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Clive Palmer disregards TGA call to stop spreading ‘misleading’ vaccine material

Clive Palmer disregards TGA call to stop spreading ‘misleading’ vaccine material

7/30/2021 5:53:00 AM

Clive Palmer disregards TGA call to stop spreading ‘misleading’ vaccine material

Labor has complained to the Australian Electoral Commission about the mining magnate’s latest pamphlet, which is being distributed across the country

– there is little to regulate the content of traditional political advertising.After Palmer authorised a series of radio advertisements that the TGA found misrepresented the adverse health effects of Covid-19 vaccinations, the head of the TGA, John Skerritt, wrote to him, reminding him that “public figures have a responsibility to be factual and not to undermine our health through spreading misleading information”.

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“Such misinformation, in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, poses an unacceptable threat to the health of Australians,” Skerritt wrote.The ads were later taken off air by the Grant radio network.After this latest pamphlet mail-out, Labor’s health spokesman, Mark Butler, wrote to the AEC on Thursday asking it to investigate whether the material breached authorisation requirements given it appeared to be “electoral communication”.

“The Covid-19 vaccine rollout and the government’s response to the pandemic are clearly issues which will influence the way electors vote at the next federal election,” he wrote. “The subject matter makes it more likely that the dominant purpose of the flyer is to influence the way electors vote at the next election.

“Particularly in greater Sydney, where millions of Australians are currently in lockdown and this material is being distributed, the content dangerously contradicts the health advice.”The health minister, Greg Hunt, said the TGA was reviewing the Covid misinformation coming from Palmer, and was dealing with him directly.

“But let me be clear, he’s not succeeding,” Hunt said. “200,000 Australians stepped forward yesterday to be vaccinated. We are also seeing an increase in the intention to be vaccinated.”He said latest government data showed that 77% of Australians intended to get vaccinated, and another significant portion were considering it.

“So as time has gone on, the number of people intending to be vaccinated is going up,” Hunt said.“So I think that that is an important message that those people who believe in vaccination are winning the argument; those people who are spreading misinformation or anti-vax materials are losing the argument.”

The TGA said the material distributed by Palmer was not covered by its regulations relating to medical products, but concerns had been raised directly. Read more: The Guardian »

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We received the pamphlet yesterday and reported it to the TGA and our local member of parliament, to stop the misleading and divisive statements made in it. They’re freaking everywhere good

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