Alex Scott Explains Why Misogyny And Death Threats Won't Stop Her Presenting Football

6/28/2022 9:18:00 AM

“I’ve had so many tweets saying I should be at home ironing or cooking.'

“I’ve had so many tweets saying I should be at home ironing or cooking.'

The former Arsenal and England star will be on the panel of pundits during the upcoming Women’s European Championship.

By Head of Entertainment, HuffPost UK 28/06/2022 07:15am BST.Hay fever season is well and truly upon us.The gentle Jedi Master had a close bond with Obi-Wan in both of the original and prequel trilogies, but he seems to have remained absent following the events of Revenge of the Sith – when both Obi-Wan and Yoda went into hiding from the Empire.Supermarkets urged to cut petrol prices as diesel nears £2 per litre He said: “The new private parking code of practice was designed specifically to make things fairer for drivers and end some of the worst practices in the sector.

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Same old sh… different century

You’re not imagining it: your hay fever probably is worse than ever this year – and this is whyWondering why you can’t stop sneezing at the moment? Here’s why the 2022 hayfever season is hitting harder than usual.

Obi-Wan star Ewan McGregor explains why Yoda was absent in the show'It'll ping off a tower somewhere if you use the Force.'

Crackdown on dodgy parking firms under threat as operators bid to block new rulesPrivate Parking Code of Practice temporarily withdrawn in face of legal challenges from private operators who face cut in fine caps and easier appeals

When will Manchester United just be accepted as a poorly run club whose great years are behind it?Why do Manchester United get all the attention? Should we not just move on and talk about other football clubs? Send your mails to Manchester United is the biggest club on the planet. It doesn’t matter how garbage they are.

Burrell opens up on racism, why he won't name teammates and Rafiq's supportLuther Burrell admitted he was apprehensive about speaking out on the racism he has suffered from teammates. The rugby union star opened up in an interview with the Mail on Sunday speaking of how h… your quiet complicity in anything associated with Rafiq is unacceptable - and now you have another bandwagon to hitch to Hypocrite Its a shame how race has become a media commodity.

Beijing investigates infosec at academic journal databaseBeijing probes security at academic journal database