Wife warns Americans to get vaccinated as anti-vaxx husband battles Covid in hospital

Wife who received vaccine has recovered from Covid

7/29/2021 7:42:00 PM

Wife shares footage of extremely ill anti-vaxx husband in hospital with Covid

Wife who received vaccine has recovered from Covid

In a Facebook post detailing her husband’s illness, she said her family was in need of “prayers and healing”.“My sweet husband is in day 8 in the hospital and will be there for a while,” she wrote on July 16.He was suffering from pneumonia and “Covid lung”.

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“There are also several men in our church fighting the same thing.”She said she was still feeling tired but otherwise had made a full recovery from the illness.Alicia said after witnessing her husband become severely ill was now trying to educate others.

“We have really tried to, after this, talk to as many of our friends and family as possible that they should get it. I never really realised how bad it would be – how bad this Delta variant would be,” she toldCNN.Mississippi has the lowest rate of vaccination of any state in the country. Just 34.4 per cent of residents have been fully vaccinated, compared to 49.8 per cent nationwide. headtopics.com

At the St. Dominic-Jackson Memorial Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, where Mr Ball is battling the illness, 59 Covid patients are hospitalised.Doctors have stopped allowing in-person visits to prevent the virus’s spread.The director of hospital medicine Dr. Teri Oakes Dyess told

CBS This Morningpeople with underlying conditions who had received both shots may still be getting sick.“We don’t know if they got a full antibody response; their immune system may be weakened," Dr Dyess said.“It’s making us even come back and question should we be giving booster doses now to those with underlying medical conditions?"

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With all the flooding that's going on right now I'm almost embarrassed to say CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER. 🙏🏻 No sympathy from me. He shouldve had the vaccine. Serves him right

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