Doctors threaten strikes over '30% pay cut' as UK braces for more industrial action

6/28/2022 2:05:00 AM

Doctors could join striking workers as they demand a reverse to a '30% pay cut'

Doctors could join striking workers as they demand a reverse to a '30% pay cut'

Doctors have called for a reversal to a '30% pay cut' and proposed industrial action to force the Government's hand.

28 June 2022, 00:01 Britain faces more industrial action as doctors raise the prospect of strikes.A huge pop-up shop featuring 30 Liverpool brands is coming to the city centre.sold at exorbitant prices right now ).By Carly Odell Monday, 27th June 2022, 10:12 am A huge turnout was seen as Northampton Pride 2022 took place in the town on Sunday (June 26).

Picture: Getty By Will Taylor Doctors have called for a reversal to a "30% pay cut" and proposed industrial action to force the Government's hand.Their call comes on the back of the RMT's rail strikes over pay and conditions disputes and the walkout by barristers – while British Airways staff at Heathrow also intend to take action.Amy previously hosted a successful pop up shop back in April, where 15 brands came together at Jaloux.The British Medical Association's [BMA] annual meeting in Brighton heard that doctors' pay fell up to 30% against the RPI index measure since 2008.A double-decker ‘airliner’ with standard capacity for over 500 passengers, the A380 is a common sight at airports these days, especially for long-haul flights to and from the Asia-Pacific region.One consultant said she was "struggling to survive" as a single parent.READ MORE: Other brands include handmade designer Etoile Luxe; Secret Garden Official, which offers unique handmade items; edgy clothing brand Salti Apparel; made-to-order swimwear brand Mohokini; Moon and Stars Official, which stocks accessories and swimwear; exclusive loungewear brand Two Eleven The Label; human hair extension specialists Wonderweft Gold; and jewellery and accessory brand Timeless Twins.Delegates at the conference mandated the BMA to "achieve pay restoration to 2008 value for its members within the next five years".Photo: Kirsty Edmonds.

"Pay restoration is the right, just and moral thing to do, but it is a significant demand and it won't be easy to win," said Dr Emma Runswick, who presented the motion to the conference.Aiming to ensure it's a day to remember, there'll be entertainment by Jonny Crane on the sax and Beats By Tom playing the bongos, as well as a DJ, and a solo performance by Jennifer Christine.As a helpful reader flagged up to us, this could potentially land Intel in hot water over marketing the new GPUs using the A380 name."Every part of the BMA needs to plan for how to achieve this.Strike action will be another issue for health secretary Sajid Javid.Amy Gwynn, owner of Jaloux and Avenue, said: "Back in April, I hosted a pop up and it was just fantastic to see so many businesses coming together and selling their pieces in person.Picture: Getty "But I'm not foolish, I know that it's likely that industrial action will be required to move the governments on this issue.After a few days of deliberation with its legal team, it concluded that there was no danger of a lawsuit, and as such declined to offer an official statement on the matter." She added: "It is outrageous that our pay has been cut by 30%.Instagram "We had the maximum capacity of pop ups at Jaloux last time and so much interest from other brands that we wanted to expand and make this the ultimate pop up across both Jaloux and Avenue.

"It is outrageous that doctors today are unable to afford mortgages and are delaying starting families due to falling pay."It is outrageous that our pay has been cut and it is sensible that we demand it back.It's a great way to network, meet new people and support Liverpool's local brands.The key thing it boils down to is the ‘likelihood of confusion’ - usually, for a trademark lawsuit to succeed, a judge has to rule that there is a non-zero chance that a consumer could get confused between two non-generic products based on the name." Read more: Barristers walk out of courts in strike over pay with over 1,000 cases affected each day Dr Runswick added: "All around us workers are coming together in trade unions and winning big - last month bin men in Manchester 22%; Gatwick airport workers won a 21% pay increase two weeks ago; and in March cleaners and porters at Croydon hospital won a 24% pay rise."Those workers got together and used a key tool that trade unions have - the ability to collectively organise, collectively negotiate and collectively withdraw our labour." Jaloux and Avenue are based on Victoria Street, Liverpool, L2 5QA..But Airbus’ trademark listing does include reference to marketing materials bearing the A380 mark, indicating that Airbus might have some grounds to launch a legal offensive.

.Receive our daily What's On newsletter, Friday Food and Drink and breaking news email alerts by signing up here READ for this motion and I'll see you on the picket lines." Doctors could end up joining rail workers on the picket lines.One key element here is that Intel hasn’t attempted to trademark A380 or any other Arc GPU designation, due to an entirely different legal precedent at play here that could work in Intel’s favor - and to delve into that, we have to go all the way back to a hotel in Sunnyvale, California, in the year 1990.Picture: Getty The possibility of frontline doctors striking will add to the Government's woes.It refused to intervene and budge enough to stop rail strikes going ahead and grinding most of Britain's rail network to a halt as it called for reforms on the rail network.

Barristers also took action on Monday in a dispute over legal aid funding.But Intel had decided to end this agreement, becoming the only source of its coveted 80386 chip.Reports have suggested NHS and teaching staff have also grown restless – and combined with striking workers at Heathrow, fears of a summer of discontent are growing.Boris Johnson's government tried to shift the blame for the industrial action during the rail strikes on to Labour, trying to tie the party to the disruption, while Labour blamed the Government for allowing problems to reach the point where workers are walking out..It defended the trademark and the associated technology zealously, engaging in lawsuits with AMD to prevent it from continuing to utilize the microarchitecture that powered the 386.

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It's going to be a year of strikes They should go on strike, they have been treated very badly, these people were in the trenches, they were on the front line fighting for the people, and then left with nothing but a pat on the back. I bet the politicians will go on strike next...😂🤣😂 The truth of it all is, this government has caused the United Kingdom melt down and now they don't know how to fix it.... There are panicking like hell behind closed doors I bet.. Praying to be removed from the cabinet..😂🤣😂🤣

Slackers I can't wait to see how Boris Johnson and his client journalists try to demonise postal workers He'll probably say they're all earning a 100 grand a year and have flat-screen TVs Thank God Corbyn never got in and couldn't take us all back to the 70s with a stagnant economy and continuous strikes......oh wait.

All out 👊🏼 most taken a real-terms cut in pay, salaried GPs make between £62,000 -£93,000 per annum like wow, people, we respect the hard work you put in like the rest of us we love ya but jeez, you're not pro footballers Militant doctors, don’t they know there’s a war on

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Will we still get Internet

Intel may have just avoided a costly legal battle - by losing one 30 years agoThe trademark law giveth and the trademark law taketh away FYI: the airline is Qantas not “Quantas”.

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Post Office workers to strike over payThe one-day strike will take place on 11 July over what a union called a 'massive real-terms pay cut'. nailheadparty Solidarity with the postal workers ✊🏻 Time we all stood up for ourselves instead of being apathetic in the face of millionaires telling us to tighten our belts while they’re raking it in. It's talking about Post Office counter staff, but there is about to be a ballot for Royal Mail staff to strike too. Here we go!

NHS strike likely to be the only way staff can restore 'millions' in lost pay, doctors warnDelegates at the BMA's annual conference mandated the union to 'achieve pay restoration to 2008 value for its members within the next five years'. Need to sort out the NHS Ponzi Pension scheme first.