Bristol strip clubs to stay open despite proposed ban

Bristol strip clubs to stay open despite proposed ban

9/18/2021 11:43:00 AM

Bristol strip clubs to stay open despite proposed ban

Bristol councillors pass two strip club licensing renewal application despite numerous objections.

image captionThe barrister for Central Chambers said "feminism fails when it tells a woman what she can and cannot do with her body"Permission has been granted to allow two strip clubs in the city to remain open for another year.Central Chambers and Urban Tiger in Bristol secured Sexual Entertainment Licences by Bristol City Council at two meetings on Thursday and Friday.

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Although the council plans to hold a public consultation banning strip clubs councillors said there was insufficient reason to withhold the licences.Opponents have said strip clubs dehumanise and objectify women.'Independent women'Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEV) are legal in the UK but it is up to individual councils to grant licences.

Central Chambers' application on Thursday received 67 objections.Bristol Women's Commission (BWC) has been fighting both proposals.On Thursday BWC chairwoman Penny Gane said many women avoided the vicinity of the strip clubs as they felt unsafe. She asked the committee to "end the support of these practices".

Central Chambers' barrister Philip Kolvin QC told councillors the dancers regarded themselves as feminists and were "strong, independent women who are capable of making their own choices and are both protected and in control"."Feminism fails when it tells a woman what she can and cannot do with her body," he added.

The barrister also said the venue had not breached any of its licence conditions.Sub-committee chairwoman Fi Hance said: "We are assessing the application against current policy as it stands. There was insufficient reason not to grant".On Friday Urban Tiger was granted its licence renewal.

Speaking on Friday Ms Gane added: "The council had a real chance to take a stand against gender inequality this week, to tackle the harmful gender norms which lead to violence against women and girls and it chose to instead bow to pressure from an industry that promotes and profits from this."

The group also handed in ato show evidence for its concerns.In June,for allowing male strippers to perform while seeking to ban female stripping. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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A forgotten industry throughout the pandemic. So a strip Club objectifies women but magic Mike live is just a bit of fun Both are performed by consenting adults watched by consenting adults As a student, I got paid £5.80/h to collect broken glasses and cleaning puke while old women were slapping my ass. If I could, I would have stripped! These women are in power, stop talking on their behalf!

The same people calling you islamophobic when you criticise burka want to shut down strip clubs... Thought most councils had stopped granting licences to these places I’m bored stiff of these silly posts….. No mention of male strip clubs that objectify men. These groups need to grow up and fight the real issues like pay disparity and equality in the workplace.

Why do feminists demand independace, equality, personal strength blah blah THEN tell women what they sld & sld not do Feminism 2 me means I'm expected 2 do everything a mum/homemaker does PLUS hold down job, hv my 'own life' etc. Personally I'd kill 2 not do it all. wow Why not? if the government can show it's ass all day 24/7 seems fair.

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