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Morales: No reason to doubt people at PhilHealth

'You know, there are many good people at PhilHealth.... These are the people I would like to protect,' says PhilHealth chief Ricardo Morales

8/6/2020 8:12:00 PM

'You know, there are many good people at PhilHealth.... These are the people I would like to protect,' says PhilHealth chief Ricardo Morales.

'You know, there are many good people at PhilHealth.... These are the people I would like to protect,' says PhilHealth chief Ricardo Morales

Morales and other PhilHealth executives held a virtual media briefing on Thursday afternoon, August 6, to"air their side." They felt"nilaspag"or worn out from the Senate hearing on Tuesday, August 4, that ran for 10 straight hours.

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In their own briefing, without inquiring senators to cut them off, the PhilHealth executives offered explanations for the staggering documents and figures that the lawmakers said were evidence of"blatant corruption." (READ:PhilHealth senior exec resigns amid corruption mess

)For example, PhilHealth chief information officer Jovita Aragona reiterated that the 15 CISCO network switches they were proposing to buy for P320,000 apiece were not at all overpriced.Although whistleblower Etrobal Laborte said each network switch's market price is only P62,424, Aragona said that with warranty, taxes, and other services such as training in their use, the market price for each network switch is actually P419,946.

PhilHealth's other executive committee (execom) officials were also on hand to deny the accusations, including that they pocketed P15 billion in PhilHealth funds, as alleged by the agency's anti-fraud legal officer Thorrsson Montes Keith."We can show receipts of the releases from IRM (Interim Reimbursement Mechanism)

na hindi 'yan binulsa ng mga execom(to prove they weren't pocketed by execom members)," said Rodolfo del Rosario Jr, PhilHealth senior vice president for legal affairs.The IRM is a program that advances the reimbursement of members' insurance claims to hospitals and clinics directly hit by"fortuitous events," supposedly cutting the long queue and tedious bureaucratic process. It was one of the controversial items that came out of the Senate probe.

'No reason to doubt people at PhilHealth'The PhilHealth officials, particularly Morales, had failed to convince the senators. On Wednesday, July 5, Senators Vicente Sotto III and Panfilo Lacson said the corruption in the agency was obvious, and

Morales can only be either blindsided or complicit.Still keeping the nonchalance that had unnerved senators at the probe, Morales on Thursday said that although it's undeniable there is corruption in PhilHealth, the"vast majority" of its officers and workers are"good, devoted, hardworking" people.

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"I have no reason to doubt the people working at PhilHealth. No reason," Morales said. When pressed for clarification of this statement, he said he meant his immediate circle of fellow executives and high ranking officials.But with the sheer size of PhilHealth, Morales is certain there is corruption in it somewhere.

"Hindi puwedeng wala(There can't be none). We have 6,000 employees distributed in 130 offices nationwide, transacting 35,000 claims a day with about 8,500 hospitals and 40,000 healthcare professionals," he said.As with any national healthcare program, there is fraud, and it's systemic, Morales said. A 2019 study said PhilHealth lost 7.5% of funds to fraud that year, equivalent to some P10 billion.

If not his inner circle, then who is defrauding the agency? PhilHealth fund management chief Renato Limsiaco Jr insisted it's outsiders – the hospitals and medical professionals they deal with.Morales is not as optimistic. For sure, there are insiders involved, he said.

"But I don't have direct evidence.Tsismis mayroon(There are rumors) but that will not stand in court," the PhilHealth chief said.This was precisely why he had been pushing for that highly questioned P2.1 billion budget for information and communications technology (ICT), Morales said. It will take a state-of-the-art ICT system to keep track of 35,000 benefit claims daily and make sure they're all legitimate.

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This Guy just wanna get the sympathy by trying to portray himself as a hero protecting Philhealth...only stupid people will believe this kind of guy...the facade of a corrupt official To solve this iparesign ang mga corrupt at ibalik ang perang ninakaw!!! So you turned a blindeye? Eto ba justification?

Salamat Shopee! Wag mong gamitin ang mga tapat na empleyado para pagtakpan na may mga kurakot. ulol Protect your ass you are not deserve your position good example of inutil you dont know what is happening in your backyard Eh ikaw po? Gusto po ba kayo i-protect ng good people at Philhealth? San nakatira tong gagong to.sugurin na natin yan

Grrr. When you kid yourself, be sure not to verbalize it. To take you seriously, leave the pack of good shepherds and go to the lair of wild pathological liars and caged yourselves forever. Good riddance. Does that include yourself? Mamayang Pilipino dapat ang binibigyan niyo ng proteksyon,dahil unang una,pera po namin ang nandyan sa Philhealth,contribution po namin yan,na sa oras na magkasakit kami dapat yan ang gagamitin namin,pero ang kaso,binubulsa niyo,mga hayup kayo!

Better initiate an internal audit of the Philhealth otherwise we will all be going down. You will not only protect the true civil servants in the organization but the millions of filipino people who are the true stakeholders of this looted insurance firm. achuchu. Resign now! No more bullshit and lame excuses, no more scapegoating please. You have killed many sick Filipinos with your greed. Enough.

I can think of 15 billion reasons We believe you Sir; indeed, THERE ARE enough GOOD PEOPLE WITH GOOD INTENTIONS and good hearts in PHILHEALTH. That is EXACTLY the REASON why WE are APPEALING to you, PLEASE RESIGN NOW and DO WHAT'S HONORABLE and DECENT. KINDLY PRAY and TALK TO your CONSCIENCE. Operative word, 'PROTECT'.

If there are MANY good people at Philheath, bakit ISA lang nag-resign or halos WALANG nag-sound off about the anomalies costing billions? Kaming nga nagbabayad ang unang dapat protektahan. Kapalmuks nyo! 😡 Damnn! The road to hell is paved with good people U know sir dami good health sa philhealth due to corruption...

Am sure maraming matino sa Philhealth, biktima din sila eh ang tanong ay ikaw ba at un mga opisyales, matino ba? You can do that by resigning. That’s the best that you can do for them. The truth will protect them. Good people to protect? eh yung mga empleyado nga ABS-CBN di kayo naawa, and now you expect us to understand and accept whatever lame excuses you have?! Josko po, tama na! Kawawa talaga ang mga Pinoy sa administrasyong to! ☹️

Ulul f*ck y*u 🤬 A bit of goodness mixed with a drum of greed. I would like to believe this, but resibo muna please. Maraming fake news ngayon e. ☹️ Baka mga kawatan mo yun Ang kapal ng mukha. Kayo ang sumisira ng milyu-milyong buhay ng mga Pilipino na may contribution sa Philhealth sa corruption nyo. Tapos nagawa nyo pang sabihin yan. Ang prinoproteksyunan nyo ay mga sarili nyong interes at hindi interes ng bayab. Gaguhan na talaga.

yeah protect the “good” one by promoting them after being involved in scam. leader should have the guts to admit the flaws and resolve it the soonest. you must protect the person who says 15 billion is missing, that huge amount shouldnt be ignored! thats peoples’ money! not yours Hay mukha pa lang di na pwedeng pagkatiwalan

Protect your face!!! Saan na punta mga contribution ko? Paki explain tlga po.. wag kang paawa drama mo.. protect yung pagnakaw ng 15B?.mga animal kayo pawis ng mga Pilipino yan. protect? sino yung mga ayaw mo i protect . 15B pesos Sir ang nawawala di mo ma explain , then sa paawa effect nio idadaan. May due process of law tyu sir. Naisip nio ba ang hard earned money na kaltas sa sweldo ko !

Nakakadismaya bakit mo kelangan protektahan ang mga matitinong nagtatrabaho? di nila kelangan yun dahil mahimbing sila nakakatulog! sabihin mo gusto mo protektahan ang sindikato! kahit pa ilan yang good people na yan, kung may bulok makakahawa yan! style mo bulok din! You should be protecting the interests of the Filipino people! Hindi yung mga nasa PhilHealth lang. We're paying for all of this, we deserve better.

You want to protect some people at PhilHealth but you failed to protect the 15B pesos from thieves. MoneyHeistPhilHealthVersion You know, corruption takes just a few people in positions of trust. Just one chink in the PhilHealth armor is enough to make a 15B rust. Djan dapat gamitin nung isa ang tamang praning nya kaso mo ....🚽

motto nila..kung pupunta lang rin naman ang pera sa may mga sakit, eh may sakit din naman ang bulsa ko. protect from what? protect from whom? facemask and faceshield lang protected na sila Playing hero 🤬 Pero yung pera ng ng milyong members na naghuhulog sa Philhealth na mga ordinaryong mamayan, HINDI MO NAPROTEKTAHAN!

This is a military man General Thief. I don't actually get the point on this statement. By busting, preventing and acting upon corruption if there is, is the best way not only in protecting the good ppl of PhilHealth but also the whole Filipino people not to mention abiding the law, right? We need you to act now!

Weh ndi nga. Kickback ang prinoprotekhan mo. 🤬🤬🤬 bakit inuuna niyo pa yang investigation na yan eh may covid? ano ba kayo!🙄 'I have no reason to doubt the people working at PhilHealth. No reason,' Morales said. On the contrary, there are 15 billion reasons to doubt the people working at PhilHealth.

Protect yourself and let the others worry about themselves But you are incompetent sir. Bakit mo inapprove ung overpriced na IT Infra? You cannot protect them if you dont know what and who you are dealing with.

'OK tayo': Morales denies PhilHealth on verge of bankruptcyNaniniwala ba kayo? Birds of the same feather..... Alam na this... Somebody must stop him now or it’s never!!!

PhilHealth chief denies ₱15 billion pocketed by execsRodolfo Del Rosario, PhilHealth senior vice president for legal, said members of the agency's executive committee will file libel charges against former anti-fraud legal officer Thorrsson Keith for spreading false claims to the media. Hehehe. False ba talaga kapal ha!

PhilHealth's proposed ICT budget bloated by P734 million, says officialThe proposed 2020 budget of PhilHealth's ICT sector was bloated by at least P734 million. Here are some of the proposal's bloated prices compared to the approved prices by the Department of Information and Communications Technology. FULL STORY: It took me this long to see how pointless Adobe software is for health insurance. What are they gonna do, Photoshop the expenses away? Adobe photoshop can be that super expensive? 😂😂😂😂 Yung totoo 🙄 Nakakaloka na ang dami daming ninanakaw at nakakalusot tong mga demonyong garapal na to. Wala bang makuhang mga signatories ng mga dokyumento? Kasuhan silang lahat. Kakaloka

PhilHealth chief endorsed 'overpriced' IT projects, says officialPhilHealth President and CEO Ricardo Morales allegedly approved hefty allocations for IT expenses even if some items in the budget were not approved by the Department of Information and Communications Technology. Disgraceful 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Why am I not working in government? Nan dun pala pera. Ah oo nga pala, I was brought up with morals. Ugh. Wow.. just wow..

More than a whiff: Morales duped or complicit in PhilHealth mess – senatorsWith all the evidence of 'blatant corruption' presented during their probe, senators have little confidence left in PhilHealth chief Ricardo Morales. Did anyone ask COA where the money went?

PhilHealth chief's perceived 'lies' in Senate probe cast doubt on credibility: Sotto