Call for defibrillators at every football ground after Christian Eriksen cardiac arrest

Call for defibrillators at every football ground after Christian Eriksen cardiac arrest

6/13/2021 11:33:00 PM

Call for defibrillators at every football ground after Christian Eriksen cardiac arrest

Astley Mulholland wants the life-saving equipment at al levels of the game after his brother died playing football aged 19

Following the cardiac arrest of Denmark's Christian Eriksen on the pitch, the brother of a teenager who died playing football has renewed his call for defibrillators to be made mandatory at all grounds.Ten years after his 19-year-old brother Kyle died playing football, the death of another young player prompted Astley Mulholland to campaign for defibrillators at all football grounds.

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"I was watching the Denmark game with my girlfriend and, to be honest with you, I was on the verge of tears," Mr Mulholland said."Seeingon the floor brought it all back, and made me think that more still needs to be done to keep players safe at all levels of the game."

Image:Astley Mulholland's brother, Kyle, died while playing football aged 19Manchester United fan Kyle collapsed and died in 2005 during a game of five-a-side in Merseyside. Before that, he had seemed perfectly fit and healthy.AdvertisementMr Mulholland, who plays for Trafford FC in Manchester, says losing him was a massive shock to the family, which they still haven't fully come to terms with.

The petition he set up five years ago to get the FA to provide defibrillators came after the death of another young player, Shaw Cross's Daniel Wilkinson. Read more: Sky News »

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Are our professional footballers tested as part of full medical for genetic heart disorders? I’m genuinely shocked they don’t have them, but have them in most other public places They'll be badly needed with the amount of vac side effects coming down the road I mean... It's one guy. If it happened at every other match then fair enough... But its one guy. Let's just calm down before we start bubble wrapping the pitch in fear of anyone scraping their knee. I'm surprised medics aren't always at matches with that kind of equipment anyway.

You would have thought the medics on hand at games already had them. Not only players have heart attacks at games. I’m pretty sure the paramedics on site where I go to games have it available. Agree Theure needed in a lot more places as well as stadiums. And there should be adverts with info on how to use them and how to give CPR. Just like there is against smoking and drinking health concearns. Do something educational.

Thought there were b it perm feature or with the Medic team. I thought they were at every Ground after Stokes Captain Clive Clarke had an Episode on the Pitch a few Years ago Let's make this happen. Let's make sure it doesn't happen again. Let's make sure that fans, players and staff are safe and protected and assured that they will be safe. LET'S MAKE THAT HAPPEN!


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Aren't they already there? I think they are. They're all around the country in old phone boxes. Surely in 2021 there is a defib at every ground? There’s one in every village and scout hut I know of! Why haven’t they already got them at every ground already?

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