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'Not on our watch': Journalists who survived Martial Law vow to continue fight for democracy

'We will not have de facto martial law,' say the veteran journalists

9/19/2020 2:07:00 PM

'We will not have de facto martial law ,' say the veteran journalists.

'We will not have de facto martial law ,' say the veteran journalists

Not On Our Watch: Martial Law Really Happened. We Were There."We will not havemartial law. Not on our watch," they added.SignsAs living witnesses and survivors of the Marcos dictatorship, the veteran journalists cited incidents under the Duterte administration that mirrored what happened during Martial Law.

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They cited Duterte's attacks on media organizations such as thePhilippine Daily Inquirer,the numerous cases filed against Rappler, the shutdown of broadcast giant ABS-CBN, and the police's red-tagging of the media.They said another threat to press freedom is the anti-terror law which Duterte signed despite widespread public opposition.

“The anti-terrorism law is de facto martial law – and this early it telegraphs abuse. So, we hold the line. We stay on watch,” the group said.Since the law was signed, various groups and individuals have filed petitions against the law, including retired Supreme Court senior associate justice Antonio Carpio. (READ:

[ANALYSIS] The Anti-Terror Act is worse than Martial Law)The veteran journalists said that under the anti-terror law,"individuals questioning the government's use of the COVID-19 budget, for instance, or groups protesting their hunger and lack of jobs under the worst recession in the country in 30 years – all can be arrested as terrorists just for making noise."

They said that journalists are vulnerable to abuse under the anti-terror law. “In other words, it does not matter what you wrote or what you intended, the Council need only decide that you are guilty of inveigling someone, and it can have you arrested.... Without question, all this has a chilling effect.”

The previous law, the Human Security Act of 2007, had safeguards in place to prevent abuses but with the new anti-terror law “the government has given itself all the power but, frighteningly, none of the accountability,” the group said. – Read more: Rappler »

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