At least three killed and dozens injured after train derails in Missouri

6/28/2022 1:04:00 AM

Multiple people are feared dead after a train carrying more than 200 people derailed in Missouri

Multiple people are feared dead after a train carrying more than 200 people derailed in Missouri

At least three people have been killed after a passenger train carrying more than 200 people derailed in Missouri.

Cpl.Monday 27 June 2022 22:58, UK Image: Why you can trust Sky News At least 50 people are said to have been injured and"multiple" killed after several carriages of a passenger train derailed on its way from Los Angeles to Chicago.Three people have been killed and two others have been seriously injured after a train full of passengers crashed with a car on railway tracks.A bullfight has ended in tragedy after a stand collapsed has resulted in 500 people being injured and five killed in Colombia, according to local reports.

Justin Dunn, of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, said the collision happened at an uncontrolled crossing, which does not have lights or devices to warn vehicles when a train is coming.They are common in rural areas."Multiple" people are dead, according to US media reports.Two people who died were on the train and one was in the dump truck.READ MORE: Hero lorry driver 'risked his life' to save pensioner from burning car wreck The vehicle, a four-door sedan, was on the tracks when it was hit and came to a rest approximately 60 feet away.Seven cars derailed and injured people were taken to nearby hospitals.Image: Pic: Dax McDonald/@cloudmarooned/Twitter Dax McDonald was on the train and his pictures, shared with Sky News, show several rail cars on their sides with escaped passengers standing on top.An investigation into what happened has been launched.Shocking video footage from the stadium shows the moment that the stands – which were packed with hundreds of spectators – slowly tipped forward before disintegrating in the arena.

The crash happened near Mendon in Missouri.Twitter.The cause of the crash is currently under investigation, but the location is known for its potential dangers, with first responders attending to calls at least once or twice a year, as the crossing does not have a traffic guard.Picture: Google Maps Passenger Robert Nightingale told CNN he was taking a nap when the incident happened."I was in my sleeper and I was dozing off.The train was running a bit late so I decided to take a nap before my lunch reservation," he said.The train derailed after hitting a truck, but luckily no one was killed, with three people taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.Read more: Toxic gas leak leaves more than a dozen dead and 251 injured in Jordan "And then everything started to go in slow motion.I ask the mayors not to authorise more shows with the death of people or animals.

Like I could feel the tracks go back and forth, back and forth." Footage from inside the train showed passengers sat and stood in a carriage that is titled on its side, creating a disorientating view as they look around..

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This accident occurred at an uncontrolled crossing, which had no lights or devices to warn vehicles on the road. This sorry unmarked railroad situation is common in rural areas. RIP 🙏🏾

Amtrak train derails after colliding with lorry in Missouri - 'multiple' people reportedly killedAt least 50 people are said to have been injured and 'multiple' killed after several carriages of a passenger train derailed on its way from Los Angeles to Chicago.

Three people killed after train full crashes with car on railway tracksShocking pictures have revealed the extent of the crash in California which saw two people lose their lives, while three others – including a child – were seriously injured

Five dead and at least 500 people injured as stand collapses during bullfightAt least five people have been killed, and hundreds more injured after a packed stadium collapsed during a bullfight in El Espinal, Colombia with fears the count may rise What do they expect it’s a wrecking machine and when the bull his being killed with people sat watching surprised if it wouldn’t get angry 😡 cruel asses Good news. They are so cruel. They deserve the worst.

Toxic yellow chlorine explosion at Jordan port kills at least 13 and injures 250Specialised teams were sent to deal with the escaping gas which sent plumes of bright yellow smoke into the air - and threatened to spread not only across Aqaba's 188,000 people but also the 50,000 who live in neighbouring Eilat, Israel. Heart goes out to the families of the ships crew, who I fear were likely the first to die. So this is what it looks like when terrorists recruit suicide bombers from The Simpsons. She’s had so men between her legs its now a port with yellow gas coming out of it…..

Colombia: At least two dead and 70 injured as stand collapses at bullfightSeveral people who were missing after the incident have been found, according to an official. The event was part of celebrations for the feast day of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Hope the Bulls were ok evil sport if sport is what you call it..😠😢 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍🏼

Colombia: At least four dead, including 18-month-old baby, as stand collapses at bullfightAt least five people have been reported killed and 70 injured after a stand collapsed during a bullfight in Colombia This will encourage more bulls to attend next year. The bulls are ok tho right 🤔 This is terrible. There are at least three other stands that remain intact