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Learning beyond the classroom

Learning beyond the classroom


Learning beyond the classroom

Hong Kong Polytechnic University gives students opportunities to broaden their horizons. Read more at

“This wouldn’t happen as much in the West as everyone’s social life and work lives are a bit more divided.”

Global opportunities Ms Wu chose to study at PolyU because of its reputation for having one of the best Business Management programmes in Hong Kong.

One of the things she found fascinating while studying in Copenhagen is that big corporations there use market localisation strategies to meet consumer tastes. She also noticed that consumers in Scandinavia place a lot of emphasis on sustainability, be it with food or clothing. As she plans to start her own business after graduating, these observations are valuable insights for her to tap into when she comes up with the plans for her business.

Mr Cheah and his team won the first runner up spot at the EIE Microcontroller Application Competition last year. The team built a prototype for electric-powered wheels to make it easier for the elderly when they travel, shop or take care of grandchildren.

He says: “Learning through practical applications gives me a sneak peek into what I can expect from my job in the future.”

Dr Stephan Chan, head of the Office of Service-Learning, says that Service-Learning is an integral part of PolyU’s pedagogy because it allows students to develop skills outside of the classroom.

The early round of application for the next PolyU intake is now open till Nov 29, 2019. The main application deadline is Feb 28, 2020.

Read more: The Straits Times

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