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All the latest coronavirus news from across Sussex, Kent and Surrey.

4/8/2020 8:21:00 PM

Motorist caught driving at 130mph on M25 claims he was speeding to avoid catching coronavirus

All the latest coronavirus news from across Sussex, Kent and Surrey.

Image caption: Work on a new facility in Aylesford, Kent, began on MondayKent County Council has pledged to spend £11 million on the installation of temporary mortuaries as it unveiled its coronavirus emergency plans.A maximum of 3,000 bodies could be stored in three new morgue locations in Kent over the next 10 months as urgent work on identifying sites begins.

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The current mortuary capacity has been deemed “insufficient” to deal with the forecast number of coronavirus deaths across the county, including Medway.Councillor Roger Gough (Con), the leader of Kent County Council, said: “Our priority is to ensure that, at all times, that there is dignity and respect for those who have lost their lives and consideration for the bereaved.”

County council officials have said they are preparing for a “worst-case scenario” and also following the advice of the Government. The mortuaries are expected to operate over varying time periods, lasting from 20 to 40 weeks.Councillor Gough told the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “Kent is not alone in the need to make appropriate preparations for increased mortuary demand and we have a statutory responsibility to take the lead in responding to the coronavirus outbreak in Kent.

“We also have to plan, like every other authority across the country, for the worst-case scenario and to ensure that sufficient mortuary capacity is available should it be required.”He added: “It is crucial that KCC takes these steps now so that we are prepared for all eventualities.”

A total of £11m will be invested in the installation of three temporary morgues in Kent, which will be paid from Maidstone County Hall’s reserves. This was approved by Kent County Council's leader as part of an urgent decision on Monday.The cash will be spent on security, body storage management, transportation services and site clearance, including decontamination and staffing.

Work started on Monday on the creation of a temporary morgue in Beddow Way, Aylesford, which is due to be completed by April 20.A marquee with a floor space of 1,000 square metres is due to be installed in one part of the site. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

excuses 😝 Kkkk 🤣💦 Yeah it's like running faster in the rain, you get less wet. Wait... I wouldn’t blame him either. No one has the correct information about this virus 🦠 so he might be right. Since there is no solution let him go freely. Good effort EmmeIineRussell I don’t get this. To avoid being catched BY coronavirus, he probably meant. 😂

🤣 Best coronavirus headline I’ve seen. I mean.... I’ve heard less reasonable excuses AqibAftaba LOOOOOOOOOOOL fair point if you ask me Knight this man 🗡 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ DaniiBarden69 a legit reason me thinks 🤷🏻‍♂️ Imprison the criminal and ban from driving for 5 years after being released I believe him Made me laugh but ridiculous driving

Adam coronavirus e yakalanmamak için saatte 130 mil hız yapmış. Coronanın da hızı bir yere kadar tabi. Jude_Mugabi Hehehehe I bet if am in the BMW M5 it won't catch me BurchettJason Definitely got the WhatsApp from his mate in the NHS saying the virus can reach speeds of 129mph Dale_MUFC_ You know what all these ppl have in common? Their wives

That is amazing: being able to speed on the M25! Someone caught speeding on the M1 the other day too. Over 100mph. Was travelling from Nottingham to London. When asked what he was doing, responded that he was travelling to London because the loo rolls were a penny cheaper there!!!! Maverick_E 😂😅😂🤣 cant be too carefull

The_LCDC Did it work? Should have been found not guilty for that excellent excuse. 🙈🙈 Racing drivers: empire0fsilence lmaooo why did I think of you? 😂 DRawlinson1994 🤣🤣🤣 Bhavikchheda2 TheShiveshSinha twillynavy246 Jackass didn't realise that if he drives so fast he will catch up to Ms Rona? 🙄 Sir_Zachi King_RubixQ look at this

frorider1996 bh_coxx you DarkDrag0nNinja I love being British. 😂😂😂😂😂 reecegough fuck sake 😂😂 Adam_smurf ethanii 🤷‍♂️ Is there any proof that this did not work? I live by two busy A roads and can tell you he’s hardly the only one who’s driving like a total dickead during the crisis. It’s like they think the police are too preoccupied with this lockdown to worry about people speeding.

kieronhallx Fentuo_ Ahhhh anthonywatson_ Can’t argue with that. Smart. How fast is coronavirus? James_Jenko neilsinton2 I was joking when I told you to use that as an excuse 😂 👏Well done sir What 🤔 Driving up here today, might use same excuse KyleJohnButler 😂 RealMrchappelow jgibo90 Was Coronavirus sitting on a Harley Davidson chasing him in a leather jacket

alec1271 Man got it wrong. Corona travels faster than that. Put your foot down next time ! Seems like lots think its great to go fast now the roads are quieter Most British thing a Brit could do Jail, max fine, a good wallop then sent to the nearest mental hospital. __caitlincx xedaFire 😭 That would have been my excuse too.

He had just burnt down a 5G mast as well evidently. Well the onus is on the police to prove his claim is bogus. Good luck, so not guilty! Big deal. There isn’t a lot of traffic on the roads. People are capable of driving fast. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kyizii I’ll give it a go 👍 SAN4AAx i hope they let him go after this valid reason

Gyimi seiaa People have always been avoiding corona then Something you would appreciate frannyjbs farrasoctara 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 emiller_xo adamowens07 didn't know you popped to London? Lol Most I got was 125 on the m25... flashed by 2 speed cameras and never heard a thing 🤣 smithadam1999 legend 😂

Fairs Dwarf of a Virus Covid-19 🦠 defo can’t catch up with 130mph. More chance of catching it driving than if you just stayed at home like the rest of us I've noticed a lot of idiots bombing it along due to the empty roads - and not just on motorways 🤣🤣🤣 Sounds legit. Luke_Stevens95 new excuse Fml 🙄 Are you for real mate 😂

What car? so did he get away with the fine or not? To be honest, when you put 130 mph on a logarithmic chart, it's not much worse than 70. 😂 😂 😂 😂 Viper_720 bruh I’m dying at this _sophiegreen u 👏🏻👏🏻 Rush to next century As Covid-19 is foreign then surely it would drive on the right? Seamusjay uh oh! 🤣

JJKALE2 Probably voted for Brexit and Boris m0nds_ Lol connorpfam you This thing is scary One point for every 5mph over speed limit (min of 3) the total of which is doubled for every 5mph over 100 That would be be 12 points by 105 24 by 110 48 at 115 96 at 120 192 at 125 384 at 130 Fined £10 and one month ban for every point over 12 £3,720 fine Banned for 31 years

Oh that old excuse......ok you scamp, don't do it again.....said no one ever, instant ban, large fine, community service, flog and whip him Looooolll When you think you've seen it all. 😂 emilynarissa And this is not by NewsThumb 😂 rds999_ rds999_ Bloody hell Flawless logic Totally insane idea with insane speed..... 🚗

😂😂😂 QuotedResponse He doesn't want to take chances at all 😂 🤦🏽‍♀️ Ha, ha, ha. NickoHeath 130? Lightweight! Seems reasonable 😅😂😂😅😂😅😂 Lad. Road runner? NorthEastTweets 😂😂😂😂 Classic...was he from Essex? Tmckinnin Wanker It is, what it is! The motorist wanted to kick the bucket before coronavirus caught him.

PacmanTV Is everybody a moron at the moment? itsBrizzie brimarsh90 😂 Jeyy_xo 😂 niall04 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Hahaha, this has to go down as the most idiotic excuse ever. Unbelievable! Jaysung96 Good Effort! Olly_LFC 😂😂😂😂😂 What if you are driving towards the virus 🤔 F1 Mclaren team caught the virus, let alone an amateur slow driver 🤗

😂😂 You got to love our peeps Did he catch it? 😂😂😂 Police Sergeant Nick Angel said 'we were parked up off the hard shoulder, when the perp flu past'. singh_raj_yash 😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂 Best excuse yet😂😭 And the police let him off with a caution yeah right 😂😂 He would be buggered on the M4 around the Brynglass Tunnels then . Ave speed 15 MPH 23 hours a day 🙃

JackRepo_31 Worth a try JoshHorrocks1 is this you? Virus can travel with speed of light ho ha ho ha !! joshmcfc lauraxshepherd The_LCDC Hahahahaha what a fucking excuse JonJSW This guy's from the 2050s. *Sigh* Throw him in jail. No coronavirus there. 😂 No big deal if you know where the cameras are. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

😂😂😂 Report failed to mention he was being chased a coughing bat..flying at 125mph Immediate ban 👍👍👍 confiscate his car 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ And today’s Darwin Award goes to…. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Hmmm, that’s a piss take 👍 🙇‍♂️Take his licence off him ! Too thick to drive a car ! 😂😂😂 that's the best yet! Rookie numbers, need at least 180 😂

Carole, was this you tryna escape Joe 🤔 ichopanimals Yes I bet he did! I last used my car two wks ago to deliver supplies to my 90 yr old dad & saw at least 3 manic car racers abusing the lockdown by driving recklessly pariktank Why hasn't JeremyClarkson tweeted on this yet? Jon_Tha_Gambino Coronavirus apparently also affects brain cells.

Prove he's wrong........ 😂😂🤣 😂 As excuses go hero did it work 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a pilchard 🤬 billyrufc4 🤣🤣🤣 🤣 As we say north of the border..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣 kenkenzobanks mawood90 Anvil_90 😂 Some lockdown coming his way BootwalaAbubakr Something you would do What a moron 🙈🙈 If he hasn’t caught the ‘Rona yet, it must be working

Lol, thats why I do it.😁 barryomahony4 Did he catch it? If not, maybe he’s onto something? I love BBC news l21js That you bullivant_zak What a knob 🤣 I've heard some excuses for speeding in my time but this just about beats the lot!! It's likely this driver won't be driving anywhere else for a bit. Fair enough

Unusual defence...... ThePromisedSaviour cpfc_jw19 Name of 'Cleverly'. 😅 RiceeChrispies Charlotte050900 ? The next thing will be...he has constipation and blame it on corona virus too! cpfc_jw19 That’s the best speed to beat it. If it was Labour politician it will be a speed awareness course, conservative, a 12 month ban

If he gets caronavirus now then it is because he was stopped! Seems legit LOL! Coronavirus with torches and pitchforks chasing healthy people!! :-) 😂😂😂😂Brilliant. Numpty. This is the best one yet Should be slapped just for that BS 88mph kills the virus. How does he know it wasn't coming the other way. Aperta me

Take license away 3 years £2500 fine and 6minths please Sounds perfectly valid excuse to me You have to let them off for that one... class 🤣 jayd1972 Speed limits on a motorway 😳😳😳 Seems reasonable excuse I guess. 🤔 Seems legit He learned from Mr Cumming lukefinnie 😂 Twat Good man It’s a goer You got to admit it’s quite an interesting excuse 😅

Fair point, If you can see in your rear view mirror that it’s chasing you, what else you supposed to do !! 😞 What a whopper Kirstenp23_ Do these people think the Police are zipped up the back! Racing Corona virus is dangerous. X Kkkkkk one craziest excuses l have ever heard 🚔🦠🚘 Makes sense. What car was coronavirus driving?

🤣🤣🤣🤣 That will give you an idea of the intelligence of the leftists! 30% won’t drink Corona beer 🍻 either! If you want order in a world of chaos , right thinking leaders bring order! Left thinking leaders bring poetry which is not helpful in times of crisis! He's a fool, everyone knows a virus travels at 88mph, you can never out run it.

He was just trying to keep 2metres social distancing with the police doing125 mph ! 👍🏻🤣 RichardNourse1 Name and shame the arsehole Sense of humour Sounds legitimate to me Amazing sense of humour. Hope the police was laughing too :) This has been clinically proven to work. this coronavirus is challenging the humans in every way

llamafarmer92 That's a compelling argument. We find the defendant.......NOT GUILTY 1mph faster than michael flatleys famous august 1998 M40 sprint. Though i preferred the lord of the dance's excuse: 'f*** off, i'm rich' Gotta be fast!!! Hahaha Lmfao oh please say it was an Audi or BMW scowensafc08 That is ACTUALLY the funniest thing I've read in a long time. This super-strict-lockdown is causing people to get absolutely mental! (no offence to mentally ill, obviously!!!)

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Brill I use that excuse. lol IQ's affected by the virus then?! 😀😃😄😁😆😅🤣🤣 Doesn't matter were you go how fast you go this virus will get you ,,that's why you should stay at home to lessen the chances ,,,idiot Maybe he was trying to reach 5Gs :-) Because Coronavirus maximum speed is 129mph

Perhaps he is correct! 'If drivers can't follow the rules we'll have to ban all drivers' Said nobody. Meanwhile Daily Mail types fall over themselves to suggest cleverly angled photos of park cyclists means all cycling should be banned. Among other excuses we've had: 'boredom' Can see this going viral firthleeds You’ve gotta admit that’s a great excuse. Let him off for that alone tbh

Makes sense, the faster you go the less likely it’ll catch up with you! PASS! Cracking jokes but not so funny if they had crashed and they needed NHS Wot a Wnker!😲 He was right that the engine could outrun the virus if he crashed it for speeding.🤣 Covid19 is chasing world into Olympic marathon! 😁😁😂😎

🤣🤣 MarkFrancois12 was this you? That actually made me explode with 😂 Stay safe brothers 🙏.... India will provide medicines soon ....well, knew someone would try that one🙄 Makes sense tbf, you can't catch a virus if you're dead 🤔 Sounds like a plan to me!😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂دايخ I Will Be Your Professional SEO Content Writer:(Blog, food, engineering, education tutorial):

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51 recovered coronavirus patients test positive AGAIN in South KoreaThe patients - from the country's worst-hit City, Daegu - were put in quarantine after being diagnosed with the disease, then tested positive again days after returning home. I think I'm going to just go n kill my self now 🤦🏻‍♂️ Fake news Surely possible !

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