Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to US Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to US Supreme Court

10/27/2020 3:10:00 AM

Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to US Supreme Court

Donald Trump scores pre-election victory as US Senate confirms his pick for the vacant Supreme Court seat, Amy Coney Barrett.

EPAThe US Senate has confirmed Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court in a victory for President Donald Trump a week before the general election.Mr Trump's fellow Republicans voted 52-48 to approve the judge, overcoming the unified opposition of Democrats.

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The 48-year-old is expected to take the oath of office at the White House on Monday night.Her appointment seals for the foreseeable future a 6-3 conservative majority on the top US judicial body.Only one Republican, Senator Susan Collins, who faces a tough re-election battle in Maine, voted against the president's nominee in Monday evening's vote.

Judge Barrett is the third justice appointed by the Republican president, after Neil Gorsuch in 2017 and Brett Kavanaugh in 2018.How is Donald Trump doing in the polls?The federal appeals court judge from Indiana fills the vacancy left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a liberal icon who died last month.

Democrats had argued for weeks that it should be up to the winner of the 3 November election to pick the nominee.Shortly before the Senate vote, Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader, vowed his party would "not stop fighting".But although his colleagues took to the floor of the upper chamber to denounce the proceedings, they had no further options to block the confirmation.

Who is Amy Coney Barrett?Favoured by social conservatives due to record on issues like abortion and gay marriageA devout Catholic but says her faith does not influence her legal opinionAn originalist, which means interpreting US Constitution as authors intended, not moving with the time

Lives in Indiana, has seven children including two adopted from HaitiBut Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell stood by his party's decision to forge ahead with the confirmation vote.The Kentucky senator said: "We don't have any doubt, do we, that if the shoe was on the other foot, they'd be confirming. You can't win them all, and elections have consequences."

President Trump, just returned from campaigning in Pennsylvania, will preside over Justice Barrett's swearing-in ceremony at the White House later on Monday evening.Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas will administer one of the two oaths of office that justices take, according to the White House.

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The event will take place on the south lawn of the executive mansion, a month after a similar event to unveil Justice Barrett as the president's nominee was linked to a Covid-19 outbreak that was followed by the president himself testing positive for the disease.

Justices usually take a separate judicial oath at the court itself a short ride away from the White House, but no details have yet been announced.Justice Barrett could cast a decisive vote in a number of looming cases, including a Trump-backed challenge to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

A previous ruling by Justice Barrett on Obamacare has alarmed advocates of the healthcare programme, while her past writings on abortion have triggered liberal warnings that the 1973 Supreme Court decision which legalised abortion nationwide could be overuled.

Also coming up on the top court's docket are decisions on deadlines for accepting postal ballots in the critical presidential election states of North Carolina and Pennsylvania.Raising the stakes on Monday, the Supreme Court rejected a request to allow postal ballots received beyond election day in Wisconsin, another state through which the electoral road to the White House could lie.

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I shagged her Wonderful. night Hopefully his last victory. Good news sanity restored. Time for US to revise the Separation of Powers? bbcnews americast No BBC, the senate voted 52-48......your desperation to pimp your agenda makes you look infantile. 👹👹👹👹 no scandals? Great news for sanity, America and the unborn! Bad news for infanticide, evil and the BBC. Perhaps we should start having a discussion about this in the UK?

And a cult member was confirmed to the court. BBC fake TV news channel is obsessed with this and has just run a totally biased report screeching about Trump appointing 3 judges and the USSC's '6 to 3 conservative majority' ..not a peep that both of the judges the BBC's idol, Obama appointed 'just happened' to be liberals

We will see people protesting London over something that happens in USA night As an originalist it will be interesting to see how original her actions will be. Somehow I expect them to be pretty negative compared to the previous Judge she is replacing. Trump destroys the libtards. That’s why he’s so hated by them. 😆

America2020 Cue the Lefty've got to love Trump, knows exactly which buttons to press. Great news! What a strong intelligent woman! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Another win for Trump 😂 And amercia goes down the toilet just a little bit more than before Amy Conanthe Barbarian... umm Britain obsession with America you will think they colonised United Kingdom. Mate what happened to Rule Britannia?

Republicans especially Mitch the weasel McConnell will always be remembered as two faced hypocrites at least🙄 Never forget. These hypocrites act out of self interest first and formost 🥱 F*cking disgusting Almost time to pack the court, Joe, MerrickGarland MCM0NA007 Brilliant news.....far too many lefty corrupt Dems in DC..this is good news!

Disgusting hypocrisy. I can hear the feminist cheers of joy from here! The majority of Americans did not want this. 😔🤦🏼‍♀️ Thanks be to God. Republicans have tried to undo the great legacy of the Greatest Generation of Europe and America . Sadly, Democrats cannot undo the pandemic murders of Donald Trump.

Gross The devil is worming its way deeper and deeper into our society.

'Power grab': how Republican hardball gave us Amy Coney BarrettConfirmation of a sixth conservative on the nine-member court is due on Monday, the result of ruthless Republican politics It’s called the Constitution here. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Yeah... but mostly it was the death of the previous Supreme Court Justice.

Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to supreme court in major victory for US conservativesSenate’s confirmation of Barrett, 48, cements rightwing domination of court for years to come Disgraceful 😡 It would be nice if the left and the democrats congratulated her. But that's not going to happen is it. Apparently being woke doesn't mean having manners.

Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court eight days before 2020 electionBarrett is fifth woman to serve on high court disgraceful They couldn’t stop it- but if theDemocrats get enough senate and congress seats - they can stop anything coming their way to judge on.. Can we get some F's in the chat for roe v wade?

Amy Coney Barrett wins crucial backing for Supreme Court confirmation as last Republican announces supportSupreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett won crucial backing when one of the last Republican holdouts against filling the seat so close to Election Day announced support ahead of a confirmation vote expected Monday 👊🏻 13Justices It will make sure that even id all Americans vote for Biden, Trump will be appointed as president as 2/3 of the Supreme court are in Trumps pocket, the old word is corruption.

Democrats planning 30-hour 'digital filibuster' to try to stop Amy Coney Barrett being confirmedSenators including Kamala Harris and Chuck Schumer will deliver messages as part of a campaign of protest against the woman set to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Supreme Court Such bad losers. Really unfair and unkind to ACB, who is an exemplary women, mother and citizen. Hey?

Democrats hold Senate floor overnight to protest Amy Coney Barrett confirmation – liveMike Pence staff test positive; Trump aide admits ‘we’re not going to control pandemic’; nearly 60 million cast early votes What’d they accomplish? Nothing Democrats protesting the democratic process. Whatever next? It is done and she will be confirmed lads.