Blue British passports to return in March

New blue British passport rollout to begin in March


New blue British passport rollout to begin in March

They will begin to replace the current burgundy passports, following the UK's departure from the EU.

UK couple issued different passport versions She said Brexit had given the UK"a unique opportunity to... forge a new path in the world" and enabled a return to"the iconic blue and gold design". The UK was never formally compelled to change the colour of its passport in the 1980s but did so with other member states. Securing a change in the design became a rallying point for Brexit supporters, with the government announcing in December 2017 that the blue passport would return. 'Super-strength' The government estimates that all newly-issued passports will be blue from the summer. Until then, they will be issued alongside burgundy passports, which will remain valid for travel until they expire. The UK burgundy passports carried the wording European Union on the cover, although the Passport Office last year began to issue them without such a description as older stocks ran out. The blue passports will be made by Gemalto, owned by French firm Thales. However, they will be personalised with the holder's details in the UK. The back cover will carry an embossment featuring the floral emblems of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Image copyright Image caption A new blue British passport alongside the current burgundy design The Home Office said the manufacturing carbon footprint of the passports will be reduced to net zero, through projects such as planting trees. It added the new passport will carry updated security features, including a"super-strength" polycarbonate data page, containing embedded technologies to keep personal data secure, and involve the"most secure printing and design techniques" to combat identity theft and forgery. What's in a colour? Passport Index , 81 countries have blue passports, including Australia, the United States, Canada, India and Hong Kong. Several Caribbean countries also favour them, including Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados and St Vincent and the Grenadines. In Europe, people from Iceland and Bosnia and Herzegovina carry blue passports, while it is a popular colour in central and south America - including in Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela. Other nations to have blue passports include Israel, Iraq, Syria and North Korea. Related Topics Read more: BBC News (UK)

Truly taking back control 😆😆 The jokes on us, we never have to change the colour anyway, we could of kept it originally. It’s just BS overall But theyre not the hardback ones! Made by Europeans dont forget! our own government would rather pay another country to make them ffs! New British passport, made by a french company in poland. We should be proud to be British shambles

SL_Benton How will I be able to change my red passport, which was only renewed last year, to a blue one? I do not want to wait ten years to show my further support to our great country. Will an arrangement be made to change at a reduced cost in the near future? I know she always looks smug, but is having a blue passport anything to look extra smug about?

From an Empire to Little Britain 🇬🇧 nothing to really be proud about. Wexit is next... World Exit. doesn't the USA have blue passports? doesnt the USA have blue passports? How do you get one? Do you have to wait until the old one runs out?

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Now there's a face I'd like to slap! I just got my renewed Came here just to watch everyone freak out at such an innocuous post. Was not disappointed. DEAL WITH IT PUSSIES You’ll be able to stare at the pretty colour as you stand for hours in immigration trying to get in to your favourite EU destination

looking forward to replacing get mine this year, wrapping it in a lovely Union flag protective cover and using it on my way to visit the family in Germany. I'm sure it will be admired at the EU airport immigration queues.... Job is given to France. No work for UK. For security it must be produced in the UK

Is it only me that doesn’t care what colour it is as long as it can’t be easily forged? 👏👏👏

'Astonishing' amount of blue whales are found near AntarcticaA team led by British Antarctic Survey has found that large numbers of whales appear to be returning to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia after nearly being driven to extinction. Biggest fish in the world!! So satisfying to hear HollifieldOwen Bluetiful ❤️🐳

Yawn... Great news first step to independence reals_b4_feels I LOVE THE NEW BLUE BRITISH YES BRITISH PASSPORT! AND NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON!🇬🇧 A passport that offers so much less than the one I currently hold. Brexit blue passport = worthless All the pain, for a Prussian blue passport, printed in Poland by a French-Dutch company, was it worth it? We could have had a blue passport all the time but the Bitish government chose the maroon one. At least it's blue and gold, same as the EU flag.

I’ll be mortified handing this over for checking! totalembarrassment How about she does her job as Home Secretary keeping us safe rather than this crap New colour, so what!?

'Astonishing' amount of blue whales are found near AntarcticaA team led by British Antarctic Survey has found that large numbers of whales appear to be returning to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia after nearly being driven to extinction. Biggest fish in the world!! So satisfying to hear HollifieldOwen Bluetiful ❤️🐳

Who actually cares? Except it's not made in UK At least I'll get a stamp now when visit EU countries? Wow. This is so Making Brexit Happen. Who cares? Funny never seen a blue passport, have my father’s last passport and it’s BLACK he’s been dead since 1989, oh and have all his old passports and guess what? They are BLACK TOO!!!!!

Well done. You now have a blue passport which will take you to places which have more foreigners than you want here Blue! The colour often use for reference to hope, sex, music, and now loss of FoM. What a gain! Unlike Priti Patel, who was not born until 1972, I had one of the old passports when I was about 3 in the late 50's. They did not look like this. I still have one upstairs. It's almost black & it has a cardboard cover. The whole thing is fake.

Priti might be the sexiest Home Secretary in history. This is not news. Try reporting on something newsworthy please. Well, whoopee fucking doo!

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Maybe you could report this? Maybe? Nah, thought not... What a joke LOL British It’s manufactured in Poland 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤔🤔🤔🤔😮😮😮🙄🙄🙄🙄😹😹😹😹 The new blue British passports will be made by a Franco/Dutch company at a factory in Poland, under EU procurement rules. FFS!!!

Good, but why aren't they made in the UK? Was it ever dark blue? I'm sure they were black, or is it that Wrong Think? Hope my son inlaw who got his stole last week along with x2 others will get their appointment soon to get them sorted our stolen passports bags from IOxfird Servuces last week Lol I didn't think I'd ever have to look for a burgandy passport sleeve but here we are

Bring it back for printing in the UK as a matter of National Security

Boris Johnson’s immigration rules could see thousands of British troops banned from armyBORIS JOHNSON'S proposed post-Brexit immigration rules could see thousands of foreign troops banned from joining the British Army, a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan has warned. Absolute rubbish is that bad?

Made by a French company in Poland. Come on , try telling all of the story, not just the part that you have been instructed to put out by your Conservative masters. is exactly the same as the 'news' in North Korea and China. They will be made by a Franco/Dutch company at a factory in Poland. The blue passports will be made by Gemalto, owned by French firm Thales. F*****g hypocrite why not have them here in the UK which would open up more employment opportunities for our nationals...u leave the EU but still want them to make our passport.

Toddlers in charge. Groovy Whoopdy do. Next..... Our old ones were black. Whoop-de-bloody-do. As self-righteous, empty symbolism goes, this has to be way up the list. Oooooh I need a new one 😀 👏👍✅🇬🇧

Dad leaves child, 14, at airport with expired passport and goes away without herA dad left his 14-year-old daughter at the airport after they discovered she only had two months left on her passport, and still went away without her

Bfd Love it Toekneebrexit Hope it’s being printed in England not France Ms. Patel does smug incredibly well, to be fair to her. Mine expires next year and I can’t wait. Might have to lose it 😂 now that's a face u would never get bored of slapping..... smug !

It say it all about a country that can’t make its own passport. It's terrible I thought we would have all the UK flags printed on the cover And on opening it the region of the uk your from Nations tune would play O well it's not red and of course remainers don't like it It has a Huawei chip in it? SkyNews Daily_Express TheSun

🧐 but but but you can only have maroon if in EU! BluePassport 👍👍👍👍 BorisJohnson Stop the polish contract theresa May signed and get the passports printed here in Britain. British goods by British manufacturers. That’s what you said before the election. Also the bbc licence fee would be scrapped. Bring it on. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Enjoy! Hope it was worth it!! Glad I got a red one last week 😂 Pretty sure the red passport wasn’t dictated by the EU,UK chose to change it to red.Could have still kept the blue passport if it was that important. Also blue and gold passports are not unique to the UK. More importantly, why doesn’t a UK based company make these new passports?

Would have been better produced in the UK. Having said that onwards and upwards. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 Ah ah ! Made In Poland by dutch company Great. It will match the wife bag. Other than that I couldn't give a fook. 4 million British children live in poverty Blue for the the EU 👍 A loon trigger 🤣 oh my days

Ooooh I want 1 !!! Wish I could have one. Born during the Empire days in once highly respected SA Polish passports I’ll be buying a lovely burgundy cover for it.

Which will be met with howls of laughter wherever it goes. Good! Only a complete imbecile would welcome a different color of passport in exchange for reduced rights to travel and remain abroad. PritiVacant Sadly not printed in the UK though! But this is only for renewal as the other passport is perfectly legal until it runs out so don’t panic people.

It never was blue, was it? Mine was black. Genuinely interested, but why did we have red ones in the first place anyway? Why are they not being made by a British company Very similar colour to the Croatian passport, no? Croatia is a member of the EU, no? Whoopee piggy doo

They’ve got the word ‘QUIM’ on them and they’re not as good as the old E.U. ones Made in the Netherlands!!!! Excellent 😁 Yanass97 And anybody who refuses to order one will be imprisoned!! Yes, Herr Flick. Yup and they get to stay 90 days every 180 days in the EU just like the rest of us. I hope they like that.

Made in Poland !!! Lol PolandMFA im just here for the meltdown from the remainers. Offended by the colour of a passport hahahaha Can't wait to get one

Oooooh, fancy! Looks just like my US passport. I'll probably pass on getting one to save confusion. If the Conservatives turn Liberal... will it be orange ? No deal Brexit still the most likely option, new immigration rules will decimate Tourism, Healthcare and so much more. Businesses are relocating but don't worry we have blue passports! The sooner Scotland is independent and in control of our future the better. NotMyGovernment

And Made in Poland 🤐😶 sounds good. The UK could have had these anyway whilst in the EU. Factcheck ✅ GiftCee Where are they being made? France isn't it? cool nice step forward 👍

Can we still use the current passport till it expires or do we need to renew right away? Taking back control... My new passport will still be self identifying as Red That looks more like Navy Blue or could be just my screen... The future of the entire De La Rue site in Gateshead is now in doubt, due in part to financial difficulties caused by losing the contract to produce UK passports. 430 jobs are at risk, in addition to the 170 redundancies that were announced last summer.

I hope I got in on time to still get the red one!!! WTF is all the excitement re the blue? I can only think whoop whoop that will make us great again, come on people get real we still have an extreme right Gov with bad plans for the vulnerable and less fortunate. I like your lynchdavid handle, but is it not tempting providence with comments like this?

nice one This is very important news! Made in Poland!! You couldn't make it up!! We have no shame!!

Most leavers could give a shit about passport colour but it seems to have got a fair few remainers rattled. 😆 Lifes too short folks Wasn't passports previously produced in this country. Have British people lost their jobs due to us now having a blue passport? They were never blue but sort of black and they are now made within EU so carry a stamp „Made in EU“ much for taking back control!

For Brexiters this will become their MAGA hat. We didn’t need to leave the EU to have blue passports, just sayin’... Get in - mine is due in six months. Hope the post man whistles Rule Britannia as he strolls down the path to deliver it The racist's passport. Another beexit waste of money. The french firm that benefitted from this waste will be happy. At least someone has made a profit from brexit

Superb!! It’s great to see the UK Government creating British jobs for workers producing these blue passports here at home 🤨 Get in!!!!!!!!!!! Britain, Britain, Britain!!

Have they forgotten Northern Ireland? violette_fields No Doubt the loony remaininers will still ask for their insipid red coloured crap ... Made in Poland, for a French company in a colour we’ve never had before. Taking back control pfft 🤡 And within five years they return them in dark red. unnecessary costs, wich will be carried by the taxpayers. And the next thing will come, many companies that want to come to our country🇳🇱 because of Brexit, jobs are moving with it.🇪🇺🇳🇱🇪🇺

That’s all we need? Pritti Patel is a disaster! Blue or black? Stupid or sentient, you decide So glad I just renewed mine 👍 More Tory lies spread by the BBC and SKYNews - our passports have never been blue before. Stop lying Let's hope she's out of a job before the passports roll out in March, vile woman.

Cool. Hope all the old Leavers that never so much as leave their village enjoy them. Perhaps they can be used as tiny headstones when they die. Thank god ive still got 10 years of my mahogany passport then 😂 Why aren't we seeing a mass exit of all you EU mad remainers? Please, go. Is this the same rollout that could have happened regardless of Brexit or not as it had nothing to do with the EU 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Ffs! This infantile obsession. We are allowed any colour we like, we chose maroon. Made where La Ti Da. I like my purple one. Triggered! I hope all you Remoaners enjoy our new passport . 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧. If not , you know where to go . Lol who cares about the colour as long as the words at the top are gone

Great so a step back with the irony that the contract to print the UK’s post-Brexit passport was given to Franco-Dutch company Gemalto. Pathetic Isn’t it actually made in France? it was all worth it! Made in France! 🤣 Where the old passports not black You can admire it while you stand in your massive queues

Tokenism You can use them to go to Moscow

Brilliant 🎉🎉🎉 This is pathetic, a cheap trick to fool some of the anti EU population into thinking they have won something. We have all lost now, and it is nothing to do with the colour of UK passports, it just represents the removal of FOM. What a sad position for the UK. Lol she looks like Cruella de Ville

Yet you could change the colour in the EU, and keep the power of the passport.... Brilliant , can’t wait for mine !! 🇬🇧 We still have some bitter people about the leave vote. Being proud of your country and being pleased with a new passport doesn't make you shirt minded or anything. We seemed to have lost our country pride without being told it's not right....

Time to renew my passport then!! 🥰 What, the ones made in Poland? Who cares

Hopefully we'll be back in before mine expires. Nice jacket patel4witham How many countries will be Visa free? Who cares The blue cover symbolizes the 'new world'. Printed in France,the British company De la Rue lost the contract I believe and have nearly gone to the wall. Great plan.! Not! Might be wrong about the name of the printing company

Brilliant. Thank goodness we have finally left that wretched money guzzling authoritarian state known as the EU. Cue the mentally sick FBPE loons 😂😅🤣😀😂 The way this Government seem to be headed is really quite worrying. And sadly the opposition are probably worse, but for opposite reasons.

😗💨🖕 so bloody what. Whoopy fucking doo! That’s all we Brexiteers ever wanted! The rest is pure dressing 😂😂😂 Brilliant. Well done pritti again. Wow! To think that the colour of a passport is 'news' What a perfect example of the farce that is brexit, shipping jobs and profits out of the UK. Thanks God my passport is valid for next 3-4 years so I wont see this ugly one!

❤ fuckin buzzing this is the brexit I voted for 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 So many utter twats on this thread

Which we could have done any time we were in the EU That's a picture of a really horrible, disgusting thing! Can't say woman or lady as women and ladies have a heart. 'that' is a disgusting excuse of a person! I hope her life falls apart! And also next time she takes a shit, it really hurts! A disgrace of a human being being promoted by a state funded propaganda channel. PritiPatel ToryBritain propaganda

Should ensure we have a longer delay at passport control The old passports looked nothing like the new ones. The subtitle is therefore misleading. Do we have to pay for these? Hope they produce a stick on cover, the sooner I rid it of EU the better. Wonder was it made in the Uk by the descendants of the Crusaders while humming Rule Britannia .......... me thinks not

Can't wait. Ecstatic. Shite

If that is blue, then I guess there were 5 lights after all. Made in France , what a joke ! And it’s utterly useless. What an embarrassment this country has become. Mine will stay maroon. Didn't 170 British workers lose their jobs for this to be made in Europe? Genius. Well done all involved . Morons Hope all the remainers refuse to get one.

GiftCee At least the colour is actually like the Black passports we used to have, not the pathetic sky blue remoaners and media were justifiably taking the mick out of after the referendum Apparently I voted Brexit solely for this I have been told.....looks nice though. British people “who cares if the passports are being made elsewhere” also British people “I’m sick of scrounges on the dole”

Yes and apparently they are made in Poland

Great, regaining our place on the world stage as an independent nation, opposed to 1 of 28 EU slave states. I worry some people they worry about the colour of there passport yet there are some people who can’t put food on there table(if they have one) or cant afford to pay the rent. Fantastic but you gave the French the job who sub it.., why not made in Blighty? Lol

Are there still plans in place to have them manufactured abroad‼🤷‍♀️be nonsensical if they are🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤪🤯‼ Oh! Lammy speaks out something so stupid! Fantastic news Thank goodness we’re getting the blue passports (French/Dutch company, made in Poland) it makes all the negotiating, political chaos and years of uncertainty worthwhile

fbpe tears rollout now Made in Poland ffs

Made in Poland apparently ! Oh if only I were Irish 😬🤔 smirk Can I have mine with a free Priti? Please 😘 Good.. Let the triggering commence.. I don’t need one but I’m going to get one!! Excellent! Next up, remove public funding from the BBC. Claret passport dumped for a blue one 💙 up the Blues SOTV BCFC

Achievement goals. The amount of people getting irate about the colour of a passport is ridiculous lol

It’s really probably the least important news right now or at anytime tbf. Who cares? Agh! Think I have applied too soon and might get a burgundy one... harrumph... just checked with Passport Office and they couldn’t tell me... how disappointing Who cares what colour the damn thing is. 😂😂 Awesome! They’ll be the ones that say “Go line up over there with everyone else!”

The pettiness of Brexit Lion and Unicorn on the front? Great. I don't give a flying f*** what colour it is. Don't give a fudge what colour they are...blah, blah, blah! Hot just over 9yrs on my red one that just had UK on it. Goodness, won't I sleep well tonight with this womans pleasure in holding a blue passport.

*Made in France Hardly worth ruining our country and our children’s futures for though. Yesssss

Whoop de do I had a hardback blue passport and was delighted to exchange it for the EC maroon one. I am now devastated, and to see Priti Patel smirking above it makes me sick. See guys, wasn't voting Leave worth it ey Every journey starts with a first step She should show an Indian passport... Very interesting. Meanwhile you fail to highlight the Government censorship of the report on Pakistani child grooming

How many are waiting as long as they can to get this? bluebritishpassport is the best! scrapthelicencefee Yeeeeeesssss. Just look at the fucking BLUE on that. We’ve got our Cuntry back. I’m so looking forward to seeing these flashed around as it takes six hours to get through customs. What a time to alive. 🕺🏻💃🏽

It makes me so blue.!! In the loveliest of way. Wow so much moaning about the colour of a passport grow up and be adults

PritiPatel is the embodiment of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ 😂 The news story should be how much less useful the new ones are, but sure, focus on the colour guys. No-one cares. cancel his amazon prime as you need a tv licence to have it due to the live feeds that they do now .. so your all paying twice to watch 1 thing and that was from the customer support because it's in the subscription.the bbc can and will take you to court for watching on there .

Can you replace the ones you just got that are purple for free What a beautiful thing! A great symbol of Britain's return to sovereignty. Good on you Britain!🇬🇧 smug are patel How is boris posing with his new blue passport already then? Another lie by him perhaps Why have you not mentioned, EU member, Croatia, always having a blue passport? Why didn't you mention the it was Margaret Thatcher's decision, to get rid of the blue passport? Why are you peddling propoganda for the Conservatives party?

Rather have one of these Hahahahahaha all this to get a blue passport .... You would have to be some kind of bottom feeding halfwit to think this somehow matters. Fire up the spitfires lads, we've just won WW3. My passport runs out this year. I will get a new one. I do not care what colour it will be. People who do, need to get a life.

As long as I’m not expected to replace the new passport I’ve just gotten my daughter until it’s up in 5 years I don’t care what colour it is Woo peee dooo Salty comments everywhere 😂😂😂😂 I love it 😂😂😂 Made in Poland Beautiful I'm sure it won't be long before someone starts selling some nice burgundy coloured covers we can purchase to keep our new passports in pristine condition. 😉

This Will bring the FBPE frothers out 😆😆😆😆🇬🇧 The UK is fucked and no amount of blue passports (made in Poland) will fix it. Hurrah the blue passport Brexit was worth it after all.😉🤣😂 People starving and living on the streets, but at least we get to spend millions changing their colour of our passports eh...

Wow what an occasion will it bring a button that one can press to listen to the national anthem? 🤣🤣 Another victory against counter terrorism for Priti. Ridding the world of counter terrorism. What a minister. Glad I've recently renewed and mine is still burgundy with EU on it. Suspect my next renewal will be for a Scottish passport.

The new restrictive Brexit passport in Tory blue - great. I thought BorisJohnson was planning on bringing the country together. A very appropriate color for a country entering rigor mortis Oh woopy f*****g doo!

Big Deal is that what Brexit was all about Bracing myself for the inevitable wailing and stamping of feet of those who still wish to be ruled by Brussels based lawmakers. I really couldnt care less what colour my passport is. Its of no importance to me. Its just a colour. That's great, but why not make them in Britain instead of France!

Can I keep my old one? It’s provides greater freedoms than the new blue restrictive expensive one. Why have you removed the word Tory between BBC and News (UK)? Remember folks blue passports are nothing to do with Brexit. We could have had them the whole time, but our politicians wanted to psychologically influence us into thinking of the EU as being a single superstate. There was no mandate from Brussels that our passports be burgundy.

We could have had blue passports anytime. Just sayin’. Yes yes yes What's the obsession with a passport?. I don't get it.🧐

Whoopy fuckin doo... Wish I could trade mine for one of them 🤷🏼‍♀️ Will we have to pay for these blue passports. Yes but what about the Russia Report? People have been hash tagging it for ages, surely this will force Boris to release it? 🤔 Any word on what colour the Scottish passport will be? Renew my passport pleased it wont have EU shit on it.😊

Cue remoaners bleating on about I didn’t vote to leave a corrupt unaccountable EU I am not sure about blue can’t we go back to black like it was before. Then again it really does not matter the colour of the passport as the in long run the Damage is already done. 😙😒😒😒😒 Made by a French company 🤣 Yeah and Russia and China also use red passports ...

andie1105 Beautiful... And the new passport also. UK and NI? A 'superforecaster' would have red and white English passports printed. This photo should surely be captioned ‘let me show you what you could’ve won’ and be displayed at all UK detention centres & Airport Terminals in the UK We have a place in Portugal and go over for 4 weeks every year and me and the Mrs are retiring there in 5 years, sometimes though our arrogance as a nation really makes me embarrassed to be British

Is my new blue passport going to be as good as my old red one, I hope so. My old one gave me the right to go and live and work in 27 other countries. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Can I keep my maroon one?! How about those that opt for blue are no longer allowed freedom of movement but those of us that don’t can continue as was?! Problem solved!

Not bothered about the colour. More disappointing that they are made in France and NE company who previously made them has had redundancies! Nice one 👍🏽

Made in Poland. Does it coincide with a price increase? They were already higher than the European average passport price.😀 Think there is a business opportunity for someone to produce a thin Burgandy cover (with a reproduction of the now correct front), for anyone unfortunate enough to have the blue passport forced upon then.

😂😂😂😂 weren't they manufactured in France? Well thank god for that, at least we are get something out of Brexit that we can be proud of. Unlike extended waiting in hospital queues, increased food prices, fruit & veg rotting in the fields because no one will pick them, hotels closing because they can't get the staff..etc.

TheEmanFifty Gimps More’s the pity that it wont be British made - how could they! 😐 Renew to be blue. I hate that c¥nt, and the passport's not so hot either....

So the book that ALLOWS you to visit members of your own species changes colour. Fantastic news? Migrating birds must look down on their way to Southern Hemisperes and chirp 'Suckers' Nice! I look forward to long queues at airports. I want my rights back, my travel rights and my freedom. You’ve cut off my family and friends. I want the choice of burgundy.

Where they printed? Looking at her with that smirk on her face..I threw up in my mouth No thank you I don’t want to be labelled a cnut bluepassport I can't wait to get one!! Would be nice if leavers were given the blue one and people that wanted to remain keep the red one, the way our European friends can tell us apart 👍🏼

This thread is a snapshot of all that is wrong with the UK today. Citizens of most countries back their country. Many of our citizens can’t wait to rip it apart. The British disease. Yep there she is the Blue Meanie I look forward to long queues at airports. I want my rights back, my travel rights and my freedom. You’ve cut off my family and friends. I want the choice of burgundy.

And the worst thing is: those who called for it probably rarely use it. Well worth the rise of the far right racists. Awful! (Esp as I need to renew v soon). Now every time I use it - an I do frequently for work - I’ll be reminded how nasty and insular my country has become. This is “You lost. Get over it!” thuggishness writ large. Dreadful.

Isn't it made in France? Loving the Remaniac 😭 on this TL.👍🏻 I was hoping for royal blue ooh I'm due a new passport and I support Everton double whammy

Stupidity on stilts We could have had blue passports without leaving the EU. More Tory lies. Yes! That’s what we’ve spent the last 4 years of turmoil fighting for 💪🤦🏻‍♂️ Thank you France, er, Poland. Time to celebrate 😲😍😂 Great news. 😄😄😄 Oh guys, what this *and* the 50p, the future is so so bright 🦄

Really? People are dying of austerity and this is what the Home Secretary thinks is important? We had blue passports before. I was sorry to lose my for the sake of the maroon one and will be glad to get it back. That will please the racists & xenophobes, hardly worth destroying our economy for though is it !

And the award for the most laughed at, least useful travel document in the world goes to... 🤮 Joy, a blue passport, but no freedom to move across Europe, how can those who think Brexit is a good idea be so ignorant. Is the blue the same colour as the union flag? No, the same as the St. Andrew’s Cross? No, the NI and Welsh flags seem to lack this too. Not British at all!

HALLELUJA! HALLELUJA! HALLELUJA...HELLELU-OOH-OOH-OOH-JA! Totally worth fucking up the economy and stirring up racial hatred cos WE'VE GOT OUR FUCKING BLUE PASSPORTS BACK(made in France)I am WRITING IN BLOCK CAPITALS because 74% of BREXITEERS CAN'T READ lower case... I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone with such a smug resting face it’s impressive!

See Prima Donna Priti is holding the new passport. Has she now also got rid of the bureaucrats behind it. I hope they did not upset her. It seems as if Trump behavioural problems are stepping into our U.K. govt. Thought we were better. Obviously not now they have a majority The irony of someone whose parents were immigrants smugly pulling up the drawbridge on others.

This new 'iconic' passport is special. It signifies that the holder comes from a land of declining prosperity & international influence with declining food and employment standards to follow. It symbolises a country which is now a byword for stupidity and insularity. Looks more black than blue to me. Did Chris Grayling organise this?

It looks like the passport issued before the UK joined the EU. If it's blue, you queue. love it ❤️🇬🇧🤍🇬🇧💙🇬🇧 Tell me, do you get a free swap if you still have years left on the eu one..or is that another 'hidden' cost of brexshit?!!! Still the idiots don’t understand democracy we have left the Fooking EU

I can't wait. My passport hasn't run out but I'll renew just to get a blue one 🥰🥰🥰🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Will we have to pay for these new ones? Or will they replace the red ones for free? at last 🇬🇧 Contract given by the UK Government to a French Company & they will be manufactured in a factory in Poland. Dad's Army at its best what a farce.

All these people who voted for a blue passport.. if you were that desperate just buy a blue cover 🤷🏼‍♂️

Please please please can we go back to the hardback version and ditch the paperback I’m just here to see the snowflake remoaner tears.... 😂😂😂 Just had a digital passport photo taken in a photo booth. Then filled in an on -line renewal form, downloaded the photo and was good to go after sending in the expired passport. That's progress in 10 years. I would like one with a flower on the front.🌻

This one soon too. Sad people Given to a French company to make!!! 😠😠😠 Getting a red holder for mine What if we don’t want one?

All of the uncertainty was worth it!! We can choose our own coloured passports. Man, freedom tastes so sweet 🙄 Wow I think when we see the blue passports we will realise that Brexit has all been worthwhile! Can we exchange the hated red one for a blue one The words European Union on the front were an abomination of our country's surrender of sovereignty. This is reaffirming our nationhood once more.

Not as marvellous as they said it was going to be. Croatian passport 🤫 Oh yippee. The “benefits” from Brexit just keep on coming, don’t they? Can we refuse to have one? A rollout which could have been done at any point during the UK's time in the EU, the overlooking of which nicely summarises Brexit

Can’t wait. Great news. 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 Can you eat it? Blue UK post-Brexit passport. It's been outsourced by the UK government to a French company who's having them made in Poland. On what planet is this ‘news’ in the same way as -for instance- the sixth mass extinction event 🌍🔥 Made on the continent 😒

Brilliant news. It’s also brilliant that those British snowflakes that hate Britain are still crying about it! Nice I can’t bear it, what a price we will pay for this nonsense! Does it really matter the colour? So we have left the EU but we are paying France to make our passports?

Brilliant way to make loads of money. No doubt they’ll charge everyone. This is the only “benefit” brexit will deliver. Also they’re black. FFS we rely on our partnership with Europe so much we can’t even make our own passports. brexitarmageddon. Ultimate question is- will they be free? I thought that having got brexit done it was supposed to bring the Country back together. All I'm seeing is more intolerance and hate than before. I've voted Conservative all my life. But this is the most right wing lot I've witnessed. Reign it in.

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 🇬🇧🇬🇧👍 That smirk will disappear when her period of useful idiocy is over.And she becomes just another foreign scapegoat who needs to be removed to her parents country of origin. It hasn't been a great week for the PM Government: Here's something shiny idiots (note: not calling anyone idiots - it just feels like this is the subtext)

What do you actually get for £85? A cheap piece of cardboard with a few blank pages, your photo, at an extra cost. Then when it expires people expect you to have to get a new one, you are still you aren't you?

This government is hell bent on doing stupid things before even negotiating what the future will be Bring it! Nicely ruined thanks to the creepy, smirking traitor that is Priti Patel Here's something shiny idiots (note: not calling anyone idiots - it just feels like this is the subtext) Pity about the Model holding the passport!

Really, wow !!! It’s been so worth it. To get a meaningless little book that determines which side of some made up dividing you belong in. Great news. Still got 7 years left on my red one but might renew once these are available. GeorgiePanter this is going to mean I have a red passport and you have a blue one 😂

Made in France😬

Can’t wait to get mine. Brilliant 👏👏👍 Oh well if this was labour rolling it out. Nice but not that important in the grand scheme. Whoop. De. Fucking. Do. I’ll just rush out to ... ~snore~ 😂 Glad to see everyone is taking it well... What a meltdown you're all having! Remainers seem more obsessed about the colour than anyone else! Grow up ffs.

Whoopy ! All the pain is worth it ! Will it get me to Israel, Ms Vacant! Should be British made -anything else would be ironic DingliWHU Christmas come early Are they the ones made in France?

are these the same blue ones the EU never stopped us using in the first place? Excellent news, let the remainer triggering commence. Since when did civil servants start making statements That'll show 'em To everyone who says there are no tangible benefits to Brexit: how do you like them apples ?! Red was so beautiful

Not bothered if my passport is red, blue, green or yellow as long as the sun is out the other end 🤷‍♂️.. But the remainer tears 😂😂😂 Are the BBC going to point out that the UK could have had blue passports at any time during its membership of the EU. The colour of the UK passport has never been decided by Brussels.

YES, Baby ♥️🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Priti, show me something you wouldn't get under your own immigration policy? Good,good.

The old passports were black not blue. Without doubt the most important Brexit promise was £350m a week to the NHS. Hold this government to account on that. 3 full weeks since Brexit ask to see the receipt of the £1,050m paid. NHS Don’t want one, bloody PP. An opportunity to swell the hmtreasury coffers a bit...for the next few months charge a premium price - say £100 to guarantee a Blue Passport on renewal, or £150 for an immediate replacement - I suspect take up would be huge 👍🇬🇧

My passport ran out in September 2018. Looks like I can finally renew it 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Printed in Poland just letting you know. So we can't even print our own passport Beautiful! The passport, not her. Even I'm scared of her. I can remember the days of going on holiday and queueing for hours in passport control, a nightmare, that should help with climate change, who wants to go on holiday and spend half the time in a queue, don’t think EU countries will rush to get you through

The EU tagline being 'if it's blue, you que'.

Yes and made in Poland. 👏👏👏👏🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Sweet I’ll apply next month 😁👍 I’ll never be getting one of them. All travel on my Swedish one from this point forward. Future PM there! Go on Priti! Really don’t care. Is it going to work any different than my red one? No. Didn’t think so. Total waste of money. Pathetic.

Rub & nose comes to mind It’ll still sit in my drawer for my next jolly. Wow it really was worth all the hassle

100% British passport produced in France. Yeah, makes sense. pinkperlz Wow! That really is groundbreaking news Have I missed the Remainer meltdown? Great.. Brexiteers: There is far more to be in British than a blue passport Extremely excited about how the remaining nations are going to agree to post Brexit contributions they will be required to make to the EU budget

This is of course an opportuinty to eliminate x amout of false Passports... Strange as my new passport is burgundy but without 'european union' across the top.. I have three years left on mine but will get the new one a.s.a.p..

THE future is for Blue people no more red people Prefer the red one myself Remoaners Whoopee fuckin' doo! Just heard on bbc ,they are being printed in France , Why , Delayed and over budget no doubt. And the only reason that they are being printed by a French owned company is that under EU regulations it had to go out to tender as I understand it.

Only we could ‘celebrate’ something that has less status or value than its predecessor. A pretty good metaphor for Brexit essentially. Remoaner meltdown incoming

Passport!? It's a xenophobe pacifier! An utterly pointless, smirking fool parading the irrelevant, non-achievement of that which we've always had access to, 'earned'at the expense of the facility to benefit from its basic purpose. What a clown! governmentOfIdiots Well that's going to completely change my life

Great just what I always wanted 🙄 Imagine caring so much about the colour of your passport. How meaningless. billy_racist I can finerally gett me blu parsport n eff off frum engerland as its taiken ova by muzlamics! Ill goe two dubai or malaysia Yeah, less rights! Well done everyone who voted to get 'their' country back...numpties

U may not like them but they are delivering their every word. Voters see it too. Sorry but labour won’t be coming to power in a long time It's just a colour. Just wait until the outcry of people who haven't bothered to check visa requirements and get refused entry on their hollibobs. Q the sad faces of children at airports not going on holiday and someone wanting Boris to help them.

Sad pritti stupid did not ensure the passports are made in the UK, of course she won’t mention that BorisJohnson

But sadly being made by a FRENCH company...!! 🙈🙈 Quite honestly I don't care what colour my passport is as long as the words European Union are not on it - and there is no EU flag on driving licences and car reg. plates any more you forgot to mention that Croatian passport is blue. Croatia didn't change it when it joined the EU

And I suppose you BBC liberal luvvies are going to cry about it !!! Can’t wait to see the apoplectic, moronic Brexiteers when they realise that changing it to blue means nothing and they’ll be stuck in long immigration queues at the start of their shit holidays. I remember the blue passports 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Such a sad and pointless thing. Nobody should get exited or angry about the colour of a passport. People whinging about the colour of a passport and that we're leaving a trade bloc. Pathetic. Reece_stephens1

Wow Fabulous! Thank you! patel4witham UK could have always had its blue passport but chose to opt for the burgandy bne. 'There are EU resolutions that reference the burgundy colour, but they are not legally binding and style decisions like that are at the discretion of each members state.' Couldn't give a flying fuck what colour it is, more pressingly when is unfettered migration going to end?

Harping back to a colonial past.Anyone who knows anything about that realises that we have nothing to gloat about on that score!We bullied our way through those years and hey ho we've learnt nothing! Oh that's alright then....FFS It still works though... right? Look at all these triggered remoaners! Glorious! ❄️

Almost laughable that the blue passport becomes a symbol for ‘taking back controle’ as the EU never demanded to drop the blue for burgundy - this was a local decision. Blue = symbol of having lost freedom UK citizens have enjoyed for almost 50 years. Enjoy! Made by a French firm 😮

We should be allowed a replacement for free A sad sight indeed. Yet more gloating from the politicians that have ruined our great country. Love the last paragraph. “Other nations to have blue passports include Israel, Iraq, Syria and North Korea.” I want one! 🇬🇧 It was all worth it. All the billions lost, all the businesses that are going to fail. All the racist attacks and murders of MPs. The English get to get their 'blue' passports back, made in Poland! Well they can stick their passports up their collective behinds! bluepassport

Now here’s a thing. I’ve dug out my old passport issued in 1978. It’s black. Not blue, dark blue, midnight blue or any other type of blue. It’s black. Definitely black. I will be renewing mine in March then even though it hasn’t expired. 👍🏻 FrazierWortho Shame produced in France ?

Ah beautiful blue. The colour of the EU and Scotland. UP THE BLUES. What a soulless symbol of how pathetically insular and vile the UK has become. And the passport’s just as bad. Guess I’m back to using my Irish passport 👍👍👍👍👍 It will be worn out pretty quickly given the amount of times ye are going to have to keep producing it🙈🙈🙈🙈😂😂😂😂

This annoys me, stop trivialising the seriousness of our country's documents or underestimating the common sense of the people of this country too.bthe colour of the passport is irrelevant. What is important is that it is British and should be respected as such. Iconic and blue ..... ( with Made in Poland printed on the back ) a symbol of us taking back control.

👏👏👏🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 It needs to be made in the UK by a British company 👍👍👍

I expect all our problems will be behind us when the colour of our passport changes to blue. You’ll have plenty of time to admire it as you wait in the immigration queues at any European airport make sure u order the big jumbo one with 58 pages as it will have plenty stamps on it I don’t want one. What’s worse is I need at least 6 months left in my passport and I won’t get that time back, so by the time I get the one after it won’t be a 10 year one it’ll be a 9 year one for which we pay a fortune,

How will this improve the lives of so may in this fractured country? Where are they made? Can’t wait 🇬🇧 is it the same colour as the old ones we used to have? I shall buy a red cover for mine YES!!!! Finally got are country back.

Respect us...we are British. 👍🏼😀 She’s so hot patel4witham holding a passport that is being manufactured in France!! noclue littlebritain rememberwhereyoucamefrom I wonder if that smirk has been surgically implanted So happy I’ll never need one! Oh goody! Can’t wait, that will make up for all the pain and trouble Brexit has caused and continues to cause!

BeddoeRoger Excellent About time too Keep up the good work Priti Patel 🇬🇧👍🏼 A colour we could have chosen to have all along.. Would have loved it then, but now it's just a symbol of how dark, bitter and isolated this country is. Welcome to the long lines at airports! Blue & bgger all places u can free travel in EU. Brexit was/is & ever more shall be a mistake whereisrussiareport

Only thing it’ll do for me is to remind me it was The Conservatives who facilitated all this nonsense! Boo hoo a blue passport!!! Waa waa!!! Shut up eurolovers get over’s a blue passport not a big deal Which we could of changed to at any time. The absolute state of it..... Wow, a new blue passport! At last, something to show for Brexit. Rule Britannia.

It’s worth less so should cost less! But still made in the EU? Lol Pound shop passports only 50p We could have had blue (or pretty much any other colour) anyway Shame it’s not been created in this country BorisJohnson so much for flying the UK flag Narcissism personified!

And a tea towel.. 🤣🤣 Made in France 🤣 The UK was never formally compelled to change the colour of its passport in the 1980s but did so with other member states. Securing a change in the design became a rallying point for Brexit supporters, with the government announcing that the blue passport would return.

And printed in France ! irony Brilliant can’t wait Who cares? Get over it. Wooppeeee.... Priorities! Just like the 50p coins! SaturdayMorning SaturdayThoughts On BBC News - New British passport rollout in March. Dear perma-smirking Priti Patel, when will you start fighting for rights of British passport-holding BritishInEurope? Why should volunteers have to do your job?

Whether you're pining for blue or crying for maroon, you're pathetic either way.

Yawn The colour doesn’t matter. It’s where it can take you that does! I really can't see what it matters what colour it is? What are you gonna do with your blue one; wave it around the airport making sure everyone knows just how British you are? Oh gawd. I need to get a nice red one for my son before this hideousness takes over !

Smug Judging by the comments on here, I can't see this country coming together anytime soon. Celticanz Smirking liar holding up a totem of pensioner racism? Hey, did you know you can get covers for them! Who'd have thought it 🤣 Keep it. Don’t want one. I can hardly control my excitement.🙄

I have an old passport from the 1960's and it is black. EXCELLENT- bbc gutted Late December...merry xmas But the old one's were black. With fewer rights. I can rest soundly knowing me and mine have dual citizenship so have British citizenship and E.U. member state citizen’s rights, opportunities and, choices. The colour has always been UK’s choice. Nothing to do with E.U. Now it looks like

Nice that we’ll have our ‘iconic’ British blue passports back. What’s that? 81 other countries have the same including Australia, USA, Canada, India, Jamaica, Iceland, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Venezuela, Iraq, Syria and North Korea? Nah mate, blue is our colour... I won't be applying for one.

Congratulations Britain, in the slow lane with the rest of us non EU passport holding mugs. Fantastic, just what the Johnny foreigner hating little Englanders believed they were voting for, now when does the 350 million quid start getting invested in the NHS? fools clowns thingsthatrealltmatter And they are made in......POLAND 😂🤣

Pathetic. Patel enjoys a diplomatic passport so she won’t be queuing in the non-EU citizen lane when travelling. Looking good Cool, been waiting since September. Just renewed mine and its a red one. 😢 Never mind, I will buy a dark blue passport cover and keep in in that. Made in France CENSORED BY BBC NEWS

Cool My classic, iconic British passport looks f**k all like that. For starters, it happens to be black. Ugly colour.

Happily I still have 7 years on my maroon one whatsinacolour This is gonna trigger so many hardcore remainers 🍻 Everything is all right with Britain then , British people have blue passports we can all live happy lives now 🙄🙄🙄 I can hardly wait 🙄 I’d better get a renewal request in rapidly then - to get a classic red one.

Why does this silly woman always have that silly grin?!?!?! That'll be the ones printed in France? What a sad country we have become! What difference does it make what colour your passport is? Won’t be changing mine until it need renewing, not spending money to get a different colour. pointless newpassport

I renewed mine so I could keep an EU passport. It may be a small sign, but, it's a sign of my commitment to a united Europe I shall have one...👏👏👏 Thank goodness I got mine renewed and have a red one for another 10 years! Blue British passports for the blue rinse brigade! My current EU passport was made in UK: if and why I need to renew it, my UK passport will have been made in the EU. Brexitlogic

Why is this a thing that excites people, why!? Yaaaaaay finally a tangible real benefit of Brexit!!!! A blue passport and a coin!! Sorry for my anti-Brexit tweets for the last 3 years! It really is worth it!!! stopbrexit Main reason I voted Leave. Pathetic patel4witham grow up.

Better be free I'm suprised the BBC is reporting this. Through gritted teeth no doubt. Well done patel4witham BorisJohnson things are happening at pace. Why do we care? BritishPassports made in France 🙄....why ? there know printing businesses in the UK. The cretins could have had blue passports whilst being in the EU, just like Croatia. We have floods, the NHS is collapsing and patel4witham is spending time on this?

My passport is not ready for renewal but I might renew it just to get one that’s not part of the EU. Thought that was her Israeli passport for a moment there Retrograde, hassle, a national embarrassment, isolationist, xenophobic, ignorant... Never thought I'd have to say that my passport was an embarrassment 😞 notinmyname NotMyBrexit

Should ensure some Remainer tears lol.

That bloody smirk I’ve just travelled 4000 miles with 2 kids, 4 bags & 2 car seats through 5 countries. If only we had had blue passports to make this easier. Brexit benefits flood in like dirty river water - 50p coin with words strangely at odds with government policy, now a passport printed in a different colour. Great to see the government concentrating on the real big issues. How’s that oven-ready deal doing? BorisJohnson

A blue passport that is infinitely less powerful and useful than the old one. If Brexit was actually any good then Leavers wouldn't be clinging to pathetic bits of symbolism like this. You can guess the comments as soon as you see th headline and they didn’t disappoint 😂 As a remainer I feel devastated by the change in colour. It changes everything...... oh hang on,no it doesn’t, it’s insignificant tosh pushed by the Government to pretend leaving is a victory.

........slips it into burgundy passport cover🥱 I'll be buying a lovely red cover for ours ❤️ PatWill97926440 Hooray another example of cutting ties with the EU

MayorofLondon pleasing to see another physical divide between us and the EU happening very quickly. Printed in Poland by a French company. fuckwits PatWill97926440 Another Nige thing! Prefer red Wow, all this about the colour of a passport, which was black before anyway. In todays world it's worth nothing. Pathetic, printed in Poland by a French company, Aye, taking back control. Laughable

Luckily I was among the last to get a EU burgundy passport. Until 2028 it will act as a memory of better, more open and prosperous times. Wouldn’t be surprised if by the late 20s we have rejoined! Gammon symbolism. Let the ❄ go nuts Is she sure? I’m sure this design from 1933 was her first choice. bluepassport


Oh joy. 'Other nations to have blue passports include Israel, Iraq, Syria and North Korea.' What exalted company we are in... 🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ A monument to bullshit. Although I travel a lot, each time I get my passport out there's still a little frisson of excitement at the adventure that could lie ahead. When I have to get one of these, each time will be tinged with sadness, a bitter reminder of the lies and betrayals that brought it about.

You know the choice of colour was entirely our own to make. Not all EU counties have red. There's that perma-smirk, again. It'll be wiped off her smug mug at some point. The question is, when? Very soon, I hope. ...and? A burgundy passport was a recommendation, it was not compulsory to have. Croatia doesnt have it. If the uk felt that strongly about the colour of a passport they could have changed it at anytime.

The moronic blue passport, the cult of Brexit strikes again! patel4witham looks so happy to be holding a French companies product,that's printed in Poland! So much for taking back control! One of the many lies they've told! You now own the Brexit mess, no point blaming others! As if anybody should be proud to be British. passport brexit PritiMustGo PritiPatel

'Did you get your blue passport?' 'Yes.' 'What did it cost?' '...' Why on earth isn't a UK company producing them thou Not really that interested in the colour of my passport. Had an original blue one, made use of that, had the burgundy one made significant use of that. For me it’s more about what it represents on arrival in to another country and that is yet to be shown.

Made in poland...... Are they still made in France? I suppose when folks are stuck in the non-EU queues at airports, the blue passports will act as some kind of comfort blanket, the weirdos I might just have to lose the old purple one somewhere 😉 Yay mine runs out next year cant wait to get a nice blue one.

It should have been immediately and everyone should now get blue not red

Ok, but star alone I know it's wrong but could someone please make a GIF of it slapping her on the face! After 25 years I can finally dispose of my blue cover! 👍👍👍👍👍👍 Pathetic .... I’m looking forward to being deported as an unskilled worker . Happy days 😁 DeniseDoris59 Unfortunately I had to renew mine last October. But at least it doesn’t have European Union on it.

Yay! 🇬🇧 This is not really news, now is it? Russian report, the national debt, flooding and the Governments lack of response, 5% cut to all Gov Departments, these are news, spend a little more time on the important stories and maybe people will think you're worth the fee. When is the rollout of all the numerous reports that are to be published about how dodgy boris is with favours for mates/affairs and abkut russian interference in election processes, dont seem to be rushing those out do they..

Absolutely gutted. I have just renewed mine, so got a red one.

There's something uniquely awesome about blue. One of the distinguishing factors that make the colour blue uniquely personalized is the national pride&identity of that country. We've been duly informed that the burgundy will run concurrently with the new 1 until its expiration. This shit is merely a distraction. Who gives a flying **** about the colour of a passport? Just get us out of the EU. Bye bye EU, hello Europe.

Tragic Who really cares blue, red, doesn't mean a thing! Leave Remain doesn't really bother me either, but this government and its handling of Storms, Coronavirus is patethic as is hiding from any responsibility or criticism Every day, you now wake up to another piece of good news from Pritti. She’s so giving.

Is this the after Russian report Fellow remainers should unite and boycott the new passport. Do not go abroad, Instead, spend your money in the UK. That will show em !!! I dont care what colour it is as long as it let's me in places as that is what a passport is for. purrfect1509 That'll please the lefties lol

We could have had blue passports while in the EU. EG Croatia is still blue. All that demonstrates is we have now less rights when when we were in EU. We have lost freedom of movement and access to 27 countries' embassies if we are abroad & cannot get to a British one.

I don't want a blue one. I want burgandy. I think as a country we have more to worry about than what colour our passports are ! Makes it all seem worth it now, doesn't it? The irony that it's the same colour as the European flag? Stupid News Now correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure they used to be black!!

Because that’s important news right now?!? Made in France. 😂😂😂😂😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Absolutely ridiculous, British passport 'made in France' well done Boris supporting Britain and taking our security seriously...what's next full English breakfast with snails.. Cue the angry and over the top responses....

If we live overseas does this mean we have to reapply or will we automatically be issued a new passport I've got another 5 years to run on my passport, but I'm having one of these next month! Can I renew early and keep the inclusive versions for me and my family? As a reminder of less facist times?! brexshit

Printed, bound and manufactured in mainland Europe.. & modelled by a sneering sociopath This is the most empty headed idea in BREXIT. Presented by the most fachistic minister in this useless government. Priti-Vacant Perma-Smirk Patel and dolphins seem to have something in common: to be smirking constantly. But as far as we know, dolphins have no desire to execute their own species.

I got 8 and half yrs left on mine, but I’m swapping.. Were they ever blue? Perhaps what's known in the colour palette as 'unicorn blue'.

It’s black isn’t it. When I renew my kids passports this year I’ll be covering them with an EU burgundy passport jacket. Available on Amazon for £1.99. You’re welcome. I’d love to see the look on the face of pricks like Femi and Lammy when they eventually get theirs UK Blue Passport Free at last Free at last Thank God Almighty The UK is Free at last

Victory! 😜 Can you please tell her to stick it up her arse. Ta Looking very smart. I am proud to have our own British identity HOORAY!!!! Ohhhh Britannia! Britannia rules the waves! All inner pages are rainbow coloured and on every page corner a unicorn. The photo page embossed with unicorn design. Please make it true. That will reallllllly tick the leave voters off.

We could have had a blue one any time we had wanted previously. Yes yes yes Oh wow blue passports isn’t that great Blue passport promoted by no other than Priti Vacant Perma-Smirk Patel herself. No thanks. Clowns 🤡 I had a lovely British passport in the 80’s, hard backed and black. Now I have a lovely blue Australian one, I travel all over the world with it and don’t whinge and moan about entry into Europe with it.

Stupid effers.!!!🙄 ridiculous waste of money, i have just got my new red passport Much preferred the burgendy , was far more useful.. would allow you free movement across all EU countries.. The new UK passport to be issued after Brexit will be made in France, the current British manufacturer has said. The burgundy passport, in use since 1988, will revert to its original blue and gold colour from October 2019.22 Mar 2018. Can’t be right?

We could have had blue ones without Brexit. What a pathetic thing to be bothered about when there are so many important issues that need addressing in the UK. Yayyyy !! blue passport gonna give us wings Sarcasm ....!! Amazing to read the replies & still see so many nuggets who think choosing the colour of a passport is about 'sovereignty' & still don't get that it was a 'sovereign' decision to go with burgundy in the first place 🤣🤣🤣

Beautiful.. So the same as India then. *old Loving how this has triggered the remain voters 😂😂 Dont worry Remoaners, the BBC is issuing their very own with a box of crayons for you to colour it in. And our lives will be better how?

The way coronavirus is going no-one will be able to use it. This virus is great for restricted movement and police state creation. And its now in 26 countries. Who gives a fuck? Fantastic. Is it me or is Priti getting hotter every time I see her. I wonder when the Brit immigrants will be coming back home to the UK?

Is that it? Is that all you've got? The value of a passport is what access it gives you not the colour of it lol 🤣 'The UK was never formally compelled to change the colour of its passport in the 1980s but did so with other member states.' HMG picked the colour ffs. Croatia has blue ones! No one gives af about our passports.

Great, our country is going to shit, but at least we get blue passports....I'm so relieved Thankfully I have the best of both worlds Not for Harry...

Stop whining, it doesn't change the person you are. The one before this one was red, the one before the red, was it blue? I had one of those once, when I lived and worked in Europe before we joined the EU. I had to carry it everywhere, but never had to show it when living within the Common Market area. The freedom to travel passport-free was a complete revelation and the sense of freedom a joy. Gone

Happily scrolling through my newsfeed, to be faced with a familiar supercilious smirk. I've done everything I can to rid my social media of this unpleasant creature but she still manages to creep in unexpectedly. She has no kindness or humanity; I don't want to see her face. Might need to change the floral embossing on the back soonish...

Hated having a European passport! Yes back to blue! People attacked Corbyn for wanting to turn the country into Venezuela, but it's the Tories who give us Venezuelan style passports, lol.

Whoopee fucking do. With her holding it, it suddenly because a lot less appealing..🤔 Ironically manufactured in the EU. Once Scotland and the north of Ireland take back control it will have to be changed again when England and Wales decide what to call themselves. Yes please Looks similar to the American passport now

Do you have them in yellow? A more suitable color don't you think? CPierceUK libtards needn't apply The blue symbolises peace. That is great. This new document isn’t very future proof, it mentions both the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland! Is the aim for it to become a replacement for first day covers of stamps? It looks like it could be an expensive 10 years to keep up...

Old Mrs Smirkers back on. Made in France hahaha🤬 You look like one of those women selling stuff on TV 'oooh look at the colour!!!!! you can queue at customs whilst holding one'. Is this the best brexit can do? Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? Not impressed, looks poorly made I wonder if my 2019 red EU passport will last longer than Brexit?

ts1uk This is fantastic news and I can’t wait to get mine, proof at last of our Sovereign right to be independent ♥️ Congrats Brexiters!!👏 You have your flag 🇬🇧 & blue passport back!!! You’ve waited 47 years for this!! I hope all your dreams have come true!! You’ve only limited the dreams of future generations, but you stay safe in your insular bubble, away from those scary ‘forrinerrs’!!!

truly this is a memorable day in our history we have changed the colour of our passport hope it was worth it leavers Blue is my favourite colour but I like the red passport Pathetic. May Blue colour stabilizes the UK in mood of melancholy after Brexit! Somewhere, Marc Francois is having a wank over that headline. Probably in army fatigues.

I'll keep my old one thanks. JakubKrupa Jakub, stop sharing this, please 'once again be entwined with our national identity'. What? The UK She can keep it, its useless now. They were never ever scrapped. The privileged rich were allowed to retain them The rest of us NO. Another Tory ideal to please their masters

I’m pretty sure that anyone who wants a blue passport is probably a massively nonce. Very beautiful. Hope it’ll remain ‘British’ passport, not only ‘English’. Would be disgrace if one island will be divided. Enough chaos so far, I think billoislove Can you imagine if Labour had won and Dianne Abbot was HS now. We’d have a Palestinian flag, or an LGBTPQ or Trans flag on the cover of it, or a big red star. The danger this country averted through Labour not getting power, is beyond measure. Thank god for the Tories.

C’est Fabrique en France. And you could have had blue ones for years. Look at Croatia 😂

I miss common sense Parents would not qualify for entry. LOL people actually voted to leave the EU for this when the UK government could have just changed the colour anyway. Aren't they also being made in France? I seem to remember a bit of fuss about that. I’ll wait then. YAAAAAAAAY!!!! Her parents wouldn't be allowed one. Is the BBC now bluepassporttrolling?

🤡🤡🤡 Oh, well, that'll make up for leaving the EU, won't it?! loadofnonsense iambluewithouteu Ram it ....guess the rest Hopefully some will make burgundy covers for it.

Ah yes! First the 50p coin and now the blue passport! I’m feeling really good suddenly! What a time to be alive! But isn’t a shame really that not even the home secretary’s parents would be able to get this fantastic passport under her new immigration rules had they taken it now? Remainers losing their minds at this is hilariously predictable

Made abroad 😂😂😂😂😂😂 who needs trade deals when you can get one of these bad boys Made in France All the mongs who voted for brexit getting excited for this I will miss burgundy one 😟 Bye, EU. The only place you still have relevance is in the minds of historians :-) Get them made in Britain 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤬

Woohoo! Printed in the EU. Cannot wait to get mine. My very first British passport. Keeping my burgundy EU one though. How exciting! This is the most pathetic thing I've read all day. And I'm super sick of seeing this smug, vile cows face. Stuck with a red one still, only renewed it last year, luckily however I have other coloured passports too :-)

Can you not use photos of this woman please? I find her smugness offen Just renewed our maroon ones without the EU on them will we have to change these again ?

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