Ros Atkins On… the ethics of Covid booster jabs

Ros Atkins looks at the ethics of Western countries rolling out Covid booster jabs while millions globally remain unvaccinated.

9/18/2021 11:49:00 AM

As Western countries roll out Covid booster jabs BBCRosAtkins examines the ethics of boosters as millions globally remain unvaccinated

Ros Atkins looks at the ethics of Western countries rolling out Covid booster jabs while millions globally remain unvaccinated.

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Dads cross finish line on £500k suicide awareness walk

They walked 300 miles for a suicide prevention charity after their daughters took their own lives.

BBCRosAtkins Fucking simple.. Give up the patents and you could manufacture in every corner of the world. But it's not about saving lives is it!!! BBCRosAtkins BBCRosAtkins Ethics? Since when has the BBC been concerned with ethics? BBCRosAtkins when African leaders have got money stashed in Swiss bank accounts Why should the west spend $-bils on free vaccines India has dozens of billionaires

Covid: Rise in unvaccinated pregnant women ill with CovidWales' Chief Medical Officer Dr Frank Atherton says pregnant women should get a Covid jab. Like you would Be careful their testicles might swell. They said the opposite in the early days. Can't say I'd trust anything the government tell us.

How much cheaper your holiday will be with new Covid test rulesBRITISH families will save hundreds of pounds on the cost of a foreign holiday after ministers ditched pricey Covid tests. Transport secretary Grant Shapps will this evening announce jabbed sun see…

UK Covid live news: cases rates rising in England’s secondary schools, latest ONS figures showInfections rise in secondary school-age children and over 50s in England, with increases in Wales and Scotland too And the mad clown is still at large? Or what is this totally unrelated picture supposed to mean? And?

Travellers without Covid jab 'will have to isolate for ten days' under new rulesUNVAXXED Brits could be forced to quarantine and have two PCR tests when returning from holiday, it has been revealed. In a major shake-up to the Covid restrictions, the government is expected to m… Lol so vaccinated people are not protected is that what they are saying? until double jabbers are then told their jabs have expired and need 3rd's 4th's 5th's .....38th's Please share we are jabbed with both Biontech but it is not recognised by the UK government sajidjavid BorisJohnson

Covid-19: Nisra records slight fall in virus-related deathsThis week's figure of 61 deaths brings the agency's total number of Covid-19 deaths to 3,307.

Doctor calls red list travel shake up 'worrying' and warns of new Covid variantsLorraine Kelly is a Scottish television presenter on UK television who presents the early morning chat show Lorraine (2001). She was one of the original presenters of GMTV (1993), and went on to present its magazine section for the final forty minutes of the broadcast, known as LK Today. Previously, Lorraine was a reporter and main presenter of ... And how many PCR tests do they actually sequence? We don’t want to pick up new variants we just want our lives back Pcr tests cannot tell the difference between influenza and Corona.