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Shifting gears for the good of the community

Shifting gears for the good of the community


Shifting gears for the good of the community

How Autobahn Motors general manager Gary Hong steers his company’s corporate giving strategy in a new direction. Read more at

“I met like-minded people from different organisations and enjoyed the whole learning journey as I gained better insight on giving back to the community.”

“Charity doesn't have to stop at just monetary donations for most corporate entities and individuals nowadays,” says Mr Hong. “Companies are looking into a more integrated practice of CSR and Creating Shared Value (CSV)."

With the help of another CoG Fellow, Mr Russ Neu from Social Collider, Mr Hong came up with an ambitious project to create a landmark of good at"Ten Square", located at 1 Short Street in Rochor. Through this project, Mr Hong aspires to rally and link the community at large through CSV for all stakeholders involved, and promote a sense of joy and fulfilment in giving back.

And this event is just a stepping stone for him. In time, Mr Hong hopes to not only reconnect with the community and foster a sense of togetherness, but also to influence more like-minded organisations, non-profit organisations and volunteers to develop more impactful and innovative “do good together” activities beyond the event. Ultimately, he hopes to foster a more giving community spirit in Singapore.

“Exploring the opportunity to leverage on each other’s strengths can create more impactful shared value engagements. The more people can start to come together to collaborate and create good stories, the more wisdom can be collected, so that we can lead more meaningful lives.”

Read more: The Straits Times

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