Lorry driver shortage: Government working on temporary visa scheme

Government working on temporary visa scheme to ease lorry driver shortage

9/25/2021 11:36:00 AM

Government working on temporary visa scheme to ease lorry driver shortage

A shortage of drivers disrupts supply chains and fuel deliveries, as vehicles queue for petrol.

Sainsbury's said it was experiencing "high demand" for fuel, with a "tiny proportion of sites" temporarily closed.BP said about 20 of its 1,200 petrol forecourts were closed, with between 50 and 100 sites affected by the loss of at least one grade of fuel.

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A "small number" of Tesco refilling stations have also been impacted, said Esso owner ExxonMobil, which runs the sites.EG Group, which has 341 petrol stations in the UK, is introducing a limit of £30 per customer on all grades of fuel due to "unprecedented customer demand".

One petrol station in Stockport sold 5,280 gallons (24,000 litres) of fuel on Friday, compared to 1,760 gallons (8,000 litres) on the same day the previous week.The AA said current queues at petrol stations are unlikely to last because the supply chain is not hit by ongoing problems. headtopics.com

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, its president Edmund King said: "The good news is you can only really fill up once - you've got to use the fuel, so this should be a short-term thing."Ministers act despite political embarrassmentThis isn't a particularly popular idea with many cabinet ministers.

That's because the new immigration system that came in after Brexit was all about saying to companies: "You can't rely on cheap foreign labour any more, you've got to focus on the workforce in this country, you've got to train them, you've got to pay them better wages."

Relaxing those immigration rules now undermines that message. It could lead to other sectors saying we want special treatment too.Ministers know this situation could get very difficult, very quickly. So they do have to act - even though this is going to cause huge political embarrassment.

Labour are already saying - we told you about this, we said this should happen months ago.Boris Johnson knows all too well his opponents are going to be very ready to say: we told you so.The European Road Haulers Association said temporary visas would be a "good idea" but are "only part of the solution". headtopics.com

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The association said it was easier to drive within the EU than driving between the EU and the UK, meaning staying in the EU may be more appealing for drivers.Allan Davison, managing director of Hoyer Petrolog UK - BP's transport contractor - told the BBC that temporary visas were needed.

"If this was a permanent request, I would understand the political and practical challenges with that, but it's not," he said. "It's a temporary request."Lorry drivers have said some of the conditions they face in the job are putting off younger recruits - the average age of a HGV driver in the UK is 55.

Mark, a fuel tanker driver with 30 years' experience, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "The issue with this job is, if you stay out in the truck all week it becomes a way of life that you either love or you hate."You'll go up to 15 hours a day some days. Once our generation goes out of the industry, they can't attract new people into the industry - young people especially - because people just don't want to be in the truck at night."

image source,image captionVehicles queue for fuel at a Sainsbury's petrol station in WeymouthA Downing Street spokesperson said: "We have ample fuel stocks in this country and the public should be reassured there are no shortages."The spokesperson said the government was looking at temporary, time-limited measures to introduce. headtopics.com

"We are moving to a high wage, high skilled economy and businesses will need to adapt with more investment in recruitment and training to provide long-term resilience," the spokesperson added. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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BBC totally responsible for the panic buying of fuel, by spreading false news. HGV driver shortage, NO tanker driver shortage. Go on air and apologise to the nation. Try paying the lorry drivers a decent wage, that might help. Why do you think there's a shortage; shit wages and shit conditions. Wake up Boris

so just when our lorry drivers start seeing some decent pay levels for the awful conditions and hours they work up pops RHARodMcKenzie to invite in cheap labour to run those wages back into the ground. The cheap labour will be from the EU as “Rod” is a remoaner! grantshapps Use smaller lorries or vans, I'm sure we don't have a shortage of those drivers. Bring back barges too, send white goods via the waterways.

Plaster on a broken bone? Thank good I have an EV Folks, how many times do we have to say it? Brexit is not the reason for the shortage of drivers... ... which is why we're going to remedy this by addressing a problem with legislation we introduced with Brexit. Trying to entice EU drivers who require no visas at all in 28 countries by offering them temporary visas in the UK is a bit like trying to entice a mouse out of a cheese warehouse with some mouldy bread.

Wow, I wish I had the foresight of our Government😇 Perhaps just don’t fill up if you don’t need to

BP closes some sites due to lorry driver shortageThe oil firm said only 'a handful' of sites are affected by the fuel supply issues. Winning. BP is way overpriced anyway. 👍

Just force all your unemployed into a driving job. What are they doing now they can't moan about 'foreigners' taking their jobs panicbuying BBCPolitics They've got short memories, they'll come rushing back! Patel will do her nut in So now there is no petrol available…next the food delivery will also not have enough petrol to deliver to the supermarkets, what’s next on the Panik buying list? 😩

Should have been done weeks ago but then it was all down to not enough tests because of Covid and before that it was the 'pingdemic'. Anyone get the idea they're always lying or haven't got a clue what they're doing? Open the fucking boarders . Britain without emigration is dead . The government is utterly inept. It’s completely and utterly incompetent. There’s no shortage at refinery’s. There also no shortage of fruit in British fields. The issue they fail to grasp is,if you’ve thrown out all foreign workers then your 🤬 if only we had strong opposition

Why a visa scheme? Thought we had many lovely British citizens happy to be proactive to do the work of the foreigners that the foreigners were taking away? 🤔 Weird So we do need EU workers? Stop feeding the panic. Those who need fuel to go places can't get it.

Grant Shapps will do ‘whatever it takes’ to fix lorry driver shortageIssuing of short-term skilled worker visas not ruled out amid petrol supply concerns best he gets trucking then! He & some other ministers would be more useful behind the wheel than uttering garbage in the HoC! Rejoin eu No he won't- he will do nothing but make empty promises.

Where's Wally that's right he's over in America trying to do a trade deal Try South Africa they have many available. The lorry drivers there are not appreciated or welcome or respected, and scum looters love to barbecue or roast them, when settings vehicles on fire That's the answer, drive down the lorry drivers wages again so the companies making massive profits don't have to pay decent wages. 👏👏

Let’s tell the public not to panic, because after Brexit we have that so called 350million we saved on NHS that we could use to pay for Lorry Drivers! Worst decision ever! First kick the EU out and now you need them back again to work for you! Stupidity at it’s best! BBC causes unnecessary panic at the pumps to create news. Typically playing the ‘we’re just informing the public’, excuse.

Just wondering if any you hyper-intelligent ninja level journos at have made the connection between the accelerating economic crisis and Brexit yet? Nope? I know ... it's like quantum mechanics isn't it? Can UK government make more people educated? !!! Have some common sense, Panic for toilet tissue , panic for petrol .....what is next? UK is developing country not third country, They don’t believe their government have ability to sort their basic demands? It’s big joke....

According to Vicki Young the government is embarrassed about this. That is her opinion, in my opinion the government had been forced into doing this by the idiots who queued at petrol stations because of the scaremongering of the media, Tesco & BP. No mention of cheap labour. They're sure to come flooding back in, who'd want job security in their own country when they can get a temporary job in a country that threw them out

Why not seize this opportunity for progressive policies to remove the reliance on lorries in the first place. For example encouraging more goods to be moved by train, or incentives for more electric car sales.

Brexit ‘part of the solution’ to lorry driver shortage, claims ministerPeople who says Brexit to blame ‘are wrong’, says transport secretary Grant Shapps He would not need to change the laws had Brexit not caused chaos.... That’s not how the industry experts see it. Britain's exit from the EU with false and impossible promises has not only affected Britain's national security, it has now affected the job and food security of the people. Widespread staff shortages and empty shelves in grocery stores are now a big concern for people.

Why such a big problem with fuel shortages? It really isn't an issue, my car runs smooth on pure sovereignty. fuelcrisis petrolpanic BrexitHasFailed Makes sense yeah - so where are all the people that voted out the EU claiming they “steal our jobs” !! Hope you wallow in your lack of turkey this Christmas!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ this fucking country honestly !! 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

First kick the EU out because they are taking over our jobs. Now there is so many vacancies - why the F is no one applying? Those who think, this is not because of Brexit are still in coma. HGV is just the beginning, wait a few months and watch what’s next! It is largely, actually entirely down to the media, including the BBC, that has created this panic buying yet again. The media should take responsibility to ensure that careful thought is given before reporting news such as this knowing what can potentially happen.

Although there are driver shortages in many countries, nowhere else is in the same state as the UK. Watch or read output from international news organisations (they surely can’t all be part of the “conspiracy”) and nowhere seems anything like as badly affected as here 🤡 clowns. They are taking our jobs!!! were saying a few years ago and now temporary visas. Let them to work voluntarily if they love their country for real.🖕🖕🖕

So I thought this driver shortage was at least Europe wide,if not worldwide,so what on earth do you think our Government can offer to make the proposition attractive considering 'we' just told those driver's they weren't welcome here? Why relaxing the rules to allow asylum seekers who are already in the UK makes sense? Because we are already here. It makes no sense whatsoever to work on temporary visa scheme , which will only result in labour exploitation. WE ARE HERE. so, Lifttheban Statusnow4all

All a made upplan. I see the remainers have stopped bleating on about gas prices now that the UK wholesale price is the same as the EUs. That was short lived.

Grant Shapps roasted for claiming Brexit has helped deal with lorry driver shortagesGrant Shapps has claimed that Brexit has not been a contributory factor to the HGV lorry driver shortage and in fact it has helped resolve it, and it has gone down as well as you would expect. There is no honour in how you twist the truth grantshapps. You have effectively dropped safety measures. Making the roads more dangerous. Shame on you. Think things were twisted a bit here in fairness. He didn’t say exactly what your headline makes out. He said there was a shortage in Europe too so brexit can’t be blamed for the shortage here He's an absolute disgrace! Also he said 'shortages in Europe too ... and big ones'. Well, I was on business trip this week and took the chance to photo. Hardly confirms his assertion!

Why do we need EU lorry drivers when members of our govt tell us the shortage is nothing to do with Brexit? Why not just bring in the army? 🤷🏼‍♂️ There’s probably a long queue of EU HGV drivers waiting in Calais, who’ve given up their secure jobs and housing in the EU so that they can come to the U.K. just for a few months, probably without the family, for a low paid job.

And why would the mainland drivers make a fool of themselves to come here and get kicked out again..! All that we do currently is firefight and knee jerk policy making apart from helping mates and buddies.. no long term goals or plans.. no insight into actual problems You know they could just cut a whole lot of the bulshit that lorry drivers have to go through on a daily basis. A large part of the shortages because people don't want to carry on putting up with the sh*t a lorry driver puts up with.

Good luck defining “temporary”… Why not offer incentives to people on benefits... win win. UK citizens off benefits and we have the shortage of drivers filled! What's not to love? BBCPolitics The panic buying is ridiculous but the actual underlying problem was a no brainier. You made your bed, now lie on it!! Has anyone actually started to train a new army of British HGV drivers? Where are they then?

How about the army? Get the foreign drivers bk.

Tesco SHUTS petrol station as lorry driver shortage hits fuel supplies in UKTESCO closed a petrol station last night as petrol deliveries across the UK continue to be hit by the HGV driver shortage. Not closed here and no clowns panicking either here.

Why has media STILL not covered the 40,000 cancelled HGV driving tests due 2 covid or the backlog of HGV drivers STILL waiting 4 their returned renewed licenses all caused by DVLA going on strike & part working from home? We got drivers that can't work - why is this ignored? BBCPolitics Free movement to allow free movement.

So we are issuing visas to address the problem of shortages of drivers from the EU, caused by ending freedom of movement, but this has nothing to do with Brexit 🥴 If there is a worldwide shortage of drivers as the Brexiteers claim, how is this going to help? Shortage of drivers, hospitality staff, care workers, NHS professionals, builders, butchers, candlestick makers, etc, etc. What use are lazy, scrounging foreigners going to be?

Nothing to do with Brexit though 🤬🤬 Show me the fuel companies advertising jobs or offering training schemes for UK workers. Brexit going well. What a glorious shit-show. Just use the army ... stop wasting time with pathetic ideas... Get this straight, the job is shitty and we sent away the people who filled the gap. Until our heads begto fall off our neck then someone will accept that brexit idea was a lie.

Grant Shapps calls retired lorry drivers back into service to help shortageRETIRED truckers should get back behind the wheel to stop a nightmare fuel crisis, the Transport Secretary has urged. Grant Shapps today took to the airwaves with a rallying cry for ex-HGV drivers … There’s been a shortage of British drivers for years. The pay is awful, the hours are awful and the facilities (toilets/showers/rest areas) are non existent. Companies have preferred to pay cheap foreign labour to do it instead. No youth want the job. Maybe the government could create press gangs to force people to work, or imprison those that have the audacity to ask for living pay or the cheek to retire at 70!

Bring the army in to help , I'm sure if this was happening in another country our government wud be sending out army over to help Everything they said to the British people in the referendum has turned out to be a lie. Every single thing.