Coronavirus: Rick Astley to play free gig for NHS and emergency workers at end of pandemic

Coronavirus: Rick Astley to play free gig for NHS and emergency workers at end of pandemic

4/1/2020 3:14:00 PM

Coronavirus: Rick Astley to play free gig for NHS and emergency workers at end of pandemic

The Never Gonna Give You Up singer is set to perform a huge 'thank you' show at the Manchester Arena in October.

Frontline NHS staff, primary care workers, paramedics, firefighters and police will all be welcome, the singer said.Ticket applications must be made by eligible staff who will be required to bring valid ID to the show.A statement about the gig promised a"celebration", mixing old hits with some of the star's newer songs - and possibly a few surprise covers, too.

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Many celebrities have been thanking health and emergency workers on social media as the virus spreads around the world. Read more: Sky News »

Rick rolling NHS heroes doesn't sound like a reward. Housemartin members coming to nottm. Now this. Wtf have NHS workers done to deserve this rubbish, Does emergency workers include cleaners teachers factory workers etc Did he just rick roll us Nah!! Can essential workers join in ? As they are risking their life’s aswel ?

Norkynut88 surely a joke As if there not going through enough already Have they not suffered enough?! 😩 Haven’t they suffered enough? That will kill them off for sure ! That’s great way to keep them in work Will anyone show? Bono will give 10% off Some poor NHS lady was followed by Bagpipes .... they are now being removed from his rectum by the same nurse wasting valuable time!

Free as in 3 or Free Free. What about theses top stars, they’re keeping silent. He was never gonna let the NHS down Fuck me haven’t they suffered enough As if they don’t have enough problems. **WARNING** There's also a link going around for a LIVE STREAM to U2 doing a live gig in Bono's home. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK - it will take you to a live stream of U2 doing a live gig in Bono's home. 😂😂😂

please dont My wife is looking out for my welfare and wonders if she could join the event... I knew he wouldn’t desert us! rickastley is a legend Love Rick Astley great guy 👏🏻👏🏻⭐️⭐️ That's harsh

Susanna Reid: 'Crying out for help' GMB star hits out at response to coronavirus 'threat'SUSANNA REID - who fronts Good Morning Britain - has slammed the UK Government's response to shortages of protective clothing for NHS staff amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Foreign doctors and nurses to get visas extended for a year to help in NHS fight against the coronavirusForeign doctors, nurses and paramedics are to have their visas extended for a year so they can help the NHS fight the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t believe in China! They never speak the truth of the facts. They publish party advertising. Freedom does not exist in China. The virus served to stop the rest of the world and halt the spread of demonstrations in Taiwan Oh so now they are needed and not a burden on the state When did you change your minds? Foreign doctors/nurses should get British citizenship not a years extension. This is a insult.

Coronavirus: Hospital could restrict services over 'lack of PPE' - BBC News'There are truly wonderful… groups of volunteers who are providing ceaseless care & attention to those most at risk' Prince Charles says his 'heart goes out' to older people having difficulty because of coronavirus & 'network of selfless assistants' Charles needs to stay isolated for everyone's sake dumb During this pandemic, media won't report how Charles is being greedy by raising rent on his vast properties. Though money will support Harry's new lifestyle, it's hurting ppl of UK. On bright side, a wealthy man donated his properties to the poor, to be used during this pandemic. Yes it is pity older people don’t have a Highland estate to escape to and access to testing. In Scotland Prince Charles is referred to by his proper Scottish title as the Dick of Rothesay.

Coronavirus: What powers do the police have?What are the police's key tools in enforcing social distancing? And are they being misused? Our Police & the govt needs to treat the lockdownuk with realistic approach There’s always going to be some idiots who do not like to follow the rules or laws and will also break the advice on non-essential travels etc. Not everyone are like them. covid19UK SocialDistancing A stroppy attitude, feelings of growing power, arrogance . That's what I've encountered Not enough police to enforce it 24/7 as more police have gone on the sick or are just taking the piss to have time off?

Why are planes still flying?A number of global airlines are still running passenger flights amid the coronavirus pandemic. BBCWorld Did you not just hear what Raab was saying? And how the hell do people expect things to go from one long distance to another? (Although to be honest, my old man was always saying air balloons would come back and canals :P ) Why do birds, suddenly appear, everytime you are near....? BBCWorld Yes, why are they flying.

Coronavirus pandemic - all you need to know as emergency hospital opensThe NHS Nightingale field hospital opens today in London's Excel Centre just 10 days after building work began with the Army having helped speed up the devlopment. At its peak it will take 4,000 patients