some have sought to blame different communities for the spread of the virus".

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Oh ffs something else! Many BAME people live in family groups as it’s in their culture, they do the same in Asian countries too. Stop blaming racial prejudice on the virus when it’s culture based! Race baiting again! It doesn't though, it thrives on socio-cultural behaviours and lifestyle choices. Victimhood entails never taking personal responsibility and Doreen Lawrence champions that.

Basically speaking black people are genetically different from white people with black people having less tolerance to pandemics such as COVID. To blame racism for the deaths of black people is not true. I want more stories on the racial bias against whites please I wouldn’t be surprised if It’s down to melatonin. Nothing cultural or social economic.

Nonsense and more nonsense as usual Absolute rubbish Report: Rubbish She doesn't mention the ignorance of BAME shoppers who refuse to wear face coverings etc - woman needs removing from her position with statements such as this What the actual fuckety fuck fuck ? Where will it end ? How can both of these articles be true?

No mention of health predispositions and ethnicity in Northern Hemisphere in the report especially that there are links between Vitamin D levels, health and ability to fight infections. Only systemic racism is guilty of all the deaths. Really sick of having to listen to this woman. WatchRatio Utter tosh.. My black friends don't think so.

She is earning a lot of money out of all this .. How can a report like this not mention blood group risks? Does this infer we now face a sentient virus that discriminates against people by ethnicity simply because of the colour of their skin? If not, this . headline appears to be either misleading or dangerously ignorant. Which is it?

What is she saying we should do then? May I suggest less marches and more social distancing. I live in London and I see “BAME people” being very relaxed with the rules. Maybe look at that LIARS LIARS LIARS DefundTheBBC What utter rubbish. Talk about a ‘chip’ It’s because a lot of Asian families choose to live with parents and grandparents and before idiots start saying because they can’t afford houses of there own NO ! It’s how they like to live FACT !!

This woman thinks everything is racist. So the 200 people in the Luton Mosque this week with no masks or distancing are likely to get & spread it because of discrimination, not because they think they are above the rules? Are the BAME community not tired yet of being made out to be poor victims? And why when a Black person stands up and says they aren’t being oppressed by white people, do the rest of the BAME people shout racial slurs at them?

Baron of Greymatter, perhaps. Covid came from China. It’s not racist, just the truth. 2020 has been a year of telling white people how awful they are. The People who spend years being told their race was bad are now doing the same to white people. It’s all about revenge. 😂 😂 😂 How did they ever got into politics....

Another racist card is play again and again Well said, Doreen, another clapper. EVERYTHING is racist! The sun, the moon and the stars are racist. Earth, air, water and fire are racist. North, south, east and west - all racist. The periodic table is deeply racist, especially potassium. All 43 genders are racist. Shall I go on?

🤦‍♂️ You lot want get a grip Think you’re so hard done too It has thrived on stupidity not racism, diseases are not racist And the BBC at it again 🙄 Barriers to healthcare? What barriers ffs!!! Give it a rest Lol COV19 has thrived on contact distancing. BAME due to culture differences live on top of each other. Hence greater transmission. It's not rocket science.🤦‍♂️

A virus is not racist. Look at *people* not wearing masks in confined spaces like public transport and you'll realise why it looks that way. Maybe actions like this has something to do with the figures?!? Unbelievable how can people keep believing this Labour Party garbage? Nonsense Here we go again 💤 💤 💤

Of course it has darlin’ Barriers to healthcare for BAME? After her obscene postulation that if.the poor victims of Grenfell had been White the fire brigade would've tried harder to rescue them her viewpoint carries less weight. Can the virus tell your colour I think someone needs to walk through trains/ shopping centres/ grocery stores and see who are wearing masks. Maybe it has a correlation to the numbers.

How can a virus discriminate? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The figures may show a racial/ethnic divide BUT that is neither racial discriminationn nor racist. It's a fact of life that is not premeditated nor planned. Societies are unequal. I’m sorry that her son died, it was a terrible thing and should never have happened BUT all this lady does now is keep stirring up racial tension. She clearly has an issue with white people and understandably so but she is a race baiter who should be ashamed of herself.

Give it a rest, woman. What rubbish Blah Some communities are more likely to be exposed to the virus because of the frontline key worker occupations proportionally they are in. But that’s not racism! A disease isn’t racist. EVERYONE has access to the same excellent free healthcare. Language barriers are not racism.

Wondered how long it would be before she had a say.... Looks like this terrible virus is racist We need to ask why Let’s take the virus to court or let’s stop wasting money and find a cure Much like herself then? And that means what exactly? *openly supports BLM protesting during the covid pandemic* Yet again why no mention of the lack of Vitamin D ?

What a pile of pish You Naughty Virus you know it’s not nice to be Racist. Mug Oh stop the whingeing... I think Ms Lawrence has been looking at this through tinted glasses. No credibility. Another none story from the race baiting BBC. Sadly it seems there’s only ever 1 conclusion when this person is involved. She does more harm than good with her hate spreading & wolf cries of racism. She has 0 credibility due to her being fuelled by her own hate filled agenda sadly. doreenlawrence COVID19

Well if you are not going to follow the simple rules when going out in public, what do you expect. Really, more like it's thrived on obese people, those who can't look after themselves, those stupid enough to ignore the government guidance, those who simply put, life isn't for them. Total rubbish 🤣😴😴😴

FFS ridiculous So that why when I ask a young lad to pick up his can he dropped on the floor he turned round and said I was a racist because I asked him to do something He better go and get checked for Covid as I might have given it to him by asking to pick up his litter Keep on stirring the pot bbc Who’s typing this rubbish?

Blacks are not the only ones with no hope no jobs and poor housing ShogunCharlie Doreen Lawrence thrives on public attention generated by her race baiting mouth. I think doreeeeeen is racist. Just my opinion of course. No it hasn't It's not everyone else's fault that bame people want subsidized housing, beggars can't be choosers

Absolutely no evidence whatsoever that racial prejudice is an indicator of Covid.... and death certificate doesn’t register race! BBC is promoting untruths, devoid of evidence despite in-depth study. She’s a racebaiter Strip her of her title Here we go Here we go Does the Baroness mean like the 300 muslims having an altercation at a mosque?

Your comments are no better than the original article and so predictable Give it a rest, huh? Just for one day? In my part of south London, the biggest number of people not wearing masks or social distancing in shops & on public transport is those of African descent. Perhaps it is a disregard of rules rather than racism, but then haters will hate & use it to stir up trouble.

pot kettle and black comes to mind The BBC, who are pushing the Covid lies, are funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (who stand to make $billions from a vaccine) Source BBC: That race baiting woman sees racism in everything. Shame she wasn't so prescient about her son's drug dealing 🤔 She should never have received an honour, she epitomises all that is wrong with the current state of race relations in the UK!

Many of the reasons in the article absolutely true however why not mention of lie vitamin D & metabolic health? Both issues which make covid out come worse? Another attempt at driving the wedge between normal people by the BBC, who wish they could signal virtue as though our racial problems were on a US scale. DefundTheBBC

Shut up, trying to stay relevant. The End. Im intrigued why pointing to the death of her son is relevent in this article? Esp Coming from an organisation that purports to be neutral. She has a role in an organisation, to evaluate a subject, her conclusion are not based on her sons death, but the evidence she puts forward.

‘A labour report says’ they’re a vile race baiting party. ‘Barriers’ to healthcare, no. It’s free and available to all and nobody is ever and has ever been turned away on the sole basis of their skin colour and there’s absolutely no evidence of that ever happening. Did you mention it with last year flu virus, or the year befores, or the year before that? Why is this one so discriminating, Baroness?

Worse healthcare than white people? Are we not all using the same NHS? One. Trick. Pony. We knew that in the first 8 weeks in UK alone. Her issue should be WTF BorisJohnson and Far Right sympathising Conservatives are doing zero about it! Absolute rubbish, it has affected all people in similar living conditions. Race relations have plummeted since the nauseous Marxist BLM propaganda has dominated the MSM, including ruining sport and entertainment for many in times it was most needed. Now the virus is racist too.

🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Covid is racist 🤣 heard it all now. Switch to on-demand and legally DefundTheBBC 👀🤔🤷‍♂️😷 Thats Pathetic She lost all credibility when she branded the Fire Service Racist. How can a disease be called discrimate? White's get it also. FFS absolute crap Hi gammons, you know that the BBC deliberately post these to annoy you, yeah?

Just like black on black gang related knife crime in Khan's Stabistan, innit Fam? This is an excellent report. BAME communities are more exposed to the virus than white people because of the frontline key worker occupations they are in. Donald Trump's finger-pointing at China doesn't help global health efforts to control the virus spread (Time magazine).

Gammons! Gammons in the comments! Get down!! What an utterly stupid woman, no wonder she's in the HoL. I can get the overexposed (higher density living conditions and work in high-risk jobs) but healthcare is the same for all races the only difference comes social class with access to GPs really bad in high-density areas, but that's also true in remote under populate areas as well

Clown world. Wow this will trigger the snowflakes............... This is a story about the mental deterioration of a peer. Nothing more. She's a scientist now is she? More bullshit. Doreen Lawrence race baiting again? Any mention of the grooming gangs yet Doreen? Thought not. Meanwhile... Moronic 💩 This is absolutely pathetic.

No one is talking about how males are affected by covid19 alot more than females. Well if they mean rule of 6 given jewish muslim families it not father mother 2 kids but grand parents uncles cousins under same roof oh 6 bedroom + house off course. Literally me by the end of this fucking year!!! She's right, DNA is also a big factor in who gets sick and for how long

More race baiting crap from BBC Nonsense on a stick! I’m not sure how a virus can purposely decide who to go after! The only fact out there is humans, including all colours or religion, spread the virus, not just the government or opposite colours. People should take responsibility for theirselves. News flash poverty hits anyone!

This is not BBC's fault. Is the MPs the public are voting for. Look at that privileged Labour MP that thinks is a SJW...... The left - The NHS would collapse without diversity. Also the left - The NHS is racist. 🤦‍♂️ Whenever any news outlet tweets stories about racism, the comments are immediately filled with gammonflake trolls who don't intend on reading the acutual article, they're just trying to get likes from other trolls & stir shit up. Must be a lonely life.

I'm from Liverpool and the murder of Anthony in Huyton appalled everyone in the City. But I'm Afraid that you are wrong on this, Baroness. How can a legitimate news source publish this shit? Bbc never give up staring the shit Lol I don’t think a virus sees ‘race’ or discriminates against it, but nice try 🤣

Smart guy that Covid. Give it a rest. Stop bringing race into everything! 🤷🏼‍♂️ Multicultural Britain has failed yet again. If unfortunately it has spread amongst the BAME community more than the white community it's only because they socialise and mix between themselves as families a lot better and more than white families. Its no ones fault.

Baroness 🤣 Oh FFS. Shameless. What a pile of race baiting rubbish Vile woman! Wow now covid is racist, now iv seen it all 🤦🏿 BBC PROMOTE MORE LEFT WING RACIAL DIVISION AND HATRED. I KNEW IT Give it a rest. So what about the white elderly in residence homes? They haven't been hard hit then? 🙄 A racist virus. That's a new one.

Daft. It’s thrived because? Piss off Doreen. Thanks xx Just stupid Review finds that divisive identity politics has thrived on Covid. Here comes the bigoted gammon trolls. More racist conspiracy theorist bullshit from the extreme left pushed by the ever more irrelevant BBC. DefundTheBBC A Baroness uttering total utter bollocks, everything in the world that’s good is black and all the bad is the fault of the whites.

Utter crap Nobody is denied treatment based on skin colour, nobody receives different treatment based on skin colour If Labour wants to say that the NHS is made up of minorities, they surely can't be simultaneously claiming those minorities are being racist to non-white people

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