Biden-Johnson call: The 'special relationship' is off to a good start

Biden-Johnson call: The 'special relationship' is off to a good start

1/24/2021 5:42:00 AM

Biden-Johnson call: The 'special relationship' is off to a good start

The two leaders have decided to focus on what they can agree on but there are differing accounts of whether trade was discussed.

The state of the special relationship between Britain and America under a Biden presidency has been the focus of intense speculation.Joe Biden and Boris Johnson are not political bedfellows. Mr Biden has referred to Mr Johnson as the physical and emotional clone of Donald Trump and is no fan of Brexit.

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But Saturday'sand its timing will be encouraging news for Downing Street.Image:Boris Johnson spoke with Joe Biden on Saturday. Pic: Andrew Parsons/ No 10 Downing StreetPresident Biden did contact Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday and only got round to Mr Johnson the following evening but American presidents always contact their immediate neighbours first.

The fact the prime minister is the first world leader outside of North America to be called by President Biden suggests the so-called special relationship is in better shape than some had feared.AdvertisementImage:Joe Biden was sworn in as president earlier this month

It was a wide-ranging call and focussed on what the two leaders can agree on, primarily tackling COVID-19 and climate change. Both leaders have made it clear they regard the two crises of paramount importance.In a statement after the call, the White House said:"The president conveyed his intention to strengthen the special relationship between our countries and revitalise transatlantic ties, underscoring the critical role of NATO to our collective defence and shared values."

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It's only the nasty media who's trying to put a spanner in the works. For heavens sake, you purport to be a serious news channel and you tweet utter guff like this. I can smell the the Democrazy Air force Bombs being lined up. Sky news talks fecking shit approving of JoeBiden, the American president's attempt of putting America at the back of the queue.

Meanwhile Boris' relationship with the British electorate disintegrates daily on his handling of the Covid pandemic...... You know better than this how diplomacy works & you should explain it to your viewers ditto why you are showing a Russian Nationalist non stop How fucking needy is this ffs ? Biden is well shady. The media are off their heads.

Come off it! I bet Johnson just got Biden’s answerphone. I'm sorry but anyone who thinks this is a special relationship any more should put their psychiatrist on danger money. I have a garden bridge to sell you, Old boris talking shite How special? They hold hands now? He’s probably not even on phone to him but ordering his Chinese to be delivered

Lying is a good start? DumpBoris DumpMurdoch DumpMorrison lets get that deal now...u the usa hands of our nhs in return we buy ur veggies 🤟 He looks desperate for a ' special relationship ' The conversation went: “Yes Mr Biden, No Mr Biden, Three bags full Mr Biden” That’s what they mean by off to a good start 😂

So sayeth Boris, who is not exactly known for his honesty. President Biden after hanging up 'Hello Joe,Ive made such a arse of things I wonder is there any chance if I kiss your backside,will you help me , please'. Boris has the look of a man who reeks of farts How old are they ? Biden wants the Uk to rejoin the eu because he respects democracy. 😅

Laying out plans to deal with the Chinese threat I hope The ‘special relationship’ can only refer to military and intelligence matters because on everything else the Uk will have been dumped NEVER TOO LATE BORIS- GOOD JOB WELDONE. Johnson told Donald Trump the same thing before. There is no special relationship.. Biden has made it quite clear where he stands. The only time 'the special relationship' comes into play is when the U.S and Europe want cannon fodder.... we have no place with either. it's about time Britain learned this. we are on our own!

*Only West* The special relationship crap again? 🙄 It’s embarrassing. Johnson faked this its propaganda, Bidden hates Johnson and the British establishment the call was just going through the usual motions. I don't think I want them talking... The art of noise. 😂😅💕 A pair of globalist puppets. No wonder you guys at are creaming yourselves.

This dude is gonna become good friends with sleepy joe and then next thing you know, the CCP will arrive in the UK to fuck us over. Somebody buy a freaking comb for this idiot! Fuck is this a dating show, 'relationship is off to a food start'. Biden is not president of the US. Because Boris licked bum-bum 💯

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