Can anyone Phil McCann up with petrol?

The BBC's Phil McCann reports from a petrol station that has run out of fuel in Stockport.

9/25/2021 2:00:00 PM

The perfect man for the job! BBC journalist Phil McCann's name sparks jokes on social media as he reports from a petrol station in Stockport

The BBC's Phil McCann reports from a petrol station that has run out of fuel in Stockport.

BBC journalist Phil McCann's name sparked jokes on social media as he reported from an empty petrol station in Stockport.Many drivers haven't been able to 'fill their cans' up with petrol as a shortage of drivers has disrupted fuel deliveries. Some petrol stations have closed and large queues have formed in parts of the country.

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How long until - You must stay at home, because there’s no fuel for your car, or the bus or train crews or the emergency services crews or teachers or hospital staff, to protect the NHS. NoContextBrits The Beeb are looking to recruit a reporter called Gissus Acrust on a winter contract . Best bit of entertainment provided by the BBC for years.

The Phil McCann story - this really isn't that funny. I felt embarrassed for him. It's the usual cringeworthy 'laughs' from BBC Breakfast presenters. He was at the petrol station reporting a very serious issue which was overshadowed by childish nonsense. phi1mccann The best ever nominative determinism 😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Utter madness the BBC should be ashamed of its self. The reporting over the fuel delivery situation was not necessary. Sensational reporting caused wide panic to an issue that did not exist😡😡😡😡😡fuelcrisis fuelshortage I believe his real name is Ima fearmongering-bullshitter. who is this man BBCWorld 😝😄

Tricky_1 At least there’s no real newsworthy stuff going on, BBC. So fill your boots on this kind of stuff. It’s not as if there’s a nation waiting for you to DO YOUR JOB off the back of bullying and threatening us for your regressive tax that is the license fee. DO YOUR JOB Brexit

Drivers pack their cars with jerry cans while panic-buyers queueMotorists ignored UK Government pleas for calm as they jammed roads and police had to be called in to marshal drivers amid fears that fuel shortages could bring the economy to its knees. Has Britain gone totally Bonkers under Johnson ? That Brexit working a charm... 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Great, great but what does this have to do with the fact that yall little nasty knees's just had to cause intense queues at literally every gas station in the city with your misinformed reporting? It has made travelling an absolute nightmare GetYouFactsStraight Reporting just like this is what’s has caused the issue. If the MSM hadn’t said anything then none of the idiots would be buying fuel when they don’t need it.

Speaking of ironic names, I remember a man called John Stalker investigating the Jill Dando case. Hi , instead of writing childish articles on social media trends, why don't you actually do you jobs as journalists and report on legitimate news that concerns the public? Here's an example.. Johnson's continued lying in parliament.. when are you reporting this?

Where's Phil McCann when we need him? Haha. Maybe a funny name but not when you, the BBC, have broadcast in a way to cause panic buying and are still doing it!!!! Not being British, it took me a bit to understand why... But now I do! Hahaha!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 BBCWorld There is traffic everywhere,honking of horns cause everyone is trying to get to the petrol station it’s crazy out there

Is he part of the BBC News brexit cover up or is he able to report objectively?

Tesco SHUTS petrol station as lorry driver shortage hits fuel supplies in UKTESCO closed a petrol station last night as petrol deliveries across the UK continue to be hit by the HGV driver shortage. Not closed here and no clowns panicking either here.

Sense of humour failure from one or two people on here. Lighten up ffs!! Best laugh this year Phill Macan loves it 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 The irresponsible MAINSTREAM MEDIA has been pushing stories, photos and videos of panic buying and making everyone scared to death of running out so they also panic buy! I have just done it! If nobody had said anything, the supplies would have kept pace but garages are now empty!

These idiots have caused a major problem by overstating the fuel issue, irresponsible reporting in my view having seen the amount of cars outside my driveway and the people getting fuel in 10 cans at a time (which is actually illegal) what happen to not over stating news. 😂😂😂 Stop false reporting. You’re the reason for the crap going on!!!

Ya just couldn't make it up could ya 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Grow a pair and call out BrexitHasFailed Because of media click baiting and general crap of reporting of fuel shortages I know of one person that is struggling with money but has filled up their car to put it all on credit, which they wouldn't usually do, just because of BS

Some Shell petrol stations run out of fuel as panic buying triggers ‘larger queues’Some Shell petrol stations are reporting that they have run out of fuel. Well, there were no queues last night for the two near my house and neither had fuel available. This is Esso in Bury, Lancashire This is you this is

He he BBCWorld Remind urself that your company is stained with our ppl's blood&we urge to stop providing cashflow to the junta immediately who killed 1000+ppl. TotalEnergies Chevron Total_StopSponsoringSAC Chevron_StopSponsoringSAC Sep25Coup WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Is Phil McCavity doing the story on dentist shortages?

Maybe if you hadn't spread disinformation there would have been no story to send Phil to. Report the news, don't make the news. BBCWorld I had an Builder friend once called Phill McKraken. Good plasterer. It's nice a have laugh, why don't u go to human resources departments or job centres if they can find lorry drivers, they need 6 months of training. Why don't u report that?

It's weird how short-sighted decisions like Brexit have consequences, eh? Well I think all those people who are running the petrol stations dry my also like to think about who is going to pick up there kids and drop them off if we carn't fill the minibus up for monday we dont have any diesel on the the premises.......

Well Tbf you’ve stirred up the trouble and now people have no petrol - do yeah, jokes on us. As long as 'jokes spark on social media' we'll be fine - situation is not that bad. However, if 'sparks reach Petrol Stations' you got the last laugh, unleashing the real deal - John Simpson, reporting from The Mean Streets of London.

Grant Shapps will do ‘whatever it takes’ to fix lorry driver shortageIssuing of short-term skilled worker visas not ruled out amid petrol supply concerns best he gets trucking then! He & some other ministers would be more useful behind the wheel than uttering garbage in the HoC! Rejoin eu No he won't- he will do nothing but make empty promises.

😂😂😂 Politically embarrassing for the Govt?! It’s the bloody media that have caused the panic and the gullible public. Nothing remotely funny about this situation. Yes there is plenty of fuel but queues of cars waiting to get it FFS calm down! 🤣 Yeah...nice When you start to use the word BREXIT !? Anytime soon?

Comedy genius, whoever sent the guy to report on this 😜 Ofcom You should warn and give the media a firm 'Dressing Down ' they have acted absolutely recklessly. This is absolute recklessness and darn right foolish of these pathetic media and journalists. Ofcom you have a fundamental responsibility. DailyMirror GMB

Some say Defund the BBC. Motorists are furious. Perhaps more accurate reporting of the situation instead of sniggering at the chaos you've helped to create would have been better Hey wondering if you have any more info on the Seasonal food issues raised by BylineTimes I’d like to understand more ?

Beware, Boris: when you annoy drivers, you risk losing your electoral base⛽ 'People expect petrol supplies to be plentiful and accessible at all times, and if they’re not, they will resort to the ballot box' | Writes MrTCHarris

Reminds me of the time the BBC mistakenly interviewed Phil McCracken in a piece about prostitution. This is quite funny but the BBC isn't living up to there own lecture on this..If this was anyone but a white dude I cannot imagine for one moment the BBC taking the piss out of their names. If you can't find the news you make the news right phi1mccann?

Completely planned 😴 The BBC have been incredibly irresponsible here they’ve stoked a problem by causing panic buying where in reality no problem exists, additionally there wrong in talking about Truck Drivers you need more than HGV licence to drive a fuel tanker. It's NOT funny At least it wasn’t Phil McCracken

OK saying plenty of fuel but it's got to be the right fuel and in the right place! Next week Lou Rolls reporting on toilet paper shortage

Lorry driver shortage: Government working on temporary visa schemeA shortage of drivers disrupts supply chains and fuel deliveries, as vehicles queue for petrol. What a glorious shit-show. Just use the army ... stop wasting time with pathetic ideas... Get this straight, the job is shitty and we sent away the people who filled the gap. Until our heads begto fall off our neck then someone will accept that brexit idea was a lie.

In the meantime somewhere in Poland.... Dunno what all the fuss is about anyway. I managed to get a full tank yesterday and top it up again this morning.fuelcrisis fuelshortage Phil McCann there on the fuel crisis In other news, our reporter Laing Bastard interviews BorisJohnson about the ToryBrexitDisaster

phi1mccann Watch your followers rocket!! 😂 - With a surname like mine I feel your pain, but you have gone viral! Are the BBC happy they've caused this widespread panic buying you must he so proud Proper laugh, no wokeness or correctness for a change 👏🏻 Prices for food will go up just watch ! If only BBC News did proper investigative journalism as well as specialising in this (welcome as it is occasionally) celebrity style piece.

His brother Gerry was busy 🤣🤣🤣 😂🤣😂 fuelshortage fuelcrisis Fuel fuelshortages petrolshortage petrolpanic diesel bbcnews philmccann jerrycan gerrymccann BP

Hilarious, not. In this Part of South London several buses delayed or cancelled as routes start/end nr petrol stations. This idiotic panic buying of petrol is causing just the chaos you desire. For the first time I agree, defundBBC Look at that smug smile on his face. We started the panic, and we feel so righteous we can blame it on Brexit. So a few more backhanders from the EU. PS if he is a journalist I'm McAngelio.

NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF.. YOU & THE MEDIA HAVE TOTALLY CAUSED THIS PANIC 🙄😒 The queues are getting worse at my local petrol station with some panic buying drivers jumping the queue! The tanker cannot get in to refill the tanks for panic buyers!